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Chapter 9 - Dad

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"Sounds a bit creepy if you ask me."

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Saturday soon came. I spent the day with my Dad like I’d promised him. He took me to Pizza Hut “I know it’s your favourite!” He’d told me with a smile.
I smiled awkwardly “What is it?” He asked.
I took a deep breath “Oh it’s just… Well, Burger King’s my favourite now…” Dad’s face fell “But I still love Pizza Hut! You know I do!”
“Oh, good,” Dad smiled again “So what do you wanna do today?”
“I’ll do whatever you feel like.” I replied.
Dad took me to Hoo Farm. He took me there when I was little and I’d adored it at the time. But now I was fourteen it just wasn’t the same.
We left at around five o clock “What time’s that boy coming for you then?”
“Six.” I reminded him.
Dad took a deep breath “Is it time we had the talk?”
“Don’t worry, Mom’s already had this conversation with me.” I told him, blushing bright red at the memory.
Dad laughed “Good because I really didn’t want to tell you about that stuff!” There was an awkward silence “So go on then tell me all about this boy.”
“His name’s Gerard Way.” I told my Dad “He’s got shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes and pale skin. He’s a really amazing artist, he adores drawing. He took me on a date on Tuesday. We went to Burger King and to an Avenged Sevenfold concert. Somehow he knows all my favourite things without me telling him.”
“Sounds a bit creepy if you ask me.” Dad smiled “But then again, you’re a bit creepy too.”
“I am not creepy!” I cried, pretending to be offended “He’s a really nice guy. You’ll love him.”
“Oh, are you going to introduce me to him?” He asked.
I shook my head quickly “No, not yet. He was to be really comfortable around me before I introduce him to my parents.”
“You worried I’ll scare him off?”
“You would scare him off!” I snorted “You scare me sometimes.”
“We’re nearly home now.” Dad suddenly said “So there’s no need to worry about you missing your date.”
“I wasn’t worrying about missing the date.” I replied “Dad, if you were my best friend… Would you be mad at me for going out on dates with Gerard?”
“What do you mean if I were your best friend? I am your best friend!” Dad laughed but then turned serious “Well I’d be happy for you Stacy. So long as you spent your time evenly with me and Gerard then I’d be fine.”
“Oh, okay.”
There was another awkward silence “Why?”
I don’t keep secrets from my Dad “Jason’s mad at me for going out with Gerard. It’s partly because I didn’t show up to the Avenged Sevenfold concert on Tuesday that Jason was gonna take me too but Gerard took me to instead…”
“Well I can see why the poor boy might be upset.” Dad replied a little awkwardly “Have you talked to him about it?”
“Yeah,” I said, remembering the conversation we’d had yesterday. Jason had managed to call me a bitch and a slut in the same sentence. Then I got mad and told him he was a jealous pussy and that he should get a life. “But he just got mad at me again.”
“Did he say something mean?”
“Well yeah but I did my fair share of saying mean things too.”
“We’re here Kiddo.” Dad said, pulling up outside our house “Go and get ready for your hot date.”
“Dad!” I moaned as I jumped out of the car and ran to the house.

“Stacy! Gerard’s here!” Dad yelled.
I ran to the top of the stairs “Have you said anything to him yet?”
“Yeah, he’s in the living room!”
“Oh god!” I cried, running down the stairs and into the living room.
Wow, Gerard looked really good. He was wearing a black shirt with a red tie, a blazer, black trousers and black shiny shoes. I’d simply dressed in my Avenged Sevenfold tee-shirt (The one Gerard had brought me from the concert), black skinny jeans and high-top black converse.
I grinned at him “Sorry, should I go and wear a dress?”
“No, it’s nothing too formal.” Gerard laughed “I wear this outfit quite a lot actually. So are you ready to go?”
“Yeah I’m ready.” I smiled in reply. Dad grinned at me from behind Gerard, doing a thumbs up sign. I stuck my tongue out at him and he stuck his own back out at me.
Gerard laughed “You two are weird.”
“Let’s go.” I said, taking his hand “Gerard will have me back here by ten. Won’t you Gerard darling?”
“Of course I will Stacy dear.” He replied “Don’t worry Mr.Brown, Stacy shall return in one piece.”
“Delightful to hear!” My Dad smiled “Have a nice time kids!”
Gerard and I left and we got into his car. “So where are we going?”
“Back to my place.” Gerard replied “We’re not quite meeting my parents yet but you’re meeting someone else very special to me.”
“My little brother Mikey.” Gerard replied “He’s twelve so he might something a little weird but he’s a sweet kid. Even if he is a total nut job…”
“I can’t wait to meet him.” I told Gerard with a smile.

[A/N] - I dunno the actual age difference between Mikey and Gerard but in this it's two years:)
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