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Only the beginning

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I hope this is ok! If it sucks feel free to let it out! :)

Gerards POV
Words fly over my head as Frank Sr's eyes burn holes in my chest. Dr Weller is explaining to us the procedures of Chemotherapy for the billionth time. He has finally agreed to accept it which all of us are thrilled about. He said he had more to give and he had something to keep breathing for, he said that something was me. I think he'll find it's really the other way around. But either way, I'm just happy that he's going to get what he needs. And hopefully before we know it, Frankie will be back home, happy and healthy. But that doesn't stop the nightmares...

" Goodbye Frankie!" A chorus of black clad mourners sob as a coffin is gently lowered to the deep black hole that has been waiting in the graveyard.
" Frank Anthony Iero-" The priest says again clutching his wooden cross as he says a prayer for the Iero family and their friends. Everybody is crying their hearts out, the sound so chilling. Almost as cold as the late january air. " You killed him!" Linda screams at me. " You ripped out his heart and took him away from me! You don't deserve to be here today! You destroyed him! You ruined my only child!" She claws at my face as i struggle to fight her off. My lungs are getting tighter by the second and all the while more people are coming over kicking me, punching me repeatedly. " You killed Frankie before the cancer! You broke his heart and let the rest eat away at him!" And then i wake in a cold sweat...

Lindas POV
Gerard has been here for hours now. The poor kid is worried sick. He was talking to Frank earlier, apologising again for what happened before him and his family went away. I know it was a mistake, i've dealt with the McCrackens myself and they're a tough lot of people. Especially their only son. Gerard was in an abyss. Drugs, alcohol, cutting. Just the way Frankie was after he'd gone. Minus the drugs though, he didn't leave the house. Not even his room. He just sat and stared out of the window for two months straight. He barely ate anything, he only slept when he couldn't help but fall into it and my son was fading. Me? It killed me to see him so heartbroken. No, so crushed. Like a vase hitting the rock hard pavement. But now seeing them so happy and seeing the commitments and changes Gerard has made for Frankie, i have got past my original dislike for Gerard. Now i'm sure he will never hurt my son, and god help him if he ever dares to pull that stunt again, i have grown a liking for him. I almost see him as my second son. My soon to be ex husband? He still hates him with a passion. As much as me and Frankie both encourage him to give the kid a chance, he never makes the compromise. Only time will tell what the outcome will be.

Frankies POV
" Gerard, i'm scared." I admit shakily as we all wait in the awkward silence outside the chemotherapy room. Gerard takes my hand and gently kisses my knuckles and then i remember why i am letting myself get better. I have him to spend my life with, i have a reason now. Now i know he's staying. And i also realise i want to change lives. I have to stick around incase Mom gets lonely. I have to give her grandchildren to hold and take care of the way she did so well with me. And right now, i'm going to fight to try and give her all of those things. And Gerard. And my obnoxious, rude, silly, silly Dad. No matter how afraid i am right now. The knots in my empty stomach tightening more and more. " Just think Frankie. We have a wedding to plan." He whispers in my ear. Softly kissing just behind it. " You have to do this for you Frankie. You can live without me. I have seen you do that. You don't need to stay alive for me, i obviously want you to be with me forever but this has to be for you. It's about what you want to do. Please say this is for you as much as anyone else. Whether that be me, your parents, your grandpa, anyone." He says shakily. I grip his hand. " I'm doing this for my loved ones Gee, but they're the reason i want to live on and so i guess, i'm also doing this for myself. And i can't wait to become the third Way boy." I smile at the thought of it. We've actually agreed to be the Iero Way family but i will want to be reffered to as Frank Anthony Way, purely because then a part of Gerard is a part of me, and every single person will be able to see that. " Frank Iero?" A tall, stoney faced doctor calls and we all brace ourselves. This is only the beginning....

Thanks for reading! :) x
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