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The Ghost Of You

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Hazel and Frank hang with Gerard and wander to band class.

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Gerard’s POV
How the hell did I just do that?
What did I grow a new pair of magic balls?
Well she’s coming over later hopefully this confidence stays with me.
They both look like shit. Poor Hazel, her first fucking day and already a Motherfucking black eye. I got to find out what happened.
"So uh guys, if you don’t mind me asking what happened to you?"
"Josh fucking Bristol. That’s what."
"Say no more Frankie. Hazel what did he do to you?"
Hazel’s POV
I was scared he was going to ask that.
"He uh grabbed me, started touching me and I smacked him so punched me in the face and knocked me down and threatened me."
I wanted to run. I wanted to run far away back to little old Connecticut so James could protect me in my room with Wizard of Oz on the tv with coffee and cookies.
"Come here Hazel."
I snapped back into reality, I realized I was shaking, I wasn’t sure who called my name.
"I said come here."
It was Frank.
I walked over to his open arms. I sat down with him and cried into his shoulder.
Frank’s POV
God she was shaking like she was trapped in an ice storm in the middle of Antarctica. One little incident like that I know for a fact didn’t cause this. She definitely has a past and I want to learn it.
I looked over at Gerard who looked as worried as me.
"Hazel, calm down. It’s okay we’re here. It’s only me and Gerard."
After a few minutes she calmed down. She didn’t say much. She only took out her phone texted someone really fast and continued to look at the grass.
"Gee, why aren’t you in band? Join it."
"I told you meese shit, that I’m not good at any sort of instrument. I’ve tried."
"Speaking of band Frankie, we should head down."
She spoke. Her voice is soft and broken. But she spoke.
"Before we go what instrument do you play?"
"You’ll have to find out."
"I want to know though!"
"Gerard, I’m sure you’ll find out later."
"C’mon Frankie, bye Gee!"
"Bye Hazel."
We headed down to the band room.
"Hey Frankie? What do you play?"
"Well Hazel, you’ll just have to find out, we are going to the same class after all."
"Oh, you jerk."
Hazel’s POV
The band room was huge. Tons of instruments. I saw mine all set up in the back. When my Grandmother called the school they said I could bring my own instrument or used the school’s. So I brought mine in.
I talked to the band teacher.
"Thanks, Mr. Right."
I walked over to Frank.
"So Hazel, ready to see my baby?"
He pulled out a beautiful white Epiphone guitar. It had the lettering across the bottom spelling out ‘Pansy’.
"Wow, beautiful guitar Frank. Like it’s amazing."
"Thanks, she’s really a beauty."
"So what do you play?"
"Well I play the piano, but I got really good at it and became skilled enough to play the synthesizer. Come here, I’ll show ya."
"Woah fucking awesome dude! Play shit!"
I messed around with it to make it sound like some sort of dub stepped techno shit. Not going to lie it sounded pretty cool.
"Woah, wait how do you even do that. I mean just the whole top board looks confusing."
"I learned a long time ago. Maybe I’ll teach you sometime."
"Now it’s your turn pretty guitar. Play me something."
He plugged ‘Pansy’ into the amp and started strumming. I swear it was really beautiful what ever he was playing. The concentration in his face and the way he was strumming was just captivating.
"Wow, Frank that was beautiful. What was that?"
"It’s a song Gerard, Mikey, Ray and I wrote."
"What’s it called?"
"It’s called The Ghost Of You."
"It’s awesome."
I need to hear them play together later.
I want to hear them and I don’t care what it takes to make that happen.
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