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Misery Loves Company: Rejected Bachelors

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With the reunion of the four rejected bachelors, one can only guess the effects of such a meeting.

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Chapter 7: Misery Loves Company: Rejected Bachelors

Disclaimer: I do not own GetBackers, and if I did I would probably screw it up. The people who do own it are Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki.

Ban's hand drove into the concrete, crushing it and causing a large gaping hole to emerge. Taking Ban's miss as an opportunity, Shido's stabbed his claws down, hoping to tear off Ban's head, but Ban's superior speed saved him, as Ban jumped back and the claws, instead, drove into the ground.

Quickly yanking his hands out, Shido leaped at the still Ban. "Wolf Imitation!" Shido roared as his claws shrank back and his teeth grew into fangs. Soaring through the air his red eyes burning, Shido aimed in on Ban's throat. Still smiling, Ban's right hand came up, and drove Shido's head into the ground. Crushing the cement and causing rubble to fly into the air.

With Shido's head still in the ground, Ban could not interpret what Shido's next words were. "Tiger Paw Imitation!" Shido's claws popping out once more, his free left hand drove downwards, causing the alert Ban to jump back, and Shido's claws to gash across Ban's face, drawing first blood.

"Why you!" spat out Ban, as he sprinted forward and disappeared, only to appear behind Shido, owing this to his superior speed. Shido's animal instincts alerted him as he jumped up. " Monkey Imitation!" Eyes bloodshot red and ears crooked back, Shido pounced down on Ban, with his fangs and claws open.

Ban, ever the fearless one, merely glanced up and once more, planned to counter with his ever fearsome Snake Bite. But before either could make contact, strings wrapped around both of them and they were both forcefully slammed into a nearby wall. Upon further notice, they found out that the strings were still tied, subduing both of the fighters.

And emerging from the shadows of the day was none other then the wielder of the Koto strings, Fuuchouin Kazuki. Of course what was out of place was Tare Ginji perched on Kazuki's shoulders. Seeming to have calmed down a bit at the sight of his two other friends Ginji jumped to the ground and still in his tare form approached the two subdued fighters.

"Ban-chan! Shido! Why are you two fighting so much?" inquired the tiny ex-Raitei.

"Oh it's nothing, except for the fact that Monkey Boy over here got dum-."

"Shut the hell up Snake Bastard! More importantly why are you two here?" interrupted Shido, who seemed to have cooled down a bit.

Entering the conversation Kazuki replied. "Ginji-san and I met walking down the streets. But most importantly, why are you two fighting? And what were you saying about Shido, Ban?"

"Oh as I was saying, Monkey Boy over here-," Ban said, repeating his previous sentence.

"-SHUT UP!" roared Shido.

"-got-," continued Ban.

"-I SAID SHUT UP SNAKE BASTARD!!" Screamed Shido to no avail.

"-dumped." Sneered Ban as he finally finished his sentence.

"THAT DOES IT YOU SNAKE BASTARD! I"L KILL YOU!!!" Shido tried his best to snap out of the strings, but Kazuki tightened them even more.


" I'm sorry Shido. But I can't do that until you've calm down. You'll cause too many unnecessary casualties." Kazuki replied calmly.

Still sneering at his victory, Ban turned to Kazuki and said, "Say Thread Spool, you don't think you can let me out of here do you?"

"Not until I can figure out what you have to do with this." Kazuki replied.

"Simple I was merely taking a stroll and I saw poor Shido sulking, so I go and try to comfort him and to my surprise he lashes out at me." Ban answered, trying to claim innocence. As innocent as a 19 year old man with a breath that smells remotely off an ashtray could get.

"BULLSHIT!" screamed Shido. "You came and said a bunch of shit to piss me off you Snake Bastard."

"Yeah right! Who do you believe, Kazuki?"

"Chances are, I would say Shido."


While the bickering continued, the ever so small and silent Ginji, stood there thinking. And finally coming to a conclusion, he pounded his right hand down on his left.

"It's okay Shido. Ban is probably said those things because he got-,"

"GINJI!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, SO SHUT UP!" interrupted Ban, sensing danger when he knew it.

"No continue Ginji." Said Shido and Kazuki. Both of their interests perked.

"Anyway Ban got rejected by Himiko." Was what Ginij said.

"Oh really." Sneered Shido as he looked at Ban questionally.

Knowing a dead end when he saw one, Ban countered. "Oh well at least I didn't get dumped over a useless weak snob like yourself. I mean come on! You've been living with her for at least 5 years! You could've have took a chance anytime, anywhere. Talk about pathetic."

"Says the one who knew the girl he loved since she was a child." Was all Shido could reply."

"Shut up!" Ban shouted.

Then turning on Ginji, he said, "You shouldn't be one to talk either Ginji, I take it you failed with Natsumi?"

"Natsumi?" Kazuki looked at the now sulking Ginji. "Oh, so that's why you were so sad. And that thing with Emishi was probably..."

Stopping abruptly, Kazuki finally loosen the strings. Then looking at those present he said, "Okay, we're going to settle this in a calm way, like adults."

And thus began the "calm" discussion.
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