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Thankyou for the readers of this story! I hope it's okay for you and mildly enjoyable to read! This chapter is dedicated to my Mommy! She was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and she pulled through! :)

Franks POV
I lie in a hospital gown. On a slab, as though i'm already in a mortuary. My stomach turns like a washing machine. I see Gerard outside the window, smiling at me weakly but feeling just as scared as me right now. My Mom and Dad sit against a wall in two wooden chairs, the doctor repeating the procedure yet again as i'm being prepared to undergo a transformation. A transformation of health. This is going to make me better. If it works that is, but before i can even think of getting better i'm going to get worse and that petrifies me, my blood runs cold at the thought. And as i feel myself entering the world of oblivion and cure all by the tiny press of a button, i begin to shiver.

Linda/Gerard POV

Linda: He must be terrified.
Gerard: He'll be okay, but he's frightened, i want to get him out of there.
Linda: But it's making him better.
Gerard: But it could be his only hope.
Linda: He doesn't deserve this monster inside of him.
Gerard: Cancer is such an unwanted bitch, taking not only the souls of it's poor victims but also the hearts of their loved ones. Collecting them in Jars and stabbing away as their worlds begin to disintegrate.
Linda: Why did it have to be my son? Did i do something wrong to deserve this?
Gerard: Did i make him ill? With all the pain, did it have any impact?
Linda: No, i didn't do anything to hurt him. I could never.
Gerard: I did, didnt i? I'm still twisting his arms, killing him inside. Burning right through him.
Linda: Poor Gerard, being so young too. Like Frank, he has to sit and go through this. Shared pain isn't always half the pain.
Gerard: Poor Linda, i killed her only child. What will happen if she loses him? What will i do if i lose him?
Linda: We can't lose him, we won't. He's so strong. A true fighter.
Gerard: Is he strong enough to break through this wreckage?
Linda: He will make it.
Gerard: Will he really?
Linda: He will, and nobody can doubt that. Not even him.

Jamias POV
Frankie has been coming back to my counselling sessions regularly again. He's still as weak as the day he collapsed, but he is undergoing treatment now. His partner even came in with him yesterday. They talked about their wedding and all the plans they had for the future. They seem to be so at ease around eachother. So excited to build up a future together, and despite all the feelings i have inside for Frankie, i'm so so happy for them both.

Franks POV
I wake up in a familiar room. The familiar smell of disinfectant and the familiar feeling of soft skin clutching the skin on my hand, it's Gerards hand. "Hey." He says happily as i open my eyes squinting at the brightness of the lights above me. He instantly runs to the switch and turns them off before coming back to my side. " How are you feeling?" He says with a look of sadness on his face." Your parents have just gone to buy some food for you to keep here, they should be back in about an hour or so." Gerard says noticing me looking around the room in a confused and puzzled state. " Oh" I say. " So we're all on our own then?" I ask. He nods simply and i budge across the thin mattress and pat the space next to me. Without hesitation he gets in and snuggles down beside me, propping me up as i'm too small to actually embrace him in the same way he does me. He wraps his arms around my waist and places his lips on the side of my forehead. The overwhelming comfort and contentment taking me over. I decide we need to do something wild, something absolutely crazy, something risky. Sure i feel pretty weak but if i do die, i want to have the best set of memories possible and this is sure to be one of them i will remember most. I begin to gently stroke his chest and take my lips up to just below his ear lobe. I know he likes it when i do this to him. I kiss him softly before dragging them all the way down his neck and stroking across the soft. tender rosebuds on his chest. He breathes deeply and trembles a little bit. " Frankie, you need to rest." He says trying to remain firm but losing his track of focus when i take my hand to the waistband of his jeans and continue to brush my fingers across his skin. I'm taking the lead this time and he seems to be enjoying it. I gently begin to lift his shirt over his head and toss it onto the floor. " I love you Frankie." Gerard says breathing increasing and yet still trying to push me off him. I don't stop though, instead i am straight there, pulling off his jeans and boxer shorts in a swift movement and before he has any time to protest my mouth is all over him. I swirl my tongue around the very tip of him and he clasps the sheets in between his fingers. I chuckle lightly at the sight of him so innocent and weak, the polar opposite of how he usually is in this scenario. My mouth is filled with the sweet taste of pre cum and i stop, leaving him to plead for more. " F-Frank Frankie you c-can't j-just stop." He gasps looking at me pleadingly. Little does he know i have this all planned out. A surprise for him you could call it. I turn him over this time and then it hits me, i don't actually know what to do from this point onwards. " Frankie?" Gerard asks turning back around to face me. " Yes?" I reply as my voice shakes, i don't know why i'm about to cry, i just feel so pathetic. He comes towards me, " You don't need to be unhappy or upset okay? You were being so considerate doing this for me when you should be given the rewards. I don't need to have sex with you to stay here Frank. I'm staying whether you like it or not and you know what, if you really want to take the lead in that way. You can just ask for me to help you out. I honestly wouldn't mind one bit." He says kissing me before embracing me with his legs crossed behind my back. He is wonderful, i think to myself. I decide that i will finish what i started in such a rush, but we'll go slowly. It will be more special, more significant. " Gee?" I say feeling reassured now. " Yes my favourite person in the world?" He laughs. I laugh too, just because of how cute he is in general and especially at this moment in time. " How do i get you ready?" I ask blushing furiously. " I'll do that for you. You can just wait for a little bit." He smiles kissing me again. I love it when he randomly does that. A few moments later, Gerard reappears from the bathroom and gets down on his hands and knees on the mattress. I line up with his entrance and slowly but surely push myself inside him. He winces as i know how painful this is the first time. And he has never been the reciever. Not with me anyways and certainly not for a very long time. I grip his hips and slowly begin to move inside and outside of him as he begins to loosen up and moans with every movement i make. I wrap my hand around his member and we continue to move, each push in sync with eachother. He moans in euphoria as i hit his prostate over and over again, the feeling making me shiver and shake more than ever. " Frank- Frankie-.." He pants before screaming my name as we come together. I get off him and we tumble to the mattress side by side. He kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear " I love you." I snuggle up to him and we just lie there in silence making out for a little while. " I love you more." I say when we break apart, still tightly wrapped together. He shakes his head and we both giggle slightly. He then leans over me to the bedside table and opens the drawer. He pulls out a ring. " Frank Anthony Iero, would you do me the honour of wearing this ring to show that you are mine and that we will be getting married soon." He smiles as i nod and he slips the ring onto the second finger of my left hand.

Thankyou for reading! :) x
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