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Rage of the Beastmaster

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After the events that had befallen upon Kazuki, we shift to the Otowa mansion. And learn about the happenings of the Beastmaster, Fuyuki Shido.

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Chapter 2: Rage of the Beastmaster
At a manor in Shinjuku that belonged to Otowa Madoka, Fuyuki Shido, the Beastmaster, relaxed in the garden. He would often lounge around there. Relaxing against a tree, he would talk with his animals, or just merely enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature itself. But the main thing he looked for in his days was listening to the music that Madoka could bring forth on her Stradivarius.

Otowa Madoka was a slim girl, with long black hair, and would be often seen in dresses. Her eyes however were blind, ever since the day of her birth. But that never stopped her once. Many have said that she was gifted with the ears of God, giving her a great perception of music and one's surroundings.

Although she was aware of how Shido was always there listening to her private recitals, she didn't realize how deep his feelings for her ran. The reason being that Shido was never really one for expressing emotions such as love.

Fuyuki Shido. A tall well built man; he had a wild look to him. Long black spiky hair was messily proportioned on his head. Shido always wore a white headband and had a circular gold medallion tied around his neck. He wore a black shirt with a beige white vest. He had white pants and oak brown shoes on to complete the equation. Around both of his wrists were blue wristbands.

Although most days were the same today was different, today was a very "special day" (not in Shido's point of view however) for our young violin prodigy. Today she had a date with.... Akutsu Shunsuke. This news was a great surprise for Shido, since after all, Shunsuke was the one that had stole her Stradivarius in the first place and had even ordered for her to be killed. But then again they had been pupils under the same teacher. But despite this, Shido still had his misgivings.

As he sat there in the garden, his mind drifted back to the conversation he had had with her just yesterday:

"Shido?" Madoka called out.

"Yes Madoka, what is it?" Shido got up and walked up to her. They were a sitting in the garden, where Shido spent most of his time.

"Tomorrow I'll be going out somewhere and I just wished to inform you so you didn't think I was missing or something like that." responded Madoka.

"When will you be back?" was all that Shido inquired.

"I'm not sure. It depends on the person I'm going wit- I mean! I'm just going by myself!" Madoka innocently stammered.

At that Shido's ears perked up. "So, who are you going with? Are you going on a date?" questioned Shido. Suddenly his chest was feeling quite uneasy.

"I'm go-ing with Aku-t-t-su Shun-suke. And it's not a date!" Madoka replied desperately, trying to cover up her embarrassment.

"WHAT!!" Shido roared, ever as frightening as a hunting lion, just before the kill.
This greatly startled Madoka. "Why are you going with HIM! Do you REMEMBER what HE DID! HE tried to KILL YOU!!"

"We-ll-ll, he was all sincere about that and he wanted to make up for that incident. He said he was really sorry." This was all poor Madoka could softly say for her defense.

"So you're not going out on a date? Just a friendly meeting, right?"

"Yes Shido."

"Good then." With his mind reassured and ignoring the sharp uneasy feeling he still felt in his chest, Shido relaxed against the tree once more. "Say Madoka?"


"Could you play something for me?"

"Of course"

And finally the limousine of Akutsu Shunsuke rolled into the driveway. Madoka exited the house in a beautiful dress. Too beautiful for a "friendly meeting" was all Shido could think.

"Hello Shunsuke!" Madoka cheerfully said.

"Hello Madoka. Why you look lovely." And in a gentleman's manner he kissed her hand and then daringly, her lips.

Turning beet red, Madoka was rooted to the spot.

"Well, then how about we go." suggested Shunsuke as he opened the door for her. And with that, she got into the car. Before Shunsuke followed, he glanced in Shido's direction and smirked. And savoring his victory, he got into the limousine, and shortly after, the limousine sped away, leaving nothing but dust in the wind.

Shido's piercing gray eyes missed nothing. His fingers were suddenly clawing up dirt and his teeth were grinding in anger. Shido felt as though all of his humanity had left him, and there was nothing left but anger. His eyes were angry slits and his mind was fighting over whether or not to pursue the car and tear that smirk off of that rich bastard's face.

The animals quickly fled the vicinity, scared of their friend's wrath. Shido was livid. He had been in love with Madoka for some time. Her calm beauty and gentle eyes, although blind in appearance, contained more feelings than any person with normal eyes could possess, and this was what allured him more then he could ever imagine. She possessed a gentle innocence that filled him with feelings unknown. But one feeling he was sure about was the feeling that he was truly in love with her.

But expressing love wasn't something Shido had excelled at. A lone wolf by nature, he hadn't had many relationships. And when she had offered him a home, despite who he was, he was shocked. This girl, who he had been paid to hurt, had offered him the one thing he had missed ever since the breakup of VOLTS. And that was a place to call home.

And now, before he could even confess, she went on a date with HIM! Suddenly Shido's anger unleashed. Raising his head up to the sky, he bared his fangs, and roared. A scream of hatred, anguish, and suffering. And before he knew it, his world as he had known and seen it, turned blood red.
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