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Know that i will never marry

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Hey readers! You look beautiful as ever! :)

Gerards POV
"It'll be good for you." Linda tries to reason.
"I don't want it." Frank replies.
"It'll make you better." She tries again.
" No, it will make me ugly." He retaliates.
He's resisting chemotherapy, although we're all begging him to begin with the course as soon as possible. They can begin tomorrow- if he allows them too. The doctors have also advised him and told him how everything will work. They begin the therapy at ten and then he is allowed rest afterwards. The most common side affects being sickness and hair loss. " I don't want to lose my hair." He whispers. He has only just came around, the poor guy. And much to my dismay, his father is heading here as we speak. " Frankie? Is this why you won't have it?" I say just out of curiosity. Frankie would still be beautiful as ever. Nothing could possibly make him ugly. " Yes. I'm scared okay? Nobody will love me if i have no hair. Especially not you." He added silently at the end. Linda looked around a little bit and then announced " I'm going to grab coffee, i'll bring you both some." The lady always knew when to leave and let us talk. Even at a time as painful as this was for her. " Frankie, your Mom told me why you ended us. I can't believe you thought i would ever just leave you like that. I love you, i always will. Those years i had in Colorado away from you? I didn't go near anyone, they didn't compare to you. And i want you to understand this, whether you're bald or have hair, whether you're skinny or chubby, whether you're sick or healthy, i will love you just the same as i always have. And for the record, that is a whole fucking lot." I say as he starts to cry a little bit. I take his hand and stroke the back of it with my thumb. He gestures for me to come closer and so i edge further towards his chest. He kisses me tenderly. " I'm sorry. W-will you t-take me back?" He says his lips quivering. I can't help but smile at him. He's just so pretty. " Frankie, in my eyes you were never away." I admit and we both lie back down on the bed, our hands locked together and our noses just brushing. And the best was i had my Frankie back.

Franks POV
" Dad?" i say as he stands in the doorway holding magazines and bottles of water. He looks down at me and Gerard and so i sit up, my back perfectly straight. " Frankie! How are you feeling son? Sorry i couldn't get here sooner." He says almost too enthusiastically. I adore my father but his chirpy moods can often lead me to confusion and annoyance. Even on a sugar rush, i am never that happy. " I'm fine now Dad.Gerard and Mom kept me company." I smile. " Hmm... Gerard. I'm glad he isn't busy messing with your head for once." He hisses and i see Gerard go to open his mouth but he stops and i see him thinking for a few moments. Then he crawls off the bed and gives me a kiss on the side of my head " I'll be back soon. I'll go and help your Mom with the coffee." He says, knowing the last thing anyone needs is a full on confrontation. I admire his self control. Coming off the drink and drugs did him the world of good. And now he's like a new, improved Gerard. He still has flaws like jealousy but he can control himself and to me, that is amazing. " Dad, i know you don't like him but please, can we be civil? I don't want another argument and he's been really good to me lately Dad. When you and Mom told me about the divorce he was there all the way. And with this, he's not leaving Dad. He's changed in the time he left. You'll see." I smile as Dad rolls his eyes at virtually everything i just swore to him. He taps his foot a little before saying " Okay son. Let's just make you better. That's the most important thing." And he gave me a big hug and passed over my favourite Kerrang! Magazine.

Haha Ray, Bob and a hint of Mikey in the next chapter! Thankyou for reading! :) x
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