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The Escape

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Kurt and Dave try to leave without a a scene

Category: Erotica - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Published: 2011-10-26 - Updated: 2011-10-26 - 195 words - Complete

"So how much?" I asked digging into my pocket for my wallet. "Oh don't worry about it. It's not every day two young boys come in here and don't cause an ounce of trouble and are so polite, this one's on the house." She said with a dreamy smile. "Are you sure?" I asked in disbelief. "Yeah." She said. "Wow. Thanks alot." I said getting up. "Thanks Emily." Dave purred. We both dug into our pockets and gave her five bucks. "Thanks!" She exclaimed. "You boys have a nice day!" We cautiously moved to the door and made our way out. "She didn't see us!" Dave squeeked as we started the walk back to the motel. "I think she's following you." Dave said like a mischevious four year old. I shrugged it off. "Maybe she likes you but she doesn't know how to just be regular around you." He said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and acting like this was a secret. "I think you should talk to her. Make up for old time sake, ya know?" He continued on. "Dave! She Used to beat me up!" I yelled sheepishly. "Why?" Dave asked softly
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