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Misery Loves Company: The 15 Minute Discussion

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Kazuki, always the levelheaded one, tries to have a discussion to help solve the problem in an adult like manner.....yeah, like that would ever work.

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Chapter 8: Misery Loves Company: The 15 Minute Discussion.

Disclaimer: I do not own GetBackers, and if I did I would probably screw it up. The people who do own it are Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki.

A/N: If this chapter is a bit OOC, I'm sorry. Also, forgive me if this chapter has bland/horrible humor. This is evidently the only time I've tried to put this much humor in. And maybe my sense of humor is off.

Amid the ruins of the vacant parking lot, a group of 4 men sat, in a circle. Ready to solve their problems in a "calm" manner. Kazuki, the one who had suggested such a discussion, decided to start first.

"Ok, from what I have deciphered, it can be easily seen that this whole situation revolves around a series of heartbreaks."

"Wait, before that, tell me this Itomaki, what happened to you?" Ban cut in, interested to know what had happened to Kazuki.

"Nothing happened that is worth mentioning in this time and place, anyways-."

"You were rejected weren't you?" Ban sneeringly inquired. "Probably by that pharmacist girl, right? I mean it figures. You, a guy who is often mistaken for a girl, is attracted to a girl, who is often mistaken for a guy, I mean, heck , look, it fits. But you know I've always figured you were ga-."

Using a series of weaving and flowing with his bells, he sewed Ban's mouth shut. After that Kazuki continued, ignoring the muffled screams of Ban. "Now where was I, oh yes, anyway, as I was saying, since the series of events so far, relate to us bachelors getting rejected, we shall merely discuss how to solve the situation."

"Solve how?" inquired Ginji. Ginji was a tad too scared of what Kazuki would do if he brought up his rejection.

"That is what we shall discuss." Kazuki replied, unable to think of an answer at the moment.

"I got an answer. I'll go hunt down that rich smirking bastard and get Madoka back, FORCEFULLY!" Shido said, adding great emphasis to his last words.

"You know Shido, Madoka, being a delicate girl, I don't really think she would appreciate hearing the sounds of you ripping apart the person she chose for her-," Before Kazuki could finish, he was cut off.

"DON'T say it. They are at a "friendly gathering". Not a date." Shido cut in.

"Fine, fine." Kazuki said. Trying to be wary of Shido's anger.

Meanwhile, Ban was struggling to get rid of the strings binding his mouth and glared at Kazuki. Making a series of gestures that said if Kazuki didn't remove the strings, Ban would have to resort to drastic measures.

"Only if you behave." Kazuki said, not really paying attention to Ban.

After a series of nods to show Kazuki that he understood, Kazuki loosened them.

Taking a big gulp of air, Ban sat back down in the circle and glared daggers at Kazuki, who continued to remain oblivious to his plight.

"So anyways, Shido, you're saying that Madoka went with a rich guy, but do you know his name?" Kazuki questioned.

"Sure do. He was my old client. Akutsu Shunsuke." Shido spat out the last part of his sentence as if Shunsuke's name was mere venom.

"Who?" Ginji asked.

At this Ban smacked Ginji over the head. "You know Ginji. He was the rich bastard that stole Madoka's Stradivarius."

"Oh." Ginji said, finally getting it. Then Ginji did a double take. "Why is Madoka going with him? Didn't he try to kill her?" Ginji's mind was confused once more.

"She said that he was really "sorry" about the whole ordeal, and he wanted to take her out as an apology. Or something along those lines." Shido replied nonchalantly.

"But how do you know that they aren't just at a "friendly meeting"? I mean for all you know, there may be nothing going on between them." Kazuki said, trying to approach the topic from a rational point of view.

"Do most "friendly gatherings" begin with the guy kissing the girl?" Shido questioned. Destroying what ever conceptions the group had.

After a moment of silence, Ban broke out laughing. And then trying with much difficulty, he was able to talk in short spurts. "So...what you are that she not only dumped..... you for another monkey.... But kissed him in front of you at the same time!" Ban uncontrollably started laughing.

"Shut up Snake Bastard! He kissed her! Not the other way around!" Shido shouted once more. Quickly slipping back into his anger.

At this all Kazuki could do is sigh. It seems that when Ban is around, no one, (with the exception of Ginji) could stand him. So in an attempt to stop unneeded bloodshed he spoke up once more.

"So Ban, since you seemed to have volunteered next, tell us about what happened with Himiko-san."

This entire inquiry caught Ban off guard, and he quickly shifted from Shido to Kazuki and defensively answered, in a I-don't-really-give-a-damn voice. "Nothing really. I simply went to talk to Himiko and I saw her with that truck driver and left. End of story."

"Truck driver? You don't mean Maguruma Gonzou do you?" Kazuki asked.

"Who?" Ginij piped in curiously.

And once more Ban proceeded to smack Ginji. "You know, Mr. No-Brake."

"Ohhh." Ginji said. The nickname hitting a mark in his tiny brain.

And now it was Shido's turn to start laughing. At that Ban turned around, and glared at him as Shido started to goad Ban. "You lost the person you loved to a truck driver!" With each second of laughter from Shido made Ban more pissed and pissed. But before he sprung at Shido in rage, Kazuki stopped him.

