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Misery Loves Company: Scuffle in the Vacant Lot

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Well, so much for that idea. Lets just hope the vacant lot is still in one piece after this.

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Chapter 9: Misery Loves Company: Scuffle in the Vacant Lot

Disclaimer: I do not own GetBackers, and if I did I would probably screw it up. The people who do own it are Rando Ayamine and Yuya Aoki.

A/N: Forgive me if you hate this chapter, battles seem ti go by really fast when I write them. I'm trying to change that habit.

Barely a whisper escaped the lips of the respective fighters as they all faced each other, battle stances engaged, facing each other. And suddenly without warning, it began.

Kazuki and Shido, both semi consciously leaped at Ban, with Kazuki's thread hoping to ensnare Ban, while Shido, with his Tiger's Paw Imitation already activated, hoped to impale Ban.

Ban, however, as if seeing this coming, leaped back gracefully, just to come face to face with an enraged Ginji. Ginji launched his electric fist right at Ban's startled looking face. But his quick right hand saved him. "Snake Bite!" His right hand clenched tightly onto the side of Ginji's face, and drove him headfirst into the cement.

As soon as this maneuver was finished, Shido's extended claws stabbed the air as Ban slipped backwards to prevent his nose from being sheared off. As Shido slipped across Ban and Ban fell forward, both of Ginij's arms snaked forward and gripped onto both of the Jagan Wielder's and the Beastmaster's ankles.

Currents of heavy voltage ran through both of the men's body as they screamed from the quick jolting pain. But this torture did not last long. Seeing his opportunity, Kazuki weaved his threads around the three and with a yank he separated them, only to tie them to the wall.

As the Koto strings dug deeper and deeper into their bodies, drawing blood, Shido exploded, into an array of rats. These blood thirsty rats, upon impact with the floor, turn their sights on Kazuki and proceeded to tear apart the man clasping the melodically sounding bells.

With a few more gracefully elegant flowing movements of the arms, the rats ran straight at him, only to be torn and lashed at by the threads of Kazuki's Thread Barrier. But this movement didn't leave Kazuki with much time to anticipate Shido's next move.

"Witness the beast mimicry skills of us Maryuudos! The wonders of Shadow Haze!" Shido's shrieking voice cut through the sky as Kazuki looked up, only to see Shido, in his Monkey Imitation, leap down at him, fangs and claws bared. Luckily Kazuki's Thread Barrier, still standing, lashed out at him.

Jumping back from the flailing strings, and not missing a beat, Shido changed again. "Hundred Beast Imitations, Land Dragon Imitation!" With a quick pounce Shido crashed into the concrete floor. And burst from the ground like a loaded spring, upper cutting Kazuki out off of his barrier, and sliding across the floor.

"Cat Imitation!" Eyes like slits and nails like claws, Shido leaped forward hoping to ensnare his prey. Meanwhile, while Ban struggled futilely to free himself, Ginji, with electric currents dancing over his body, burned them off, and leaped to join the raging battle.

While Shido and Kazuki dance in an array of weaves and slashes, Ginji quickly approached them. Turning around sharply, but too late, both of Ginji's charged fists plowed into their stomachs, electricity snaking through both of their bodies. Quickly breaking contact Ito no Kazuki and the Beastmaster fell to the floor, lifeless.

Turning around, Ginji saw that there was still one left to defeat. And that would be the Jagan Wielder, the ever arrogant Midou Ban, who as the late, was still tied and thrashing. Ginji's shoes snapped off from the cement as he charged forward, the air crackling from his blue sparks.

With a giant leap, Ginji swung both of his gloved fists and grabbed Ban around the throat, ripping him from the threads and pushed him against the wall. As Ban's starry blue eyes stared directly into Ginji's dull brown ones, his body started shaking. Ginij continues to pump electricity into Ban as he slowly squeezed the life from him. And then, with a final spasm, Ban, smoke rising from his slack jawed mouth, fell lifeless.

At this sight Ginji finally snapped back. Dropping to his knees he saw the result of his actions, Smoking bodies around him, his comrades behind him and his partner in front of him, Ginji started shaking, sadness coursed through his body, like blood did through his veins.

Ginji was in shock, silent small tears hit the floor, glistening diamonds in the afternoon sun, as a small erupting scream tore out from his throat, cutting across the bright blue day above him, as his mind went to the cold dark hell before him.
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