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Misery Loves Company: The Strings of Fate

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As the old saying goes, "Misery Loves Company" and with Fate pulling the strings, the four downcast men cannot help but meet each other, as the former Raitei meets Ito no Kazuki.

Category: Get Backers - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Ginji, Kazuki - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-01-27 - Updated: 2007-01-27 - 434 words

Chapter 5: Misery Loves Company: The Strings of Fate

Disclaimer: I do not own GetBackers, and if I did I would probably screw it up. The people who do own it are Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki.

Fuuchouin Kazuki walked down the busy streets of Shinjuku, not really caring where his wondering feet took him. He just continually walked, with the scene he had just witnessed playing over and over in his head. Slowly weaving delicately among the crowd of people, his agile thin form was semiconsciously avoiding bumping into people. And this was how he continually walked.

And suddenly, he quickly tilted his head up, his eyes focused in on a certain someone walking in his direction. There was no mistaking it, the person that walked down the street in his direction, spiky blonde hair tilted towards the ground, not watching where he was headed occasionally bumping into people, was none other than his former leader, Amano Ginji.

Slowly, Kazuki approached his depressed Raitei, and spoke out, capturing Ginji's attention.

"Ginji-san, is something wrong?"

Upon hearing the voice of one of his friends Ginji automatically turned tare and looked up, revealing the twin rivers of tears, streaming down his face.

"Kazu-chan!" Ginji shouted as he leaped through the air, with his arms waving and clung onto Kazuki's face. Rubbing his teary face into Kazuki's hair.

"Tell me Ginji-san, what seems to be the problem?" Kazuki inquired of his teary eyed friend.

But all Ginji could say was "Emishi, Emishi, Emishi," over and over again in his teary voice.

"What is Emishi in trouble?" Kazuki quickly asked, wondering if the Joker had annoyed the wrong person.

And to Kazuki's distress, "Emishi, Emishi, Emishi," Was all Ginji would reply. Still clinging onto Kazuki, the same three words being said over and over.

"Ginji, you have to tell me what is wron-," suddenly Kazuki was interrupted by a loud explosion. The entourage of people that milled around them screamed and ran. Many curious about what the source of such mayhem could possibly be, and yet none brave enough to stop and investigate, seeing as how another explosion occurred.

Over in the horizon, smoke could be seen milling up into the sky. And similar smaller explosions were occurring. Kazuki wasted no time. He immediately sprinted toward the signs of destruction, with poor little Ginji trailing along.

Already, directly after the first explosion, Kazuki's keen ears have already picked up the familiar curses of "Snake Bastard" and Monkey Boy" that were ringing all over the place. Signaling the presence of none other than the Jagan Wielder and the Beastmaster.
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