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Chapter 7 - Mandy

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"Does he kiss as bad as he dresses?"

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The next day at school I still wasn’t talking to Jason. And he still wasn’t talking to me either which kind of backfired. Lexi and Lexa were talking to me of course. They wanted to know all the details about mine and Gerard’s date.
We were all quiet at first. Gerard was trying to talk to Jason but Jason was also ignoring Gerard. Lexi was whispering something to Lexa. And as for me, I was just sitting silently, daydreaming about last night.
Suddenly Gerard remembered that he had a singing lesson he needed to go to. He got up and left us alone. That’s when Lexi and Lexa started “So where did he take you?” Lexi asked.
Lexa asked “Did you enjoy it?”
“Was it fun?”
“Did he kiss you?”
“Did you have sex with him?”
“Lexi!” I cried but I was smirking “No, I didn’t have sex with him actually. He took me to an Avenged Sevenfold concert…”
With that, Jason stood up and left. I glanced after him but Lexa said “Just ignore him. Go on, carry on telling us about your date!”
So I did ignore Jason “And he was really sweet to me. And then when he dropped me off, yes we did kiss.”
“Oh my god!” Lexi and Lexa cried at the same time.
I smiled and Lexa continued “So you had your first kiss?” I nodded “What was it like?”
“You’ve kissed someone before, you should know!” I giggled.
Lexa rolled her eyes “Yeah but this is your first kiss, not mine!”
“It was amazing.” I told them “There’s no other way of describing it.”
“Aww that’s really sweet!” Someone suddenly said from behind me “Does he kiss as bad as he dresses?”
I turned around to find Mandy standing behind me. I raised my eye-brows “I don’t re-call you talking shit about him when you were asking him to hang round with you guys.”
Mandy laughed “I asked him to hang round with us because I felt sorry for the poor guy.”
“I didn’t realise you possessed emotions.” Lexa piped up “And why feel sorry for him?”
“Because he has to hang round with you losers,” Mandy smirked “I feel sorry for Jason too. Though he doesn’t seem to want to be friends with you guys anymore, does he?”
“What makes you think that?” Lexi asked “Been spying on us or something?”
“Oh please!” Mandy snorted “You don’t have to spy on you guys to figure out the obvious!” Mandy started walking away but said over her shoulder “You’re going to realise that messing with me is a huge mistake.”
“God, she’s a demon.” Lexi said, rolling her eyes “She does realise her bum looks like the size of Jupiter in that skirt, right?”
“Why were you looking at her butt?” Lexa asked, laughing “Have you got a lesbian crush on her?”
“Oh, yeah, totally.” Lexi replied “I’m totally into the orange oompa loompa look.”
We all burst out laughing making more of the popular kids look over at us. “How come,” I asked “If they burst out laughing it’s not annoying… But if we do it, then we get evil glares?”
“Because they think they run the school.” Lexa replied “Which in a way they kinda do…”

In Maths I had no choice but to sit by Jason. We have to sit by each other every maths lesson. Miss.Baker isn’t the kind of teacher who lets you change seats. “Hey Jason.” I greeted, sitting next to him “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” He replied gruffly.
I sighed “Why are you in such a bad mood with me?”
“Well for a start…” Jason paused “No, it doesn’t matter.”
“Yes it does!” I cried “Tell me why you’re so angry!”
“Because…” Jason sighed “If you don’t remember, you and me were meant to be seeing Avenged Sevenfold last night. And you didn’t even tell me you couldn’t make it, you just rubbed it in my face that you were going on a date with Gerard!”
I gasped “Oh my god… I’m so sorry… I completely forgot…”
“I kinda figured.”
“I’ll make it up to you.” I said awkwardly “Did you go to the concert?”
“Yes, I did.” Jason snapped “I went with Mandy.”
Then he ignored me for the rest of the lesson. And I ignored him too. Why would he go to the Avenged Sevenfold concert with Mandy? Mandy doesn’t like metal. Mandy doesn’t like Jason. Jason doesn’t like Mandy… Does he?

[A/N] - Shorter chapter than usual but it just made more sense to cut it there:)
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