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"Because..." I said wishing I never brought up the countless times she'd kick my ass in the boys bathroom. "Because?" Dave pressed. "Because she knew how I felt about hitting girls. So she'd play on the fact that she knew I wouldn't lay a finger on her much less kick her ass." I said jamming my hands into my jacket pocket. "Oh wow. That's like, busted up beyond repair!" Dave said shaking his head. "Yeah I know."I said raising my shirt to show him my battle scars. He cringed, "She beat the shit outta you bro!" I pulled my shirt back down and sighed. "She'd get me every time I was in the bathroom." I said with slight embarrasment. Dave patted my shoulder, "It's okay. You were being a gentleman." He said. I shrugged and let out a sigh, "I just want her to feel half the shame and unhappiness that she made me feel. You'd think telling other kids that you didn't wanna hit a girl would get you some sympathy but it doesn't they just call you pussy and tell you to be a man." "But you were being a man." Dave soothed.
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