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"That's all I want for my birthday too."

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They didn’t take me off those stupid anti-depressants. I honest to God don’t need them. I’m fine. So I’ve got to learn to control my anger…those stupid pills aren’t going to help. The only good thing that came out of the hospital stay is that I got to make more snowflakes and I realized I liked being punk. This girly thing I’d been trying out was just annoying.

Aunt Donna and a now sober Mikey come to pick me up at noon. The first thing I do is hug my cousin, planting a kiss on his cheek. I’m glad to see he’s come out of the dark. I couldn’t stand going home to a drunken Mikey.

“Thank you,” I whisper to him as we sit in the back of the car. “I’m glad you finally listened to me.”

He smiles back at me, “I just decided it wasn’t helping either one of us very much. I love you Amber.”

"I love you too Mikey."

The entire house smells like pumpkins and autumn, a sure sign that Aunt Donna has been baking. As soon as I get to my room I pull the thumb tacks and string out of a dest drawer and start hanging the paper snowflakes from the ceiling right in front of the window. Unfortunately Frank is at school so I can’t see him right away. Hanging the snow flakes helps pass the time though.

Before I know it I hear Frank’s car. A few seconds later his engine shuts off and there is a knock on the door. I continue to go about my business, not wanting Frank to think I am chomping at the bit to see him again even though I am.

“Is she home?” Frank asks, his voice floating up the stairs.

“She’s upstairs,” Donna answers.


The sound of feet pounding on the stairs can be heard. I just continue to stand on my wooden desk chair, tacking the paper snowflakes to the ceiling. Frank enters my room, shutting the door behind him. I climb off the chair and walk over to him. He doesn’t speak. Instead he takes my face in his hands and kisses my forehead. I long for more…I long for him to press his lips to mine again. I wrap my arms around Frank’s body, feeling him relax under my touch just as I do under his.

The piece of me that was missing while I was in the hospital is now with me again.

“I missed you so fucking much,” Frank finally breathes out.

I take a sharp breath in, tears of joy flowing down my face, “I missed you too.”

Frank pulls away and uses his thumb to wipe my tears away. I cannot put into words how thrilled I am to be back in his arms.

“I like your snowflakes.”

I laugh softly and sniff, “Thanks, I made them while I was in the hospital.”

“They let you use scissors there?”

“Safety scissors. They were really hard to cut with,” I explain, laughing.

Frank laughs along with me, pulling me in for another tight hug. I rest my head on his chest as he caresses me cheek, fingers twirling my hair.

“Honeysuckles, lilacs and that hint of cinnamon,” Frank says, referring to a conversation we’d had about how we both smell.

I smile the urge to kiss him growing, “Southern Jersey in the spring time…fresh and clean. You’ve been smoking again.”

“I feel complete now,” Frank mumbles.

“I know exactly how you feel.”

“How are you doing? Are you okay? Gerard said they didn’t take you off the drugs,” Frank says anxiously. We were both really hoping I’d be off them by now…I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting.

“That’s correct, but they did lower the dosage again, I only have to take one pill once a week. I’m okay otherwise. I don’t want to take them anymore but all the doctors are convinced I need them. I’m so tired of taking them. ”

“I hope they take you off them soon.”

“Me too.”

“I’m so fucking pissed that they did that to you. Devlin deserved what you gave her. They had no right to send you back there.”

“Well it was either that or jail. At least there I got to make paper snowflakes.”

Frank reaches up to touch one and I turn my head to watch him. I made each one for him…for all the good things he’s taught me…all the times he’s been there for me. I’m pretty sure if I told him that he’d think I was a dork.

“You make the best paper snowflakes I’ve ever seen,” he says and I smile.

Just then the door opens and Gerard walks in. He doesn’t say anything. Gerard just pulls me into a hug and holds me for a few minutes before letting go.

“Next time you seek revenge don’t get caught.”

