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Chapter 10 - Mikey Way

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Stacy meets Gerard's little brother.

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Gerard pulled up outside his house “Just a warning, my brother doesn’t know I have a girlfriend.” He said, getting all serious “I’m going to tell him now but I’ve never had a girlfriend before and he won’t be used to it. So can we just keep it PG please?”
“What did you think I was going to do?” I asked with a laugh “Have sex with your or something?”
“I know you were hoping.”
I mimed being shocked and got out the car. Gerard got out his side and waited for me to walk round next to him. “Here we go…” He said as we walked up to the house.
Gerard unlocked the door “Mikey! I’m back!”
“Gee!” A voice called. Gerard walked through the house and I followed him. We walked into their living room. There was a tallish skinny boy sitting on the carpet. He had light brown hair, round glasses and was wearing one of Gerard’s tee-shirts with a pair of skinny jeans. He looked at me “Who’s she?”
Gerard took my hand “This is my girlfriend Stacy. Stacy, this is my little brother Mikey.”
I waved at him “Hey! Do you go to our school?”
“Yeah but I never have the time to hang out with Gerard.” Mikey replied.
Gerard laughed and went to sit on the sofa. I followed him and sat beside him while he said “Mikey’s always too busy studying to come and hang round with me.”
“I can’t help it. I’ve been entered for an interschool competition.”
“An interschool competiton,” I asked “What do you mean?”
“It’s just some nerdy quiz he’s been entered for.” Gerard smiled, ruffling Mikey’s hair “Because he’s a lot smarter than his older brother.”
“I’m not as creative as you are though.” Mikey replied, not really offended that his brother had called him a nerd “Your art work is just amazing.”
“And you’re an amazing singer.”
“You can sing?” I asked Gerard “You never told me you could do that.”
Mikey returned to playing Sonic the Hedgehog. Gerard said “I didn’t think it was that important. And any way I’m not that good.”
“No, you’re better.” Mikey muttered, not taking his eyes of the screen.
I laughed “Lexi and Lexa have been talking about putting a bang together for ages. Jason’s amazing on guitar, Lexa can play drums and Lexi plays bass. I can’t do anything.”
“Can’t you sing?” I shook my head “I’m sure you can.”
“No, trust me, I can’t.” I replied “Maybe you should be in their band?”
“So Lexi and Lexa can perv on me even more?” Gerard smiled “No thanks. And besides, Jason hates my guts.”
I didn’t know how to respond to that. Especially after the conversation we’d had yesterday…

”Jason, can we talk about something?” I asked, taking a seat next to him in the library “It’s kind of important.”
“What is it and will it take long? I’m kind of busy here.”
“It’s a pretty easy question to answer.” I told him “Why do you hate the fact that Gerard and I are dating?”
“Who said I hate it?”
“Well you’ve been acting really moody recently.”
“What makes you think it’s because you two are dating?”
“You get mad at me every time I bring it up. Like right now.”
“I just didn’t think you were that type of girl.” Jason told me, returning his attention to his book.
I glared at him “What type of girl?”
“I just never thought you’d go out with that type of guy.”
“What’s wrong with him?” I demanded to know “He’s really nice Jason, why don’t you like him?”

I don’t want to think about the rest of the argument. Things got a bit ugly after that. And now it looks like me and Jason are no longer friends.
Gerard took my hand “If the whole Jason drama is bothering you then we can stop this dating thing…”
“No!” I cried “I really like spending time with you. And Jason won’t give it a chance. He’s just jealous because now I don’t have all my time to spend with him. He has to share me and he doesn’t like it.” Though I wasn’t 100% sure this was true.
Gerard shrugged “Well if you’re sure. Because Jason is your best friend.”
“Was my best friend,” I remind him “Look, don’t worry about it Gee.”
“I call him Gee!” Mikey cried, pretending to be angry “Is Jason the one with the hair?”
“Brilliant description,” I laughed “The one with the really brown curly hair?”
“Yeah! That’s Jason.” Mikey said “He reminds me a little of my friend Ray.”
“He looks nothing like Ray.” Gerard said, running his fingers through his hair “Get the other controllers Mikey. We’ll play three players.”
We played Sonic the Hedgehog for a while. “What kind of prom dress were you thinking of getting for tomorrow?” Gerard asked me “I was just wondering…”
“I don’t know yet.” I admitted “I haven’t really thought about it. I never even thought I’d be going to prom.”
“Are you taking her to prom Gerard?” Mikey asked his older brother. Gerard nodded “That’s kinda cute.”
“Are you going to prom Mikey?” I asked.
Mikey shook his head “No, I’m way too busy. Gotta study for the competition.”
“Why does this competition matter so much to you?” Gerard asked “You study for it nearly every second. Apart from tonight because I said you weren’t allowed.”
"Yeah because I wanna do my best." Mikey told him "I really wanna win."
"I kind of noticed." Gerard smiled "But I still think you should go to prom."
"There's no point." Mikey muttered "No-one'll wanna go with me."
"Why not?" I asked "You're really nice and you're kinda cute..." Gerard threw me a look "Well you're related to Gerard, you've gotta be..."
Mikey and Gerard laughed.
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