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Chapter 8 - Losers

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"Does Jason like me?"

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“Why would he even go to the concert with Mandy?” I asked, getting really heated up “He doesn’t even like her! You know what I mean?”
“Yes Stacy.” Lexi sighed “Now can we please stop talking about? And can I ask something else? Why are we waiting for Jason to get out of detention? I mean, if you don’t even like him?”
“I do like him!” I cried “He’s just acting like a jerk!”
“Well,” Lexa frowned “I don’t wanna make you angrier… But you’re the one that didn’t go to the concert with him when you promised too.”
“I would’ve gone to the stupid concert if he’d said something about it.” I told her with gritted teeth “But did he say anything? No, he just kept his mouth shut. He clearly didn’t wanna go with me that bad. Gerard would’ve said something.”
“Yeah your precious boyfriend would’ve said something.” Lexa laughed “Why don’t you go see him? You haven’t spoken to him alone since your date on Tuesday. And he’s in the art room.”
“Well you would know.” I smiled, getting up and wiping the grass off my trousers “You practically stalk the poor boy.”
“We do not!” Lexi cried as I walked away “Don’t tell him that we stalk him!”
“He probably already heard that!” I yelled as we walked off.
I walked into the art room to find Gerard sitting at a desk trying to draw. Mandy and one of her friends were sitting behind him, laughing their heads off. I walked over to him and Mandy wolf-whistled “You don’t need to hang round here.” I said quietly “Wanna come outside and hang out with me, Lexi and Lexa?”
“Are you guys waiting for Jason?” Gerard asked. I nodded “Does he like me?”
I shrugged “Come outside and we’ll talk about it. I don’t wanna talk with these losers listening to our every word.”
“Oh we’re the losers?” Mandy asked “That’s rich coming from you Stacy! And anyway, we weren’t listening to your dumb conversation!”
“Then how do you know I called you a loser, dumbass?” I asked, taking Gerard’s hand “Come on Gee.”
“’Come on Gee.’” Mandy mocked “God, what losers!”
Gerard and I walked out of the art room. “I’m so glad you showed up.” Gerard said with a smile “They were really starting to annoy me. By the way, I think it’s cute that you called me Gee.”
I laughed “Oh no problem.”
“So… Does Jason like me?”
I stopped walking “He’s mad at me because I’m dating you. You know on Tuesday when you took me to the Avenged Sevenfold concert?” Gerard nodded “Well I completely forgot but Jason had already agreed to take me to the same concert. And I stood him up for you…”
“Oh, it’s no wonder he hates me…” Gerard replied, biting his lip “I’m really sorry…”
“It’s not your fault.” I told him with a sigh “I should’ve remembered and he’s really pissed off at me about it.”
“Want me to talk to him about it?”
“No!” I cried then calmed down a little “I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s the best idea at the moment.”
“Because he hates me?”
“He does not hate you!” I laughed “Look, let’s go see Lexi and Lexa.”
“Oh, okay.” Gerard smiled “Lexi and Lexa kinda freak me out a bit.”
“Trust me, they freak me out a bit too.” We walked over to the field “Hi guys.”
“Hi Gerard!” Lexi and Lexa said at the same time.
Gerard smiled at them both “Hi girls.”
“What are you doing on Saturday?” Lexi asked with a small smile.
I glared at her. She knew exactly what was going on on Saturday. “I’m taking Stacy out on a date.” Gerard told her, putting his arm around me.
“Where are you taking her?”
“That’s a surprise!” Gerard replied “I’m sure Stacy will tell you all about it on Monday.”
“Or Sunday!” Lexa said “Stacy, wanna go shopping on Sunday? Me and Lexi wanna get dresses for the prom. You could get one too.”
“I wasn’t planning on going to prom…” I said with a small laugh “It’s not really my thing…”
“Oh come on, we should go!” Gerard smiled “It’ll be fun.”
“So… You’ll take me to prom?”
“Of course I will!”
I laughed “Okay fine… We’ll go prom dress shopping on Sunday.”
At that moment Jason arrived. He glared at Gerard and me. “You two didn’t have to wait for me.” He said to Lexi and Lexa “Still, it was nice of you.”
“Umm four of us waited.” Lexi said “Can’t you count?”
“I only see two people.” Jason said childishly, walking towards the back gates. Lexi and Lexa shrugged at me and got up to follow Jason.
Gerard turned to me “Are you sure you don’t want me to talk to him?”
“No, I’ll talk to him.” I replied “Tomorrow.”
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