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Second update today! :) I'm feeling kinda depressed in all honesty so this is really helping me let it all out! And for those of you who have rated, reviewed or read any of my stories thankyou so much! After this one is completed i'm not sure which direction i'll take haha! Probably a Mikey and Alicia! But i have a lifestories one lined up which has every single person and everyone has a separate story line so it'll be one chapter about frerard the next about ray and christa etc etc but in some they will all be together! For example i have a prom scene and a house party scene idea as well as science class plan too! If this sounds awful feel free to say and if this story is lacking alot i'm terribly sorry! :)

Franks POV
5am? I look at the huge rectangle clock next to my bed. Mom and Dad went home earlier, just for the night so they could sleep properly. Gerard stayed with me though. He refuses to leave even when i insist he does. He's sitting in his chair, his head back and his mouth open. I can't help but giggle at the sight of him. I slowly and quietly sit up. Somehow it's colder in here. I slide my legs over to the side of the bed, grabbing the iron bar of the bed frame for support. It's then that i see my pillow. Dark curls of hair lie where my head once did. I slowly and reluctantly put my hand onto the back of my head and i feel that there is a bald patch. As i feel around my hair more aggressively i feel tufts missing here and there. And there is nothing i can do. Nothing at all. I glance in my mirror, i look dreadful. I can't let them see me like this. I have to do something and fast. I walk into the bathroom and throw on yesterdays jeans and my green day shirt. I frantically search for my hoody to cover up my head and it is nowhere to be found. " Shit!" I curse a little loud for this time of the morning. The next thing i know is Gerard is awake and is knocking on the door. " Frank? Frankie? Are you okay? Please come out?" He sounds sleepy yet worried and alert. I feel myself tearing up and as he continues to beg to go to him i slide down the wall holding yet more tufts of my dark hair. I gasp as the tears fall quicker and harsher than i expected them too. I'm a trainwreck. I'm going to die. I just know i am. I want it to come quickly. Let it come now. Let it take me. Then i'm out of my misery. Everyone can get on with their lives. BANG! Gerard falls on his front as the bathroom door is left on only one hinge. " I had to get to you somehow Frankie. No matter what it takes remember?" He giggles before noticing my mental state. " Hey, what's wrong?" He says putting his hand on my shoulder and moving closer to sit by my side. " My hair is going Gerard! I'm fucking hideous! You might as well leave now before it's too late!" I cry as he just stares at me in shock. " You still think i'm going to leave!" He yells. " For fucks sake! Frank i am not going to leave but heck if you want me to then fine i'll go. You just say the word." He screams at me standing up and running his hands over his face the way he always does when stressed. " You're not going to want me Gerard! I'm going to be bald soon! You're going to fuck someone else again!" I scream at him, the past and my scars getting the better of me. Yet again. He shakes his head at me and then i see him leave the room. He reappears moments later. "Alright then, i'm going." He says as he stand in the doorway. I stand up shakily and follow him to the entrance. " Fine then. Knew you would fucking go anyway. Bert this time again? Or you going to find some other drugged up whore for the next twelve hours?" I snarl and before i can react he has me pinned against the wall. As we realise what we've just said to one another, we stare into eachothers eyes and i see the hurt in his. I'm panting due to the fear i initially felt but then everything fades away as he kisses me, picks me up and carries me back to my bed.

Time Lapse

9am now, a reasonable time to wake up at in my opinion. I roll over and am met with a very awake Gerard. " Morning Sunshine." He sings nuzzling my nose. He's so cute i can't take it sometimes. He looks at me contently. " Listen, more of your hair came out and i want you to know i'm sorry for last night, really really sorry. I am not leaving, even if i had i'd still be here now. Please stop thinking i'm leaving and please remember that i don't want anyone else. You're beautiful with or without hair and if i left i'd suffer more than you would. I got you something by the way." He says leaning over the bedside. He rummages through his rucksack and pulls out a black patterned bandana. He beckons me over to him so i sit up and reluctantly let him see the back of my head. He gently takes the bandana and ties it around my head. " Perfect." He says smiling and kissing my forehead. " Do you like it Frankie? It's okay if you don't. I just thought you might want it." He says handing me a mirror. I do like it actually. I like it a lot. But it belonged to Gerard, i couldn't take that. " I love it Gee. But it belongs to you." I say removing it and handing it back to him. He shakes his head and moves his index finger left and right. " Ah ah." He laughs before tying it back on my head. " It's yours now. I never wear it anymore. Plus, my skin is also mine right?" He asks me. I look at him confused. " Well, yes it is attatched to your body Gerard." I say rolling my eyes but laughing all the same. " Well check this out. I know i'm scared of needles and all but i took some sedatives and some numbing cream and got this done." He smiles taking his shirt off and revealing the side of his torso. " I got it on the left, because you're left handed." He grins widely. And there from the top of his ribcage to his hipbone is a portrait of me with my name in huge black gothic lettering running down the side. " You did this for me?!" I scream so happy i could actually cry with joy right there and then. " Yes, two tubes of numbing cream, a fuck load of sedatives and a sleeping pill later and ta da!" He laughs. " I slept through the whole thing. Fucking amazing actually." He laughs kissing my cheek. It's then i realise i am marrying a total pansy. But it's ok because he's my pansy.

Donnas POV
Me, Ricky and Hanna went to see Frankie earlier today. We took him pansies, a bouncing souls CD and a whole stash of red bull. We know he has his needs. It was amazing to see him and Hanna rekindle their friendship again. There was an apology and a hug and then they confirmed they were civil and once he was better they could start to get back to being good friends. He was so happy to see her again though. His eyes lit up when she approached him, almost the way they do when he looks at Gerard. But you see when he looks at Gerard you can just tell. It's similar to how he looks at Hanna yet so different at the same time. He's also having a birthday party this year. A surprise we decided. He'll be allowed out of hospital for the day and possibly the night depending on his condition. We're going to watch horror movies, eat all things veggie, have a huge cake and give him tonnes of gifts. Me and Linda have been planning it for a week now and we already can't wait for him to experience this. We also decided to have fireworks. We're having seventeen rockets. One to represent each year he has been on the earth for. And to represent that he is a total star because that's where all the rockets go. But our own little rocket will be staying with us forever, it's not Frankies time to go anywhere just yet.

Gerards POV
" They're doing what?!" I exclaim in happiness. Mikey Bob and Ray have come to visit. So many visitors lately but Frank likes it that way. He says it keeps him feeling normal and makes him happy. And that's all that matters. " They're getting married. On October 23rd at the hospital chapel!" Mikey squealed almost as happy as i was. " There will be your Mom, Ricky, Linda, Frank Sr., Franks Grandpa, Me, Mikey, You, Bob, Hanna, Alicia and Frankie." Ray said. " She wanted close people there only. Oh and your grandfather will be there too. Sorry." Ray said jokingly face palming himself. Frank just smiled, clearly ecstatic as he laughed and repeated over and over " Thankyou! Oh my gosh!" And right there and then, i couldn't wait for our own wedding to take place. And i think i have the perfect plan.

Thanks for reading! :)
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