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Fangs of Venom

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After the sad happenings of the two individuals of Mugenjou, we shall view upon the most hated member of the Retriveal team. Midou Ban.

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Chapter 3: Fangs of Venom

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On regular days in Shinjuku, Midou Ban could be seen moping around the Honky Tonk, cursing HEVN's name for not providing them with jobs. Along with the occasional pummeling of his best friend Amano Ginji, who wouldn't stop moaning about food.

But today was not a regular day. Ban, who had believed in mortal Gods, also believed in Fate. And he believed that today, Fate had something special in stored for him. Although by his terms special would mean money or big-breasted girls. Either was fine with him on normal days but today, was different. Today there was only one thing he wanted.

Midou Ban was a short, slim man who always wore small, crooked purple glasses on his nose, just below his eyes. He had a white dress shirt on and black pants which ended at his brown shoes. His long dark brown hair was very spiky and messy. Spread out everywhere and seemed to resemble that of a sea urchin.

As Ban casually strolled down the streets of Shinjuku, he was thinking over in his head how to greet her, the person on his mind. Of all those who have known Midou Ban they would have described him as a money hungry and very proud individual, therefore meaning they would have never guessed he would fall in love with someone. Because no one (except for a few that guess) would have possibly thought, that Midou Ban was in love with Kudou Himiko, or as she is also known in the streets, Lady Poison.

As he continually walked. He thought about her. Her face, her body, the way she acted, all these things ran through his head. Kudou Himiko. Her moss green colored hair was short, giving her a tomboyish look. But to Ban, that didn't matter. Himiko had very clear violet eyes and a red star tattooed underneath her left eye. Two circular gold colored earrings were attached to both of her ears. And her oriental violet clothes showed much to be desired.

And suddenly as Ban was still walking at his pace, there was a great gust of wind, and a gigantic semi drove by, and to Ban's disbelief, Himiko was riding shotgun. This meant the driver was none other than Maguruma Gonzou, also known as Mr. No Brake. He was a large man with spiky black hair and a white headband. He was normally seen in an outfit that included a green shirt and blue jeans. His black shoes, however, was always on the accelerator, until he had reached his destination. In the transporter business he was known for his remarkable driving skills.

"Oi Himiko!" Ban shouted, trying to get her attention, but the truck passed by too fast. Not one to be beaten, Ban started in a sprint after the truck. In battle, Midou Ban always relied on three assets. His Evil Eye, his Snake Bite, and his incredible speed. This therefore meaning, in short time, a truck would be no match for him.

With a mighty leap, Ban jumped about twice his height and, using his 200 kilograms grip he dug his fingers into the truck, and held on. Hoisting himself up, he clung onto the truck. And in that position he would stay, whether the semi took him to hell or oblivion, he would stay.

Suddenly, without warning, the semi turned sharply, with Ban hanging on for his dear life, into a large vacant parking lot. Hopping off the truck gracefully, Ban went over hands in his pockets and a determined look plastered all over his face. Nearing the front of the semi Ban didn't even think once of how to approach her with his feelings, since after all, was Ban really that sensitive? No, he wasn't.

Of course what Fate had preceded and decided was a far shot from Ban's expectations. In all his years of knowing the Himiko, he never really had pegged her for being the lovey dovey, ditzy type of girl. So the scene that his eyes perceived was as supernatural as his Evil Eye. Ban did a double take. He even pinched himself. It was real. (200kg grip pinch, in this world or the next, would definitely erase his disillusionment over the sight he saw)

In the driver's seat of the truck, was indeed Maguruma Gonzou. There was nothing wrong with that. But Kudou Himiko clutched to his arm and snuggling against him, now that there was what was wrong. So saying from the perspective of Ban. Despite the fact that the one person Ban loved was indeed with another man, Ban was not one for sentimental values or acts of courtesy. So he trudged up there and right in front of the semi, he called out to the new couple, disrupting what little time they had together.

"Oi! Himiko!" Ban called out, in his regular greeting.

Himiko leaned her head out the window and saw the annoyance that stood before her.
"What are you doing here Ban?"

"Just taking a stroll around the city. But that is beside the point! Since when did you date truck drivers?" Ban retorted, always the straightforward one.

Himiko smiled. Perhaps for once in his life, she thought, perhaps Ban was jealous, or he was just being a nosy bastard. So with the evil grin still on her face she replied. "And since when did you care about who I dated? What are you, jealous?"
"ME! JEALOUS of that no good, useless in battle, inept in power, worthless TRUCK DRIVER!!! Screw that! No way!" having said his piece, Ban turned around and trudged out of that vacant parking, not giving a damn anymore. Or so that was what he told himself.

Although Ban may look indifferent and noncaring of the current situation, with his common stance, (hands in pocket, cigarette in mouth, and a bored expression on his face) that wasn't what he felt on the inside. So therefore the Great Invincible Midou Ban-sama, retrieval specialist, walked back into the busy city of Shinjuku. His knuckles cracking and his fangs of venom, ready to strike.
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