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Misery Loves Company: Ban's Hateful Mouth

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Sometimes, one can wonder how Ban is still alive and kicking with the way he talks.

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Chapter 6: Misery Loves Company: Ban's Hateful Mouth

Disclaimer: I do not own GetBackers, and if I did I would probably screw it up. The people who do own it are Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki.


Casually strolling down the streets again, Mido Ban walked, his hands in his pockets a cigarette dangling in his mouth. A bored look filled his eyes as he continually walked down the busy streets of Shinjuku.

Turning into a vacant lot, he saw something that instantly shook him out of his hate filled trance. And with his gaping mouth, Ban's cigarette fell to the ground. And that shocking something would be Fuyuki Shido, the Beastmaster, who was currently scrunched up against a wall. His head buried in between his knees.

Still maintaining his casual stroll, he approached the sulking Beastmaster, and spoke to Shido in a sneering voice. "My, my, what is this? Could it be none other than the Monkey Boy? What happened Monkey Boy? Did you master disown you?"

When a man is filled with hate and frustration, one would usually vent it upon another. And in this case, Ban just seemed to have a knack for venting his anger in a form of insulting verbal assaults that usually piss people off.

Head still down Shido answered, his acute animalistic ears instantly picking up the voice of the one he had held with most contempt. "Go away Snake Bastard. I'm not in the mood for your crap." Shido said forcefully.

Ban smiled. He knew an easy victory when he saw one. "What's this Monkey Boy? Not in the mood to play? What, did you master ditch you for a fancier monkey?" Bending down until his mouth was right next to Shido's ear he said. "Did she like the interests of a RICHER, more WELL GROOMED monkey? Eh, Monkey Boy? Did you lose your cage to a more expensive monkey, one that you don't FIND OFF THE STREET." Ban clearly adding emphasis to his last words.

In an instant Shido exploded, with Ban jumping back, already anticipating the Beastmaster's explosive rage. "That's it you SNAKE BASTARD! Toady is the day I'll SKIN YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!" screamed Shido. Shido stood disheveled. His clothes torn and scuffed.

"Hundred Beast Imitations! Tiger Paw Imitation! Pouncing at Ban, Shido's pupils changed into slits as claws sprang out of his nails.

Ban, with his grinning sneer still on his face, leaped forward at Shido as he screamed out "SNAKE BITE!" His right hand reaching forward. As they both collided, an explosion rang out, and the earth shook.
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