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Beware the God of War

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Short chapter, in which we see some of the gods with their new looks

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Notes: Really short chapter. I was going to wait until I got more to update, but you've all been so nice to me I had better not make you wait. I'll try to give you more A.S.A.P, but don't hold your breath or anything.

Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans. I should also put in that the game Dungeons & Dragons inspires a lot of my work, but I don't own that either. I do have a nice laptop though...

That Hero Business

Chapter 2 - Beware the God of War, for His joy is not kindness to mortals.

"As I have told Jay, we're not exactly sure what happened."
Seven heroes gathered across from six mentors, the exception being Persephone, all of them changed in some way. Atlanta was having some difficulty taking her eyes off the two pronged antlers protruding from Artemis' forehead.
"However," Hera continued, "our new appearances, or rather our old appearances, are the least of our concerns."
"I disagree, appearance is everything," Neil added. He glanced at his mentor, who had changed from a radiant beauty to a younger, more delicate beauty.
"What do you mean by your old appearances? You've always looked like you did yesterday." Jay asked, ignoring Neil's comment. Hermes, who could now only be described as a handsome youth, replied,
"These are our original forms. The appearances you are accustomed to are ones that we assumed after..." He paused and looked to the queen of the gods.
"After the decline," Hera continued with a sigh.
"The decline in what?" Atlanta asked.
"You do not need to know, mortal." Ares' gruff and angry voice startled her. Archie took an unconscious step between Atlanta and his mentor. Ares appeared more powerful and frightening with the change, his longer hair and jet-black beard giving him an uncontrollable look. Hera frowned at him,
"What happened to our appearances is the least of our concerns," she repeated, "however; there are other changes that should be worried about." Ares paused in his pacing to growl at the other gods,
"We are now powerful enough to destroy Cronus in force, and you still have us hiding in this wretched school!"
"Ares, control yourself. There is a prophecy..."
"I will not be controlled, mother," his tone was mocking as he turned to regard the seven heroes, "mortals. They should be destroyed for witnessing us in our weakness, and then we can rise against Cronus and re-claim the world." He took a menacing step towards the startled teenagers, and Hercules strode forward to stand in his path. With his muscular form and wild black beard, he now looked the part of the god of strength. Artemis also stood; her dark skin and still wild blond hair making her look dangerous. Aphrodite turned to the mortals in the room and ushered them out, closing the door behind them.
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