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"I have to look out for my girl."

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In the morning I wake up first like always. I just lay there, facing Amber. She has her eyes closed. I love the way she sleeps. I love how she sometimes sighs in her sleep or mumbles my name. It is regular and peaceful, like falling asleep to rain. I reach out and gently run my finger over her soft, pale cheek. Amber’s eyes flutter open and I realize that overnight I’d forgotten just how beautiful her emerald green eyes are.

“Good morning,” I say with a smile.

Amber smiles back, her upper lip puckering out causing my heart to beat quickly.

“Morning,” she replies. “What are you thinking about?”

“You,” I answer.

“What about me?”

“Everything about you,” I respond.

“Oh…are you going to have another situation?”

I laugh softly, “No, I’m alright.”

“Are they always ‘cause of me?” Amber asks with wide eyes.

Why can’t she leave my boner situations out of our morning conversation? I can’t just come out and tell her that it always has and always will be her fault. That’s awkward.

“Perhaps. Are you hungry?”

“No, not right now,” she answers.

Amber snuggles up closer to me. I touch her hair and gulp but don’t say anything I really want to. I debate for a few minutes. There is a part of me that want to just get it out of the way then there is the other side that has the special plan. I’m still not sure which side I should act on. I guess I’ll just figure it out as I go along.

I reach up to cup her cheek, “Amber?”

“Yes Frank,” she answers

“I… I think…”

Then I hear footsteps on the stairs and stop. The door opens and Gerard pokes his head in, “Breakfast is ready.”

“Okay. We’ll be right down,” Amber answers before the door is closed again.

“We should go down there,” I say hoping she’ll forget about what I was about to say.

“You never finished what you were going to say.”

Shit, “Another time.”


The both of us sit up. Amber puts on some jeans as I stay sitting on the bed. I should just go ahead and tell her. It might make things a little easier for both of us. Then again, as I watch her hop around the room trying to get into her skinnies I decide she deserves something special. I have some money saved up. I can buy her a gift then take her out somewhere nice. It will probably be better if I tell her when we are alone; when no one can come up and interrupt us.

Once Amber is finished getting dressed I meet her at the door. For a long second she just stands there, her hand on the knob. I’m about to ask her what’s wrong when she leans up and kisses me cheek. Her entire face burns a slight pink as she slips past me. I just follow her down the stairs so we can meet everyone in the kitchen. I decide not to question her actions. Maybe Amber has a plan as well.

“Why are you blushing?” Mikey asks me.

“I’m not,” I reply.

Mikey just glares at me for a second before his eyes flick to Amber then back to me. Well, this is uncomfortable.

I stay at the Way’s house for most of the morning. Around eleven my mom calls letting me know she wants me to go home for Thanksgiving. Amber leads me to the backdoor. I pull her into a hug and run my fingers through her hair. My cheek is pressed against hers and I can feel her warm breath on my neck.

“I’ll come back later,” I whisper to her.

Amber just nods, “Okay.”

“I love you, Amber. I’m glad you’re home,” I say with a smile.

She smiled back, “I love you too.”

I smile once more before hoping off the back stoop and cutting across the alley.

Every year I spent Thanksgiving with either my mom’s family or my dad’s. This year is my mom’s so we head to my grandparent’s house. Later that afternoon I call Amber’s grandmother’s house to see how my best friend is doing.

“Frank’s on the phone for you,” I heard Donna tell Amber.

There is a moment of silence before I hear the phone change hands.

“Hello?” Amber’s voice sounds

“Hey,” I reply.

“Hi, how’s your Thanksgiving going?”

“It’s okay. I wish you were here though.”

“The feeling is mutual. My dad’s girlfriend’s son keeps hitting on me. He thinks he has game and he told me all about all the girls at his school and how they have the hots for him because he’s so irresistible,” Amber complains.

I laugh, “Do you need a quick boyfriend?”

“I’m already covered. Gerard told him you were my boyfriend.”

“I might have to come over there and set him straight.”

Amber laughs, “You might have to. He’s a determined little shit.”

“Meet me out back in twenty minutes.”

“You’re coming?”

“I have to look out for my girl,” I say feeling my heart beat increase. My girl...the words just sound so right coming out of my mouth espcially when I'm talking about Amber.

She laughs again, “Yay! Okay, I’ll meet you out back in twenty minutes.”

“Alright, see you soon.”

“Okay, bye.”
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