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If you ever need anything please don't hesistate to ask someone else first

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"She's like a tight pair of undies! You pick her outta your ass but she climbs right back up!" Kurt on Nirvana

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We arrived at the Waffle House about ten minutes later and went inside. "Where do you wanna sit?" Dave asked. "Any spot is fine." I said following him to a booth in a corner. A waitress came over, "Welcome to the- Aren't you two from Nirvana?" She asked. "No but we get that alot." I said looking at Dave. "Are you sure cause I was just at a Nirvana Concert last night." She said raising an eyebrow. "Yup we're sure." I said giving her a slightly bothered smile. She looked at Dave then at me and we continued smiling at her. "What can I getcha?" She asked. "I'll take the sunday special with an apple juice." I said smiling up at her. She choked in a breath and scrawled down my order on her pad, "And for you?" She said turning Dave. "I'll take the same." He said fiddling with the salt shaker. She scrawled his order down and walked walked away. "Dude, you deserve an Oscar!" Dave whispered. I chuckled, "You too man!". The door swung open and Dave looked past me his eyes widened, I flinched waiting for him to say it.
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