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Heading Home?

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Frank thinks he's found some help, but is it help or a road to ruin?

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Hey! I hope this story is okay for you all whom are reading it! Please tell me if it's shokcingly awful i can always stop writing at any point! Any speech is marked with astrixes! Damn this laptop! XD :) x

Franks POV
The car pulls into the curb. A pale man in a suit sits in the drivers seat. Get in. His deep voice grunts. I'm reluctant but this is my only hope. Luke could be looking for me right now, and i'm not very far away from him at all. I slide into the passengers seat shivering from the blistering cold wind. I'm Jimmy He says looking at me with piercing black eyes. I feel scared even more so now. Wishing i had run or tried to hide. But no, i needed somewhere to go. I was judging him before actually knowing him, Mom always said that was wrong. Give him a chance. Where are you heading? He asks me murdering the deafening silence. I turn to look at him, faking confidance. Home. I squeak, knowing i sound pathetic but not really caring. Home is all i need right now. Well, well,well....You're headed somewhere different sugar. You're my next money maker. He grins, his grin full of poison. Venom radiating from him. He locks the doors and i know there is no way out. I pray for Mercy, for solace, for comfort. But yet again, nobody is there.

Please, Please don't make me I plead sobbing again, a brutal kick in the ribs my only response adding to the masses of cuts and bruises scarring my tough, worn out skin. I'm grabbed by the scruff of my neck. Look Kid, you'll do as i want. No questions asked. Stick by me and you have somewhere to stay. Got it? The poison is exposed again as he hisses at me. I'm lying on a cold disused warehouse floor. Snake man and his devoted disciples beating me viciously. You're a prostitute as of today. Tomorrow you'll be on the streets for your first day. And you better make me a whole load of cash. He threatens, holding a cool blade to my neck before exiting. Leaving me a naked, sobbing mess on the dirt ridden ground.

Gerards POV

Fucking shit. No colour. Not enough detail. Nothing i did was any good these days. My cartoons had been rejected once again and every portrait i attempted to draw ended up a crumpled sheet of paper in the trash. I was stressed to death to put it straight. Working in a Tattoo Studio drawing up designs just to get by. People actually liked the designs which i never understood, considering they were just as bad if not worse than my other artwork. But we needed the money. We, being me and my girlfriend Sophia. We had been together two years and now we lived together. She unlike me, chose to go to college. Me, a twenty three year old highschool drop out who was only just getting by didn't value education. I hated school. Fucking hated it. You get labelled, named, shamed and then you fail. Fucking awesome! Yeah right. Life was okay for now. But i wasnt fully happy with it. Sure i had someone to take care of and i had a job of a sort. But something was still missing. It wasn't a child or a pet dog or anything like that... it was just something more. Simple but complex. I just needed to work out what that was. Gerard! The Bathroom! Sophia screeched from upstairs. I hadn't cleaned up yet. Sorry i was busy trying to make enough money for you to feed your pathetic handbag fetish. Sorry Babe, I'll be right there I say a forced apology, again. Things between us were strained right now. My artistic crisis playing a part. Her being obbsessed with money and materialistic things playing a part and me still trying to work out who i actually was playing a fucking giant part. Another thing was our views. We were so different. Everyone said it. Everyone noticed it. She was strictly christian. I was an athiest. She loved to spend every Sunday with her parents at church. I headed to the cemetery to draw. She didn't really see her grandparents apart from on occasions. Every Saturday i visited my Grandmother. She cared about her appearance. I go out regularly in my skeleton onesie. You catch my drift. Together we bickered constantly. But at one time, it was almost fun. We got along Okay, bickering was just a little joke. Yet these days, it didn't stop as a joke. Nor did it start as a joke. We rowed endlessly into the night. I spent most nights on the sofa which fucked my back up stressing me out twice as much. Life was never going to be easy. But why did it have to be this hard? I turned on the tap, filling the kettle for my coffee fix. Owww! A scream came from the bathroom. Oh yeah, the taps are all connected. Girl just got scolded i guess. Oh well, revenge was supposed to be sweet.

Thankyou for reading ;) x
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