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Back at School

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"Not all guys...just you."

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School. It’s something I am excited for Amber to get back to but at the same time I’m terrified. Maybe that’s not really my place but I can’t help it. I just want things to be alright. Sometimes the kids at school, Devlin and her friends, aren’t always very kind.

The good thing is that Amber has eight out of ten classes with me. The two without me in them are occupied by Jonny, Liz or Mikey but theylso have Devlin and her group in them. I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens.

As our first period teacher finishes up with attendance I raise my hand, “Sir, you forgot Amber…she’s back in school.”

The bald man stops, turning around to look at Amber. She’s smiling at him, her red hair pulled back in a loose pony tail. She looks gorgeous. I swear to God I’ll never forget what she is wearing today; dark skinny jeans with a aqua silk halter top, a leather jacket covering her arms. Amber is beautiful.

Our teacher smiles back at her, “So I see. Welcome back. I’ll make sure I do my best to get you caught up.”

Due to the fact it’s English and Amber is a fast learned she figures out what we’re doing and, once given a book, sets to work on catching up to where the rest of the class is. I have a feeling the kids in this class don’t really mind she’s back. The teacher decided to postpone work on the book until she’s caught up which means no homework for us.

Second period, Calculus, proves to be a bit of a challenge. Although I’d managed to catch Amber up she still looks frustrated. The fact the new kid, Bob or whatever his name is, keeps trying to talk to her doesn’t help the situation either. Amber is still shy around new people, especially guys. She just doesn’t trust them. I can’t say I blame her.

Finally, I get fed up with this kids remarks and spin around in my chair, “Can’t you tell you’re making her uncomfortable. Now, shut the fuck up and let her do her work.”

Amber smiles at me, squeezing my hand under the desk. I might seem a bit protective in some people’s eyes but I don’t care. After everything Amber has been through she shouldn’t have to deal with shit other people decide to pull.

“I don’t have next period with you,” Amber says as I walk her towards the French classroom.

“I know,” I answer not liking this fact one bit. “Mikey will be in there with you, along with Liz.”

“Yeah, but Devlin is in this class,” Amber answers. “I’ve been out for so long, I don’t know anything.”

I laugh, putting my finger on her forehead, “Yes you do, you’re smart, and you’ve got a good brain between your ears.”

She smiles, “At least that’s where I keep it, unlike some people I know.

“Was that a dig on guys?” I ask knowing she’s just playing with me.

“Not on all guys,” Amber kisses my cheek quickly, “just you.”

She disappears into the classroom, laughing a little. It's nice to see that little bit of the old Amber shining through even though I know she's nervous. I watch as she takes a seat right beside Liz, in front of Devlin. Knowing there is nothing I can do I head to gym. Trying to keep my mind on the game of dodge ball instead of Amber proves to be difficult. I end up getting hit in the head a few dozen times.

Changing back into my normal clothes quickly I manage to meet Amber outside of her French class. She is quiet; Devlin must have said something to her. I swear that bitch needs to back to hell where she belongs. The biggest mistake of my life was dating her.

“What happened?” I ask as we take our seats in Chemistry.

“She said I made it all up so I could break you two up. She says Garry never actually did anything to me,” Amber answers a few tears rushing down her face.

I catch them with my thumb, gently stroking her cheek, “Devlin is just mad because she couldn’t keep making your life hell by dating me. Just try and ignore it.”

She nods, leaning her head on my arm as the teacher walks in, looking completely shocked to see Amber back in class. We spend most of the period reviewing certain things that were important. Most kids sleep through class.

During fifth period study hall Amber and I just goof off, throwing paper balls back and forth at each other. Normally the teacher would tell us to knock it off but today no one says anything. I’m pretty sure most people are just trying to get over the shock that Amber is actually back in school.

Amber stands with me outside of her sixth period class room; US History. She’s never liked history and the fact that this class has no one in it but Jonny scares me. Sure he’ll look out for her but he’s kind of oblivious to the kind of bullying Devlin dishes out. She’s pretty much on her own.

“See you in forty-five minutes,” she says with a weak smile.

“Keep strong, I’ll be waiting right here to escort you to lunch,” I answer as the bell sounds letting me know I’m late to my Spanish class. Oh well.

Amber nods before walking through the already open door. She looks kind of ill.

Deciding to not show up to Spanish I mill around the hallways, glancing at different notes put on people’s lockers. Winter formal is coming up. Even though it’s not really winter time we always have the formal before Thanksgiving break. I’ve got two weeks to muster up enough courage to ask Amber to go with me. Will she say yes? Neither of us have ever been very big on dances. I guess if I don’t ask I’ll never know.

The toil of the bell pulls me out of my thoughts. I hadn’t even realized I’d been leaning against the lockers in front of Amber’s class until she rushes past me, head down. Not sure what’s wrong I hurry after her, catching up to her just seconds before she enters the girl’s bathroom.

Holding her tightly I move us out of the hallway traffic. For a long while I don’t say anything just stroking her hair, letting her cry it out. This tends to do a lot of good. Amber normally will open up to me about things as long as I don’t push her.

“She’s such a bitch, I fucking hate her,” Amber grumbles as I wipe a few tears from her face. “You know I’m not lying.”

I sigh, wishing Devlin would stop being so evil to my best friend and the girl I love, “Of course Ambo, I know what happened. Devlin is just trying to make things more difficult than they have to be. How about I escort you to lunch?”

Amber sniffs before slipping her hand into mine, “I’d like that.”

Note: :) Sorry if it sucks. I haven't really decided if I like this chapter or completely hate it. I've been sick all day :P. Oh well. The muscle in my upper arm hurts like crazy but I can't figure out why. It makes it painful to type so if I don't update anymore tonight that's why. Anyway, let me know what you think. Oh, one more many of you are doing NaNoWriMo on here? If you're not you should.
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