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Will i be here then?

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"Gee, i could be long gone by the time next year comes around."

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Woo hello!

Lindas POV
They were taking him away again. They were poking and prodding him with needles and instruments. That never ending ear shattering bleep of the machine kept going. The grim reaper not giving up without a fight. " Excuse me mam but you will need to leave the room while we resuscitate him." A young female doctor instructs me, snapping me out of my beyond horrified trance. " What? No i can't leave him here on his own, what if he gets scared and nobody's there!" I scream horrified at her proposition. The next thing i know i am being forced out of the room by two security guards, trying yet failing to fight back and stay. It was all just too sudden, one giant, sickening blur.

Gerards POV
As soon as i was at the hospital without hesitation i sprinted to Frank's room, scared to death all the while. When i finally reached his temporary place to stay i was met by a shaking and sobbing Linda on her knees on the floor and a shell shocked unresponsive Frank Sr. Please don't tell me he's gone. I pray in my head, not wanting to upset them anymore than they were. I rushed over to Linda and hugged her tightly, earning me one hell of a glare from Frank Sr. " It's not your place to comfort anyone." He sneered and without thinking, that is when i lost my cool, i couldn't help myself . I yelled with everything in me "Well, you're not doing such a great job of it are you? Leaving your wife and son behind to jet off to sunny old spain with some new bitch! And then you make me feel down about it all! I fucking have regrets from last time thankyou very much and no matter what you think or say. I'll be here for Frank and Linda until the end! And i will be proud of what i've managed to change!" I finish, a few doctors rushing out to see what all the commotion was about. And then an amazing thing happens. Frank Sr does not just glare at me, he doesn't yell back but he closes his eyes and tears begin to fall. Ones for once, he can't just blink away, they're real and genuine. And as though the world was changing a nurse came out to tell us " You can return to your son now."

Yay! Hopefully next chapter up later! Thankyou! :) x
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