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Get Away!

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She's baaacckk!

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"Oh shit! Dude! She's here! Don't turn around!" He whispered. He picked up a menu and I followedc suit. Dave peered over his menu, "She's sitting at the counter." He said. "I swear to god she's like a fucking pair of tight underwear!" I whispered. "No matter how many times I pick her outta my ass she climbs back up!" Dave laughed and peeked at her. I put my head on the table and sighed, "What's she doing?" I asked. Dave peeked over his menu, "She's ordering." He whispered. "She just looked over here!" He whispered, "Should we bail?" "No! I'm hungry." I said slightly insulted, "No woman is gonna stop me from eating. Nirvana can't and neither can that pain in the ass shelli." Dave gasped, "You know that if Krist heard you talking about her he'd be upset." I scoffed, "Oh please, he knows I hate her guts. Besides it's just simple, she insults me, I take it a step further by saying something fucked up about her mom, she tells Krist and I get in trouble. If she was a dude I would've kicked her ass already."
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