"You know Ban, you should be grateful, in a way." Kazuki cut in, that very statement, causing Ban to lose his rage as Kazuki's statement finally hit him.

"WHAT!!!" BAN roared. "Why the HELL would I be GRATEFULL!!"

"Considering the fact that Himiko is in a group of Transporters that includes herself and two men, I believe you should be grateful that she chose the truck driver out of the two. Other then, you know....Akabane." Kazuki answered logically.

"You know... you sort off got a point there. But that I really want to know is why the hell she liked that truck driver in the first place!"

"Maybe she likes big things?" Ginji piped in.

Shido started laughing once more and Ban got pissed once more. And all the while, Kazuki was confused. Although the very statement itself was horribly suggestive, Ginji was hardly the one to think of such things. So he asked Ginji to clarify. "Ginji-san, what do you mean when you say that?"

"Well, Mr. No-Brake is taller and bigger then Ban-chan. He also drives a semi while Ban-chan drives a Subaru 360. So I figured that maybe Himiko-chan liked big things." Ginji replied innocently.

Shido then cut in. "So what you are saying is that basically Snake Bastard here has a small p-,"

Ban's hands clamped over Shido's. "Sarumashi, if you say another word, I won't even leave you a tongue to clean yourself with." Ban hissed venomously. After that he let his hand go.

"Tell me Ban," Kazuki cut in once more, continuing with his interrogation, "How do you propose to fix your situation?"

"Simple, by force." Ban said, straightforward as always.

"Isn't that a bit....tactless?" Kazuki asked quizzically. "And plus, since when did you actually agree to anything Shido said?"

Ban spluttered. "WHAT!"

"You know, that was my idea you know." Shido pointed out smugly.

"Well, screw you, it's mine now."

"What kind of mature thinking is that?" was all Kazuki could say after that remark. "Anyway, we're moving on, Ginji?"

Always the rude one, Ban cut in. "Oi! How about we start with you next, Thread Spool. You know you can't slither out of this one."

After a long sigh, Kazuki coolly proceeded with his story. "My story is simple. I was walking to Mugenjou to confess to Ren. When I got there I saw she was already with Toshiki, and after that I left. As for what I propose to do about this, I will do nothing. That is to say, there is nothing to do."


"By what I say. Since Toshiki got to her first, I by no means will break up that relationship." Kazuki replied calmly.

"And that doesn't bother you!" Ban screamed once more. Trying to get through to Kazuki.

"Not in the least." This was Kazuki's solid answer.

"Well now I see. Itomaki here is too much of a pussy to do anything." Ban said with a smirk.

"Say what you will. It doesn't bother me."

"But still Kazuki, it does make sense. When you left her, Toshiki was there for her when she needed someone, you know." Shido told him.

"Well, now onto Ginji." Kazuki said, feeling the need to leave the subject.

"Oi, stop right there Thread Spool. We ain't done with our conversation."

"And how do you plan to end it?"

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Snake Bastard shut up. We're moving on."

"Monkey Boy, I appreciate it if you let me and Thread Spool finish here."

"Ban, what do you seriously want to talk about?"

"Listen Thread Spool I think there is more going on with your story then I think. And since we're in a discussion, you'll tell us."

"There's nothing to tell Ban. So instead of yelling at me, think of a way to fix your pathetic excuse for a life!"

"Pathetic excuse for a life!?! I'm a grown man trying to make a life. At least I don't sulk around Mugenjou looking for money."

"And how do you know what my life is like?"

"You know Kazuki, I do wonder, how do you make a living?"

"This isn't the time Shido."

"Yeah Monkey BOY. Let us "MEN" finish our talk."

"Snake Bastard, you are really wanting to die aren't you?"

"Shido, Ban, calm down. We're discussing here."

"Thread Spool, your whole "discussion" idea was crap. Real men settle their arguments with fists."

"For once Ban, I agree. I should have finished you off long ago."

"You guys will solve nothing by fighting."

"Shut up Thread Spool, maybe that feminine look of yours really has affected your brain. I've always said that school of yours really did teach men to become cross-dressers."

"Ban, insult me all you will, but not my school."

"And what are you going to do, Itomaki, you don't think you could fight me, now do you?"

"Anyday, anytime."

"Whoa Kazuki, Snake Bastard is mine."

"Shido, your anger is unnecessary, go and think of some way to fix your current situation and I will deal with Ban."

"WHAT! Kazuki, I can deal with my own problems."

And it was at that time and moment that Ginji decided to butt in and do his best to remedy the situation.. "You know we really should work together." Unfortunately, this turned the three men, whose anger was over spilling, against him.

"Ginji-san, for a person who lost Natsumi to EMISHI, of all people, you have no right to talk!

"Ginji, Emishi is a lecherous, no good fool! If he could get a girl, then even a person with no talent could too! What were you doing!

"Ginji, you lost to EMSIHI! Did thoughts of food cloud your mind! What did I teach you!

This was too much for the ever timid Ginji.

And with that, the sounds of the crackling of electricity, the tinkling of bells, a beast's feral roar, and the crackling of knuckles, it was evident that a fight was brewing.

It hadn't even been half an hour since they had all met and already, they were at each others throats. So much for their "calm" discussion.

A/N: Also, as a note for those readers out there who had hope for the vacant parking lot to remain in one piece, I'm afraid that I'll have to shatter those hopes.
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