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The Ghost of Us

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Ahhh! Fifth chapter! I'm sorry if this is super boring for you all! If so then dont worry! I can stop writing this one if thats what people would prefer :) x

Gerards POV
After sitting in one place for a long time you start to think. You start to remember things. You realise some significant parts of people you love that nobody else in the world possesses. I realised that Frankie, doesn't love me. Not that i blame him. I always knew he shouldn't have and now i'm certain that he doesn't, the questions of why that haunt me can leave me alone. My phone has been in my lap all the while i've sat here, just hoping that maybe, possibly he'll call and say it was all wrong. He didn't mean it, it was all just part of a sick little prank he wanted to play on me but deep down i knew if i was going to wait for that call, i would be waiting for a very,very long time. My Mom and Mikey have been up and down alot. Trying to pry me out of my safe haven of darkness and misery.Linda called and explained to them. Rick even came up in a bid to talk to me but i shunned them all. Told them i would be out soon enough and i was just reflecting on some things. I know they were aware that the last thing i was feeling was Ok or willing for a chat or hug but they didn't stop. That is what devotion is. It's exactly the way i used to be with Frankie, the way i still am with Frankie and will always be with him. Even if he isn't there for me, nothing could tear me away. I always swore that to him and i meant every word.

"Gee! Gee!" Mikey is pounding on my door and screaming for me.
"Mikes? Please just go, i'll come down when i'm ready." I mutter losing my patience slightly.
"No Gee! It's Frank! He's collapsed! Linda's at the hospital with him now!" He screams and suddenly i'm on autopilot. Running around pulling any clothes i can find straight on. I'm going to be there when he wakes up, even if it kills me. In record time i'm dressed and with unbrushed hair, bleary eyes and stubble i barge past Mikey and fly down the stairs. I almost take the front door off it's hinges as grab the car keys and dive into the drivers seat. I lost my license for drinking and driving back in Colorado but that won't stop me. Before i know it i'm on the highway, my foot full force on the accelerator. Other cars beep and curse at me but i keep going. Nothing matters but Frankie right now and nothing will keep me from him. As i drive i realise where i am. I'm right by the field where we spent alot of last summer. It was Ray's birthday and we all took a little detour down to that field of poppies. I remember Bob pushed Mikey into the lake when he was too drunk to realise. Me and Frankie were walking hand in hand all day, laughing as the other guys got up to some crazy stuff. We all played truth or dare. Each dare you completed you had to down a shot of Jack Daniels except me of course. I only have one drink on occasions. Frankie had to run around naked screaming i am a midget hear me roar. I can't help but chuckle still at the memory.

I take the second exit off the roundabout and see the signs for Littlefield Hospital and know that i am almost with him. " Just hang on Frankie. Not long now." I mumble, hoping he can hear me. I swerve into the parking lot and see there are hardly any spaces left. Just my fucking luck. I don't even care so i just leave my car on double yellow lines. If it gets towed away the only ones who'll give a damn are Mom and Rick and i'll replace it for them anyway. Their car isn't my priority right now. I dash through the revolving doors almost getting stuck but narrowly avoiding that unfortunate event. I seem to startle the lady at the reception desk. She eyes me suspiciously as i run up to her. "Frank Iero." I say and she looks at me oddly. "Do you know where he is? He was brought in earlier today?" I say all in one breath. " Are you a relative?" She says typing on her computer. " Visitors are restricted because the person you're here for is currently in a bad way. So i will need you relation as well as your name please?" She gives me a false grin. " Yeah, It's uh, er Gerard Way and I'm Frank's Fiancee." I say very matter of factly. Losing my patience as i'm desperate to see him. " Ok then honey, take the elevator to the third floor, head straight down the corridor for St.Catherines ward and then it's room 367. Dr Weller will be waiting for you there." She says carefully. And i sprint for the nearest elevator i can find. The nearest one has tonnes of people waiting for it and has about a thousand floors to come down before it reaches us and so i make it for the stairs. I run and run as fast as my legs can take me and as i approach the third floor, my guts begin to turn. The overpowering stench of disinfectant and sickness fills my nostrils giving me an uneasy feeling. I finally make it to room 367 and as promised there is Dr Weller. Please say it isn't too late.

Sorry it's short! xx Thankyou for reading!
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