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Youre just a kiss away....

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Frank and Gerard live in different worlds. But will a chance meeting and one persons dream bring them together?

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Hola! I hope this story is better readingwise! My story involving all of the My Chem crew has been put on hold for a while! I need to structure it more haha! :) xx

Franks POV
Freezing. My fingertips growing numb. Every single possession on my back. The fog decieving my tired, heavy eyes. Headlights? No, just another illusion. The outcome of my escape still so uncertain. My survival? Even more so.

And when we get home
I know we won't be home at all.
This place we live,
It is not where we belong.

I had to get out. I couldn't take it anymore. Three long years. I thought he loved me, I swore he did. I was lying to myself all along.

Its 4am. I need to be at work in two hours. Where is he? He promised he'd be home by midnight. Not that I would complain when he came back. I didn't want another beating. My fragile stature couldn't take another. People at work were suspicious already. Nervous all the time, bruises appearing from nowhere. I had just fallen down the stairs again. Walked into another door. Just a clumsy teenager. Now I was nineteen. Almost an adult. I had been forced out of school by him. I had a nine to five job I hated. Earning money for him to blow on alcohol and cocaine. Tonight, he blew every last penny. Luke loveless. Maybe the last name should have given me the hint. He finally arrived home at five. Stumbling through the door and shouting for me. I yanked the silky soft sheets above my head fearing the worst. Hoping to hide, but no, he found me. "Hiding are we?" He hissed right up to my face. "N-no of c-course not." I shivered. A punch in between the eyes. Pain, but nothing compared to what came next. A violation. An eternal scar that left me broken. Emotionally disturbed and unable to trust.

So now I wait here. A runaway. No family here or friends. Just the dream of going away and rebuilding everything. Starting from scratch. And now my eyes are decieving me once more. Or are they? For once,am I actually seeing? The light in the fog, are you here for me? The mystery's brakes screech to a halt and I am dumbfounded. Do I go? Should I stay and wait longer? Its all or nothing but I know I will never win.

Thanks for reading! Xxx
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