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He doesn't even know her name but he loves her. She's decided she can never love again.

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The majority of high school students would choice lunch as the best period of the day; almost a full hour away from listening to boring class lectures and doing assignments that give the worst headaches. Lunch happens to be my least favorite period. Not because I like school, but because Matt, my ex-boyfriend, thinks I’m still with him. I want to sit with Lyn-z or Gerard and his friends but instead I’m stuck with Matt and all his annoying jock friends.

Matt never wastes a minute trying to kiss me right there in the lunch room in front of everyone like we hadn’t really broken up. I just don’t get it. I’ve made it obvious that public displays of affection make me kinda uncomfortable especially when they are coming from someone I’m no longer dating. Normally I just lightly push Matt away, but, being dense like he is, he just places his lips on my neck or whatever visible skin he can get to. I hate it.

Today I notice Frank, one of Gerard’s friends, staring over at me; he looks like he’s going to be sick. I wonder why. He seems like a nice enough guy, but what do I know? I went out with douche bag Matt and my idol used to be my dad who is no longer a part of my family, we can all see just how much my judgment of men lacks.

Because I’m weird I watch Frank sitting at his table for a little while, hoping he won’t see me. Gerard shows up with his tray full of the trash the school serves us. The two look to be joking about it. Then Gee sits down and the conversation seems to turn more serious.

Suddenly Frank’s hazel green eyes lock with mine. I can feel the blood rush up under my cheeks causing them to turn red. Shit, now he probably thinks I am watching him, which I am, but I don’t want him to know…it’s just a little weird. I quickly turn my attention to the salad I brought from home. I’m a vegan and refuse to buy the school’s cheep imitation of salad.

“Hey,” Alicia says from beside me causing me to jump a little, “I’m gonna go talk to Mikey.”

“Oh, yeah, great,” I mumble, following her across the cafeteria with my eyes which happen to land back on Frank. What is it about this kid that keeps me completely mesmerized by his every move?

Alicia was the person the principal appointed to show me around school, seems as I came in a little through the school year. She’s nice enough but kinda scatter brained. I can tell she’s got a huge thing for Mikey. Unable to help myself I continue to watch Frank who seems to be forgotten by both Lyn-z, Gerard, Alicia and Mikey. I know the feeling all too well. After a few minutes he gets up and walks towards the door heading outside.

“I’m going out for a smoke,” I announce as I stand.

Matt looks at me, holding my wrist in his iron grasp, “You know that shit’ll kill you babe?”

“I’m not your babe, okay,” I respond, jerking away before going to dump my half eaten salad into the trash before heading outside. I don’t know why but for some reason I want to talk to Frank. I must be going crazy.

The weather outside is perfect. It is the middle of October. The sun is shining brightly and the cool breeze washes over my skin. I walk down a short path that leads to a small park right beside the school. The bench I usually sit on is already occupied by the shaggy haired boy.

He is stretched out over the bench, feet bear, cigarette between his lips. He is kinda cute…maybe. No, what the hell are you thinking?! Men…boys, the male gender in general is not trustworthy. I refuse to fall for another boy as fast as I fell for Matt. It’ll only end up in another heart ache and maybe a couple more bruises.

“You mind if I sit next to you?” I question.

Just because I will never allow myself to love ever again doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to sit. I smile down at him hoping that will give him some hint that I’m not here to be mean.

“I don’t mind,” Frank answers back quietly, motioning for me to sit down, flashing me a half smile.

“Can I have a smoke?” I blurt out, nodding my head towards Frank’s pack of cigarettes next to him.

He nods, opening the package, handing me one. I can feel his eyes on me as I reach for my lighter only to remember its out. Taking the cigarette out of my mouth I stare at it.

“You need a light too,” Frank says handing me his orange lighter. My top priority after school is to go to Rite Aid and get a new lighter.

I smile weakly before inhaling, “Thanks.”

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Frank questions catching me off guard, I wasn’t expecting him to say more.

Sighing, I let the smoke slip out between my lips, “Matt isn’t my boyfriend but he refuses to accept that. I had to get away from him for a little while. Sometimes I feel like I’m suffocating and we’re not even dating anymore.”

“Yeah, I saw that in the lunchroom,” Frank admits, pulling at a string on the knee of his skinny jeans. “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

I don’t know what to say to that so we just sit quietly for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s company before I finally find something lame to talk about, “It’s beautiful out here, isn’t it?”

Frank’s eyes lock with mine like they did in the lunch room, “Yeah, it is.”

I smile.

Hearing the bell ring faintly, signaling that our next class is going to start in a few minutes, I stand breaking our gaze, “I guess we better go back to the school.”

“I guess so.”

I’m not sure why but I’m not really ready to have Frank go, “Walk with me?”

He smiles, keeping in pace with me as we walk towards our next class.

Note: New sotry. A little less angsty than Twist of Fate. I've got a pretty good idea of where this story is going and I'll let you know that it might move a little slow at the beginning. Please don't give up on me. Also Frank is a little less punk and a little more indie rocker in this if that makes any sense. :)
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