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Lunch time. Hazel meets Mikey and Mikey meets Hazel. What is really the plural of moose? The world may never know. The title is My Chemical Romance.

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Hazel’s POV
The next period blew by kind of fast and then I got to the cafeteria.
Where the fuck is Frank.
"Goddamn, did you really have to that?"
"Awww, does Hazel need a hug from Frankie?"
"Not after that shenanigan"
"Fine then, how about we meet Gerard, Ray and Mikey over in that little table in the corner?"
"That sounded really sketchy but what the hell, let’s go."
"Hey Gee, hey Ray!"
"Sup Hazel."
"Oh yeah, Hazel this is my idiot brother, Mikey."
"I’m not an idiot Geetard!"
"Shut it meese shit!"
"It’s moosi!"
"No it fucking isn’t."
"Sorry. I’m Mikey."
He blushed.
We all sat, I sat between Frank and Ray.
"Ha, it’s so funny the height difference of Frank and Ray."
"You should see him next to meese shit here."
"Sure, pick on Frank, like that’s nothing new."
"Aww, does Frankie want a hug from Hazel?"
"Oh you rude,rude girl."
"You know it Frankiedoodle."
Gerard’s POV
"What Gerard."
"Go get me cookies!"
"Get up yourself, lazy bum."
"Fuck it. I’ll eat unhealthy shit later."
"I’ll join you on that."
"Dude you still hangin with us?"
"Dude hell yeah."
Yes, yes, yes!
God I sound like some little child with a crush. But who an I kidding, I do have a crush. As for the child part, not so much.
"Wait, you’re coming over later?"
"No Ray, I’m not. It’s all because of your fro. It’s just to puffy to be around."
"Ahh, the sweet sound of sarcasm."
"My favorite."
I can’t wait for later.

I don't know, I wasn't feeling this chapter. It was too early to jump into everything but I needed to speed this up a bit. Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter, the next one shall be up soon. (:
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