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"What the fuck where you thinking Amber?"

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I hate school. It was a bad idea for me to go back. I should have just asked Aunt Donna if I could be home schooled. I should have known it was a bad decision. Devlin is constantly on my ass about making everything up and no one seems to care. The principal told me that if it’s too hard to be back I can always just drop out or transfer.

Monday of the second week of school is the worst.

I have third period with Mikey. He’s still on the stupid drinking thing but normally he doesn’t come to school drunk. Today is different. He is pretty much shit faced and looks like he’s going to be sick.

“Can someone please escort Mikey to the nurse’s office before he vomits?” the teacher asks in a heavy Jersey accent.

Grumbling I stand and sling Mikey’s arm over my shoulders before dragging him out of the classroom and down the hall. I’m beyond pissed at him. I cannot believe he is being this selfish.

“I can’t believe you Mikey. Why the hell would you do this? I get it, the assault has been hard on all of us but it’s no reason to get fucking drunk all the time. You’re acting like it happened to you,” I knock on the nurse’s door. “If this doesn’t stop I’m going to get Donna to take you to see a therapist. This just isn’t you.”

As the nurse takes Mikey from me I hear a familiar voice behind me, “Are you sure it isn’t you who needs the therapist to help you with your pathological lying?”

I spin around to glare at Devlin. I hate her. How can she stand there and judge me while she does far worse things that I’ll ever do? Sometimes I wish someone would teacher her a lesson. Then again I don’t see why I can’t.

Dragging Devlin towards the bathroom, I keep a firm grip on her upper arm not wanting her to get away. Shoving her inside I stop her roughly in front of the mirror, forcing her to look at herself.

“Look at yourself. You judge that person before you judge anyone else do you understand me bitch?” I snarl wanting to do nothing more than punch the smile off her face.

“Look, I know you’re upset because I figured out you’re lying but you need to calm down. Going through all this trouble to get Frank to like you is a little pathetic don’t you think?” Devlin says before turning away from me and heading out towards the hallway.

I try and calm myself down; doing the breathing exercises the therapist taught me. In the end the anger and hatred towards that plastic Barbie doll is just too great. I charge after her, jumping on Devlin’s back and warping my hands around her neck. Screaming at the top of my lungs I manage to draw half the school out of their classrooms.

I’m pulled off Devlin by strong, muscled arms. She is kept away from me by Jonny and Liz. For a while I struggle before I am turned around coming face to face with Frank. He looks confused and upset with me.

“What the hell is this Amber?” he demands, hands on my shoulders.

“She kept calling me a liar and telling me that going through all this work to get you to like me is pathetic. I just got mad.”

“So you choked her,” Frank asks shaking me, “What the fuck where you thinking, Amber?”

Even though I know Frank would never hurt me his actions scare me. I’ve never seen him this angry with me before. Unable to hold them back, tears start pouring down my face.

“Shit,” Frank mumbles before hugging me tightly to his chest. “I’m sorry Ambo. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“S’okay,” I answer, my head still buried in Frank’s shirt.

“Amber, my office, now,” the principal says from behind me.

“Shit.” I whisper even though I knew this would happen. You can’t attack another student and expect to get away with it. I suppose I’ll just have to deal with the consequences.

“Until Thanksgiving?!” I demand after things have been talked out. “You’ve got to be kidding me I can’t go back there for another week.”

Aunt Donna takes hold of my hand, forcing me back into the uncomfortable wooden chair, “You’ve pulled through once before, you can do it again sweetie. At least it’s only a week.”

“Its bullshit,” I answer as we leave.

Frank is waiting for me out in the hallway and looks confused, “What’s bullshit?”

“The principal called my therapist; they decided I should go back. I’ll be kept until Thanksgiving, Frank. I can’t have visitors. It’s bullshit, all of it.”

He just sighs, taking my hand from Aunt Donna, “We knew there would be consequences. I know I got kind of upset with you before and I’m sorry for that. I just got scared. I’m proud of you Ambo. You gave her what she deserved.”

I smile at him, “I’m going to miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too but I’ll be waiting for you to get out. I’ll spend the night when you do,” he says before I get in the car and drive away.

When I get home I pack the things I will need in a bag, setting my turtle on the top. I will be admitted tonight and not let out until Thanksgiving. This sucks. I really just hope my roommate doesn’t have a problem with vomiting this time around.

Well, my roommate doesn’t vomit; instead she constantly talks about killing herself. I try to not spend too much time in my room. The therapist issues me another sketch book and I’m required to draw a picture everyday.

That’s pretty much all I do. I sit in the activity room sketching or in the dining hall eating or on occasion I’ll sneak out of my room and run around the halls in my night shirt yelling anarchy. Frank would have laughed at that if I got to call him.

My therapist lets me make more paper snowflakes but I still have to use those stupid safety scissors. I don’t understand why.

Although this time at the hospital isn’t as bad as the first I still hate it and miss Frank and the rest of my family terribly.

I blame all this on Devlin.

Note: Very excited for you guys to read the next chapter. If you ask me I will tell you out right that this chapter is shit so feel free to bash on it if you'd like. It is necessary for this chapter to exist for the next chapter to happen but anyway...that doesn't mean I can't hate it. :)
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