All three of us laugh before Gerard starts to pull me from the room, “You’ll never believe what I got you. C’mon, you too Frank.”

I reach out and takes Frank's hand, the three of us hurrying down the steps and into the kitchen. There, sitting on the counter is pizza. For a long while I just look at it. Finally I turn to hug my cousin, squealing.

“Oh, my God, thank you Gerard. You got the good kind too! I love you!”

Sure it’s kinda silly to get excited over pizza but all the hospital serves is shitty bread and canned vegetables. Real food is a major treat, especially pizza.

“I knew you would,” Gerard says pulling me into a hug and ruffling my hair.

Later that night, after the pizza is consumed, we all sit in front of the TV to watch movies. Mikey, Gerard and Frank stuff me full of all the sweets I’d been denied over the last week and a few days. I sit between a sleeping Gerard and Frank. Now that the house is quiet I run my fingers through his soft hair as he brushes his nose against my cheek. I’m pretty sure he can tell that I’m blushing. I really do wonder if he knows that I still feel the same way I did about him all those months ago. I hope to God he feels the same way.

Frank has already told his mother he is spending the night. Due to the fact it is the day before Thanksgiving she doesn’t seem to care much. When the movie is over Frank and I say goodnight to Mikey and head upstairs. He climbs into bed while I change into my pajamas. I don’t feel awkward of uncomfortable changing in front of Frank. It just feels right. I know he’d never hurt me.

Once I crawl into bed Frank lets out a sigh. I wonder what is going through his head.

“Oh my god, this bed is amazing,” I say with a slight laugh.

Frank joins in, leaning up on his elbow so that he is hovering over me, “What was your other bed like?”

“The worst fucking thing ever, I could feel the bars underneath me. I’m sure it was ancient. That’s not even the worst part…no, that’s the straps they keep on them incase someone goes crazy,” I explain feeling like I’ve told him all this before. Maybe I have, I can’t remember.

“Sounds terrible,” Frank muses as he storks my cheek.

“But the very worst part is that it didn’t have you.”

Frank smiles, kissing my cheek gently; I know he knows…he has to know. How could he not?

“I probably haven’t slept in the last week and a half.”

I smile up at him, “It’s probably going to be the most amazing night ever.”

“Nah,” Frank answers. “There’s another one that is my favorite.”

I roll onto my side and wrap my arm around Frank, burying my face in his chest. God how I’ve missed this, just laying around in bed with Frank…our bodies pushed together.

“I love my turtle and everything, but there’s just no comparison to you.”

“I’m sure he won’t mind.”

“I’m sorry I missed your birthday,” I say, finally getting it off my chest. I practically slept through Frank’s birthday. I wish I hadn’t been so depressed.

“It’s okay. I’m just glad you’re back with me.”

“I really wish I had something for you but I couldn’t get anything. I will though. I promise.”

“It’s not a big deal. The only thing I wanted was you anyway.”

I smile, my cheeks burning a little as the blood rushes up under them, “That’s all I want for my birthday too.”

“Well too bad. That’s what I’m giving you for Christmas,” Frank says with a smile and that look in his eyes that lets me know he’s keeping something from me.

Deciding not to bring it up, I just laugh, “Even better.”

“Want to get to work on that amazing night’s sleep?” questions Frank, petting my hair.

“Yeah, I’m already getting there.”

“Goodnight, Amber. I’m glad you’re home.”

“Me too,” I mumble.

We are quiet after that. Frank just holds me close to him. I’m glad he’s back but I want to tell him…I want to tell him everything. How I now know that I cannot live without him…that I’m madly in love with him. I wonder what he’d do if I told him. Knowing Frank he’d be sweet and explain in the kindest way possible why nothing can happen between us. I guess I’d better just be happy with the way things are now.

Note: Hope you like this chapter. I've got another story started but I'm wondering if I should wait till I've finished this one to put it on the site or guys will have to let me know. Anyways, enjoy. :)
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