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When i'm near you it all gets out of hand

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The next chapter! Typed it out three times and freaking internet kept deleting it! XD

Gerards POV
Rising. Falling. Rising. Falling. I watch from the chair at how precious his every breath is. You wouldn't think it at all. You may even think it's odd that i'm sat here watching my fiancee sleep and watching him breathe slowly and peacefully. It puts my mind at ease though. As long as he's breathing we are fine. We are both right as rain. He breathes in slow rhythmic patterns like the way he strums his guitar when he sits upon his red bed cover staring at his Misfits poster trying to memorise every little chord. His face looks neutral. He is not twisted up in pain this time. He's just sleeping, just dreaming to his hearts content as i grasp his soft hand in mine and keep it near to my chest. His fingertips are covered in callouses and have rough edges from where he's been nibbling away at his nails but yet they are the softest most gentle hands i have ever gotten to take hold of. His father Frank Anthony Sr. is sitting a few metres away from the foot of the bed. Just reading a newspaper, or pretending. He's watching me like a hawk. His eyes glued to me, like a cat just waiting to pounce on it's vulnerable innocent prey. I admit that i am neither Innocent or vulnerable in this situation, or any for that matter but it would be nice to feel respected by my father in law to be. Not that i particularly love him or anything but we are about to become family in a sort of dysfunctional way. As a result of this ongoing feud between Papa Iero and I things have become tense between me and Linda too. Linda, she's a wonderful person in general. A beautiful woman. An incredible mother and she is there for anyone anytime. But Papa Iero over there? He's got here fucked up in the head. After me and Frank had our "bonding" bondage more like time together yesterday she just happened to walk in during the aftermath. We were peacefully sleeping, curled up on the pathetic excuse of a bed when all hell broke lose. " He's meant to be recovering and you force him into-into- THAT!" She had screamed blue murder. Thank fuck, Father dearest hadn't followed her up to see us. Her face was flushed with scarlet, embarassment and fury painting her features. " For your information Mom, I forced him ok? Not the other way around and so what if he did? It's not a crime if the victim wants it too." Frank smiled at her as she looked stunned before turning on her heel and closing the door. He turned back around and we both laughed for the first time in what felt like years. And then i had to get dressed, i could not risk being banned from the one person keeping me sane these days. Someone so amazing and beautiful. Someone who taught me how to feel these things i never imagined i would. How has he done this? I guess when i'm near him, it all gets out of hand.

Franks POV
"And i think to myself, what a wonderful world." A raspy, new yet familiar and velvety voice is heard. I recognise the song to be a classic, one of my all time favourites that my Grandpa used to perform for me. Me and Grandma used to dance to it too. " He likes that one, always has done since he was tiny." An unmistakable thick new jersey accent says to someone who is stroking my hand softly and who then replies with" I can see why, it's a beautiful song. You sing it well too sir." The voice says. I would know that voice anywhere. It's my Gerard. And the voice on my left? My Grandpa. I seize this oppourtunity and lurch into a sitting position only to be greeted with a bear hug from my Grandpa. He's always trying to make me jump and i thought i could get him this time, but i guess his love and heart are just too big to take that. He just had to intervene. " Hey my favourite Grandchild ever!" He smiles at me and at that moment my life is very much appreciated, even in the shit condition it's putting me and my loved ones through right now.

Jamias POV
"Goodnight Grandpa Iero." I smile at the old man who walks briskly out of the door blowing a sweet kiss in his Grandsons direction again. Hesitant to leave. Their bond is so strong, so unbreakable. It's just lovely to see between a grandparent and grandchild. As he disappears from sight, the young Franks face drops slightly and Gerard kisses his fingertips in a comforting manner. That on the other hand is bittersweet for me to see. You see, i have never gotten attatched to a client of mine before but- i just can't help myself. Obviously i'm not going to try anything, that would be abusing my authority and risking the friendship we've worked at building. Even Gerard and I get along these days. Although i know i should stay away and forget this ever happened, i can't. Not yet. I will be right here with this kid and his family until i watch him leave, happy healthy and on his way to his wedding.

Thankyou for reading! Chapter 2 of today will be up later on! :) x
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