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He'll be okay though, right?

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Aww i saw that people have read these bits! Thankyou so much! I'm sorry if it's sucking majorly! If theres anything you'd like to change then don't be afraid to speak up :) I won't hurt you, i promise :) xx

Linda's POV
Still so tiny. Still so fragile. Still so perfect. I look at my son the way i did almost seventeen years ago. The nurse laid him across my stomach and i cried with joy as she announced "Congratulations Mrs Iero, you have a little boy." I remember him being all pink and wrinkly. Kind of like a puppy dog. He had tufts of thick dark hair and the cutest little nose you could ever see. He looked so much like his Dad back then. That day doesn't seem like it was so long ago. The scene is similar here. He's still fragile, yet still so perfect it's almost untrue. He's in a white hospital gown, still unconcious. Jamia called me and since then we have both been pacing the corridors and then finally being able to sit at his side and hope for a response from him soon. And the way things stood, it looked as though we had a long wait ahead.

Gerards POV
"Hi, Mr Way?" Dr Georgina Weller asks me.
"Yes." I say, my impatience about to explode.
" I won't keep you very long as i understand you are here for Mr Iero but i must warn you that as soon as he does come around which is highly likely, we will begin his treatment right away. We need to act fast as it appears the cancer is growing more violent. This explains why he collapsed so unexpectedly. He may also need a blood transfusion as he did hit his head when he collapsed and he did lose some blood that we need to replace." The doctor explains eyeing me solemnly. " I'm very sorry sir, but we will do all we can to save him." She finished gesturing for the next door behind her. Room 367. Frankie's very own hospital suite. Linda rushes to me enveloping me in a huge hug. " I'm so sorry honey. Frank explained everything. We need to talk Gerard. He didn't mean to hurt you, i swear." She blurted out as i hugged her tighter, both of us crying and in need of comfort. When will this end? He has to recover and come back. He just has to. His life isn't over yet. He still has a million things left to do. I pray that he will just come back and never leave. Even just for a day.

Time Lapse

"You see Gerard, he thought he was tying you down too much. He didn't want to cause you any pain. He was hurting enough about all of this himself." She said softly. I looked at her sadly. " I know Linda. He wouldn't hurt a fly. But why would he think that? He should know i wouldn't have cared. He should know that if he goes down, we both do." I said wishing i had said this to Frank before. Linda put a hand on mine. We were actually getting along better than we ever had. Usually, she hated me for hurting him and in honesty, i hated myself for hurting him and not letting him know that i would never leave him. " Gerard, it's okay. You can tell him when he wakes up, and i know he will because he just has to. I will not rest until he is back on his feet. I'll get him there, even if it kills me." She vowed and i could see she meant it all, she wasn't letting him go without a fight and a half. "He's going to have to live here for the next few weeks." She added. " Just while his first few rounds of chemo are going on. He's only young, they want to monitor how he responds very closely." She said looking at her shoes. " His father will be here alot though honey. And i know that you two don't get along. So we're going to have to devise a visiting schedule. The problem is, his father has to come first." I was now losing my calm. I was fucking fuming. " What?" I hissed at her. " I love him more than you and his dad will ever know! I am not going to miss out on being here for him for his father. I'm sorry Linda but no fucking Way." I finished undoubtedly red in the face and shaking as my blood was boiling. I couldn't leave him on his own! Defenseless and weak! Where they insane? I would go to Franks Dad and i swear i would fucking- "Mom?" A tiny voice interrupted my fit of rage and i rushed over to the hospital bed flinging myself at the small stature of my soon to be husband. Now i knew the truth, he wasn't getting away. And looking over at Linda's smile i could tell she supported my pledge.

[*Yay! He's alive! His chemo sessions start in the next chapter. I have a family friend who is currently dying of cancer and i know how difficult it can be so if anyone needs to chat or doesn't like this story i'm so sorry and i'm here for you
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