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A Storm Rages in a Heart of Tears

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Who can forget the most lovable character of Getbackers? Amano Ginji also experiences his own hardships in this chapter.

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Chapter 4: A Storm Rages in the Heart of Tears

Disclaimer: I do not own GetBackers, and if I did I would probably screw it up. The people who do own it are Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki.

All was normal in the coffee shop known to all as the Honky Tonk, except for the absence of Midou Ban, but other than that, all was normal. Mizuki Natsumi was wondering around the shop. Cleaning this, making that, what ever her boss Wan Paul wanted. And Paul was also doing the exact same thing he did everyday, which was stand around reading his newspaper or boil a pot of coffee.

Wan Paul is a tall man with round glasses that almost matched Ban's own trademark glasses in size and proportion. Most of his red, curly hair was covered up by his purple bandana and he wore his regular getup. This consisted of a short sleeved white dress shirt and a large black apron which reached down to the knees of his dark green pants and brown shoes. A lit cigarette was dangling from his mouth and was slowing burning away.

HEVN, the large breasted, long haired, tall and dazzlingly beautiful blonde was as of now, not in the coffee shop, therefore signaling that she was out and about, looking for jobs for the two team duo, the GetBackers. And at the same time receiving her 30% (if Ban heard this he would scream) commission fee with every job she found. Also, no one in the shop ever knew which outfit she was going to wear, since she always wore and amazed many (mainly the male population) with her variety of skimpy outfits, showing way more than it should.

Today, Amano Ginji of the GetBackers duo was sitting at the bar and was staring at Natsumi as she swayed here and there working. To Ginji, she was a kind hearted high school student, who always took pity on him when he was wasting away from starvation. To this he was grateful. Now if you asked Ban what was always going on in the simple mind of his partner, he would probably say the many different types of food that Ginji wished to eat. But there was much more. And that would be his love for Natsumi.

Ginji greatly enjoyed watching Natsumi working around the shop with her lithe, graceful form. The way her long silky lack ponytail swayed with the movements of her body, merely made Ginji banish all thoughts of food from his mind. But speaking of food, Natsumi was an extremely great cook. To Ginji, she would have looked great in any outfit, but today, as of everyday she worked in the Honky Tonk, she wore a short sleeve dress shirt and black apron, just like Paul, along with the dark green pants Paul wears as well.

As Ginji sat in a dazed silence, his mind was finally fired up. He would approach Natsumi, tell her that he loved her, and if there was even any yen left, stuck to the very lining of his cargo pant's pockets, then maybe, just maybe, he would take her out on a date. But the chances of taking Natsumi out on a date were probably nil, so he would just go with the former idea, and tell her that he loved her.

When Natsumi finally finished working and took off her apron, Ginji saw his chance.
"Natsu-," Ginji blurted out, only to be interrupted by someone walking through the door, and causing the bell to ring.

"Ohayou Natsumi-chan! Are you ready to go?" Emishi Haruki shouted out, handing a bouquet of red roses to Natsumi.

Indeed the person walking through the door was none other than the Joker of Fresh Blood, Emishi Haruki, master of the Rouran dance whip. He was dressed in his usual attire, with his open forest green jacket with the light green stripe across the middle, showing off the dark pink shirt he had underneath. His blue jeans went all the way down to his wood colored shoes, and his brown hair was tied in one long ponytail, allowing two bangs to hang over his forehead. And nestled on his noses, were sunglasses that were as trademarked as Ban's own glasses. The sunglasses had pink frames and dark blue lens that shielded Emishi's eyes from view.

"Yes I'm ready. Say, Master, is it possible to take the rest of the day off and go on a date with Emishi?" Natsumi asked after a quick kiss from Emishi. (A quick peck to the viewers, a slow eternity for Ginji.) To think, one of his former comrades of VOLTS, a joker by nature and soul, was able to take away the one object of his focus, other than food, which, in a way, is saying a lot.

Wan Paul, looked up from his newspaper at Natsumi's inquiry and slowly contemplated the answer to the question. Of course when his eyes turned and focused on Ginji, he made his decision. "Of course you can go; you deserve some time to yourself, now go and have a good time." Paul answered quickly as he ushered Natsumi, Emishi, and himself out the door of the café as soon as possible.

Amano Ginji, the former Raitei of Infinite Castle's lower town, stood there in the center of the coffee shop, his head down, with his spiky blonde hair covering his eyes. His gloved hands and his naked fingers clenched in a fist, shaking uncontrollably. His many pocket vest and white under shirt shook along with his fingers, and his cargo shorts on his legs however, stood transfixed to the floor.

Blue sparks of electricity were swimming over his body, slow at first and then more quickly the sparks grew into thin bolts of lighting, swarming all over Ginji. And through his clenched lips, he muttered the same words over and over. "Emishi. Emishi. Emishi." He chanted over and over. And then he exploded.

"EMISHI! YOU BACK-STABBING TRAITOR!!!" Ginij roared. Blue lighting struck out. Soon the whole coffee house was trapped in a massive surge of electricity. His head up and his brown eyes staring ahead and his mouth roaring. The whole shop lit up with blue light as the lighting crackled all over.

Screaming over and over, the same mantra, "EMISHI! EMISHI! EMISHI!" his electricity overwhelmed him, coming short of the Raitei emerging, Gnji roared on. A raging lightning storm brewed within his heart of raining tears.
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