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Broken Threads that Chained the Heart

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One one fateful day, Fate watches another story unfold in the city of Shinjuku involving four individuals. [Kazuki/Ren, Shido/Madoka, Ban/Himiko, Ginji/Natsumi]

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Fate Binds the Broken Hearts
Written by Wolfic

Disclaimer: I do not own GetBackers, and if I did I would probably screw it up. The people who do own it are Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki.

A/N: This is my second fan fiction ever written and my first multi chapter fan fiction, so if it is not up to par then I'm sorry, but other then that, please read and review. Also, sorry if there are any missed grammar mistakes.

Chapter 1: Broken Threads That Chained the Heart

Fate, the decider of chances, the author of all the stories of life, watched intently over Shinjuku with never wavering eyes. Today was a special day, and Fate had special plans for four individuals. For it was Fate that had bound the strings of love and friendship, and sadness and hate. Fate decided these things. And today Fate will watch another story unfold...

In the streets of Mugenjou a single man walked. The man had long hair and had a feminine look to him. He looked greatly out of place with the surroundings on which he walked. After all it was Infinite Castle, the nesting place of evil spirits. Multiple unfinished buildings filled up the basic structure of Mugenjou.

Mugenjou was no place for people like him many of the bystanders would think. But it isn't until they had approached the man that they would realize their mistakes. It wasn't until they had heard the deathlike sound of the bells that they would finally realize that that man was feared Kazuki of the Threads.

A slim tall man, Kazuki had long hair which he tied with a pink cloth, forming a large ponytail at back, and two in the front, which hung next to two strands of brown hair. He wore a white short-sleeve shirt with turquoise sleeves. To go along with this combination of clothes, he sported dark blue pants and yellow shoes.

But right now at this moment, Kazuki's mind wasn't focused on his surroundings, but on his destination. There was only one thing on his mind, and that was that pharmacist, Radou Ren. Despite that they had first met when he was 20 and she was 13, many things have changed now.

Ren was no longer an adolescent child, that some had at first mistaken for a boy. She had now, after 5 years, finally unleashed her true feminine potential. Her hair, spiky in defiance, had grown until it had reached her thin hips. She had also gained a full bust and a curvy body that could make men go mad with lust.

Back then when they had first met, and she saved his life, she had fallen in love with him. But he hadn't thought that much about it. But now it was different. Ito no Kazuki, ex-leader of the Fuuga, had fallen head over heals in love with the pharmacist girl. And today was the special day he would confess his love for her.

Steadily walking up the long steps that lead up to the apartment room of Ren. Kazuki was prepared for everything Fate had prepared for him. Because today was the day that he had prepared for, he would not fail. So he approached the already opened door to the pharmacy and was ready for what ever he had to face.

Unfortunately for poor Kazuki, Fate had other things in plan. You see, poor Kazuki had never thought that Ren would ever reject him. He had thought that she still loved him. So the surprise on Kazuki's face was apparent when he gazed upon the scene that laid before him.

Right in front of him, stood the ever beautiful Radou Ren. Her trademark VOLTS jacket was on the floor and Radou Gen, her grandfather, was no where in sight. Ren's eyes were closed in blissful peace and her face was flushed pink. Her lips however were busy, greeting those of Uryuu Toshiki.

Uryuu Toshiki. An old friend of Kazuki's, he had long spiky blond hair, tied at the back into a spiky ponytail and a great muscular body. The skintight black sleeveless shirt he wore seemed to be made for the process of showing off his muscles. He had black armguards equipped on his right and left arms. Grey jeans were situated on his legs and reached down to his black shoes. And finally, he had a large pink cloth, which was tied in the front by a short metal pole, and spread out, on the back of his pants, like half a cape.

But indeed, right in front of Kazuki's eyes, his old friend of the disbanded gang Fuuga, was indeed kissing the object of his admiration. Kazuki's wide eyes suddenly went hard, his fist clenched tightly. He was suddenly slipping back to who he use to be. The leader of the Fuuga. The feared Prince of Battle Terror. He was seriously debating on whether or not he should demonstrate the most cold-blooded techniques of the Fuuchouin clan and literally peel the flesh from Toshiki's bones.

But then, after a moment of hesitation, his old self returned. He wouldn't want Ren to witness such an event, and plus, there were plenty more fish in the sea, his mind reasoned. But his heart told him differently. Not wanting to disturb the new couple, Kazuki turned around and left the pharmacy. Where his feet took him, he did not know, but as long as it was away from them.

Quietly descending the stairs, Fuuchouin Kazuki disappeared into the iron clad maze of Mugenjou. Leaving not a trace behind him, it was as if he was never there at all.
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