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Hola amigos! I will be doing my best to update over the weekend but apologies in advance for if i miss a day or so! School and social life have been busier than ever and i'm loving it alot but missing the writing time a little! I'm such a complainer! XD Thankyou for sticking with me and your feedback and views are always muchly appreciated! :)

Gerards POV
"31st December? That's like three months Gee." Mikey said clearly concerned.
"Yeah, i know. But it's going to happen sometime so surely the sooner the better right?" I smile at him trying to get him on my side. Mom was going to be a tough one to discuss my plans with. She wouldn't like it at all at first, but she'd surely warm up to it. It was a great plan, if i do say so myself. "What's possessed you to do it so soon? And no church? No tradition?" Mikey said again being pessimistic about my well though out idea.
" There will be a reception, that's traditional. And we can have an engagement party earlier in the month. And think, you will get two stag nights to attend." I smile at him, Mikey may be shy at times and slightly gawky but the kid is seriously rad, let alone he loves a good party.
" Alright, I'm In!" He exclaims hi fiving me and laughing. " Now if you will excuse me i have an appointment at the hairdressers." He grins.
"The hairdressers? Mikes you wear beanie hats like all the time and your hairstyles fine. All spiky and stuck to your forehead like the little baby brother you are." I put on my best mushy voice.
" Ha fucking Ha. Screw you. I'm having it cut actually. And i'm getting it bleached. And tomorrow i'm losing the specs." He smirks at me. Mikey divorcing his glasses? This shit was fucking crazy now.
" Huh?!" I say startled. Mikey and his glasses were like him. He couldn't lose them. It would just be weird. " I'm getting laser eye surgery Gee. I'm going to surprise Alicia by trying to look a little better." He said suddenly finding his scuffed up Vans rather interesting. Then it all seemed to make sense. " Hey Mikes. You're not doing all this just for her are you? You don't need to change for her. Even if she's asked you to which i doubt. Just only do this for yourself." I say putting an arm around his skinny little shoulders. He looks up and nods at me smiling " It's all for me Gee." He says before leaving through our front door. It's good he's doing it all for just himself. I guess he's not my baby brother anymore, he doesn't need me to protect him. But thats okay. I have Frankie to protect. Forever and ever.

I had been sent home for the day today. Frankie was going to be asleep all day and they wanted me to get some rest. Linda and the doctors anyway, Frank Sr. obviously didn't give a fuck. Frankie was having his second round of chemo today and he was also sedated after a blood transfusion was performed. He'd been getting alot of nosebleeds lately. Heavy ones too. And he had began to cough blood up unexpectedly. The doctors say although it's very rare this happens it may be his body responding negatively to the treatment. But as they're side affects, the treatment is doing something for him. We just had to hope it was making him healthy again.

Donnas POV
" Gerard honey, that's wonderful!" I say hugging him tightly. He's marrying Frankie this year. Right before the new year too, how perfect is that?!?! I'm absolutely delighted with his decision. And i am going to be so proud of him and Frankie when they finally join in matrimony. My own wedding was also coming up but like i said, it was a surprise for all of our guests. Gerard was not having his wedding at the hospital. He was adamant about that. " Frankie doesn't like the hospital Mom. Even if it kills me he will be at the venues all day long." He swore and i did not doubt him in the slightest. Both of my sons have always been very determind. When they're set on something that is that. They strive to achieve their goals. It's very much all or nothing, and i admire that trait so much. Gerard really wants this, you can see it in his face. He's planning on an engagement party here at our family home and then he's planning to have the ceremony take place somewhere special to them both because it's where they had their first kiss. The local forest would you believe it. Theres a stream there and that's where Gerard wants their photographs to be taken. They want to be married in front of the prettiest little blossom tree. All pink and blooming. Just the perfect time of year too. He plans to host the reception in a marquee nearby. He has big plans for Frankie involving that too. His friends Ray, Bob and his already certain best man Mikey and himself are going to perform a song for Frankie especially. The song is by a band i think are called Mayday Parade, possibly Mayday Brigade? May- something anyways. The song is called " You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground, I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds." And i've been banned from listening to it until they perform it live for us all on their special day! I cannot contain my excitement! " Mom?" Gerard looks pale, holding the telephone in one hand with wide, fear stricken eyes.

OOH Cliffhanger! Thanks for reading! :) x
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