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Chapter two

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It's WAR! Mace is a chicken! but we knew that, Right?

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It's War, by: Whipblade part 2

Authors note: Chaos
and James belongs to Stoker1439, Lucas
belongs to TerraBM.

Being used without permission. Being
used with permission.


Biker Mice From Mars


It's War!!

by: Whipblade


Mace grumbled as he paced near the entrance of the cave. Going back
and forth, to and fro, from one wall to the other, the rusty furred mouse
with shoulder length hair grumbled darkly as he thought, waited and hoped
that the trio out in the field would return. And return soon.

"You're gonna wear a trench in the floor." Flea smiled as he walked
up to his friend, two warm mugs in hand. "Brought something to warm you

"Thanks" Mace said taking the warm mug. He stopped pacing and leaned
against a wall. "I can't believe they left me in charge." he grumbled.

"Lucas and Chaos trust you." Flea replied easily sipping his drink.

"Trust me?" Mace snorted. "Trust me to run someplace safe."

"And the troops will follow you to safety." Flea injected.

Shaking his head sadly the rusty mouse drank. "I don't know bro. I expected
the three to be back by now." Resting his head against the rock wall, his
shoulder length hair getting caught on the rough edges. "James can be an
irritating smart mouth sometimes, but I'd hate to see Stoker lose him."

Flea nodded shifting closer to the older mouse. "You just don't want
to admit you miss him too."

Playfully tugging on the teens antenna, Mace smirked. "Watch your mouth,
punk." he slid down the rough wall, his hair tugging, pulling forward he
sat down.

Flea sat down beside his friend, laughing. "Come on, admit it." he pushed

"Never!" Mace laughed pushing back, both empty tin cups rolling on the

Chassis approached the two tussling males. Clearing her throat she smiled
side stepping a rolling Flea. "Mace?"

"Yeah?" Mace looked up to see the medic he'd known a month longer than

"May I have a word with you?" she asked glancing at Flea. "Alone?"

"I'll find out about it later." Flea warned as he picked himself off
the floor.

"I know sweetie-pie." Chassis smiled pushing her white hair out of her

Flea gathered the errant cups. "I'll leave you two to flirt then." he
giggled trotting off.

Mace quickly looked for something to throw at the youth, with nothing
available he looked up to the medic."What can I do for you?"

She sat down leaning against the wall across from Mace. "I've been talking
to the troops. Their getting worried about Lucas and Chaos. They should've
been back by now."

"I know." Mace sighed. "We should just wait a few more days."

"Mace" She leaned forward catching his foot with her hand. "Two days
is long enough to know they need help."

"Or not coming back." Mace muttered he turned looking out the cave entrance.
The waning moons hardly lit up the night, but he could still make out the
slight shadow of the enemy strong hold several miles away. After several
minutes of silence he looked back to her and sighed. "We'll move out tomorrow
night. One way or the other."

"Moon less night, you're catching on." Chassis smiled weakly standing.
Bending down she gave his shoulder a squeeze. "I know Lucas did the right
thing leaving you in charge." she walked back to the rest of the troops
leaving the new field sergeant alone to ponder.

Resting his head on his bent knees Mace closed his eyes and worried.

Out side of the cave the resistance currently held up in, two
rats listened and scurried. Taking silent video and snap shots of the lookout
with a radio set around his neck.

Hearing the slight crunch of gravel, Mace squinted, trying to see movement
outside. Reaching for his heavy sniper rifle he stood up. "Who's
there?" he demanded loud enough, his voice echoed down the caves cavern.
Three troops hurried towards the entrance. Waving them to a stop, Mace
took a wary step forward. "Show your self!" He snapped with authority.

The two rats scurried away startling a small groups of feeding squirrel

Mace raised his readied rifle, taking another step closer to the entrance.
Small rocks and dirt tumbled from above the hole.
Breath hitched, Mace crouched down aiming high.
Three squirrel bats chattered as they flew into the cave.
"SHIT!" Mace fell backwards with a start, his gun going off.

Flea and several others ran towards the entrance only to skid to a stop.
Two mice snickering at Mace helping him up.

"What happened?" Flea asked. "We heard a shot."

Embarrassed Mace snapped. "Nothing!" the remaining two squirrel bats
flew back out. Ignoring the one he shot, Mace hefted his rifle putting
the safety on.
He turned facing those who came ready to fight. "you" he pointed to
a young mouse with a fresh face. "Watch the entrance." He ordered stalking
past the group.

Flea toed the dead squirrel bat. "He could have shot something big enough
to eat..."
chuckles erupted.

Ears back Mace shoved his way towards the make shift bunks. "Bolt!"
he snapped passing a small young black mouse. "Ready the troops, we're
heading out tomorrow night."

"Yes sir!" Bolt smiled as he hurried off.

Grumbling "I hate this job." Mace went to bed.

The next evening brought a fury of activity. Bolt had got the word around
the night before, each fighter sleeping till midday.
Flea worked with Chassis checking over and arming each bike, making
sure all wounds were mended enough for battle.
Mace checked the ammunition supply and constantly scurried to and fro
reading for the battle.

When the preparation work was done, and the troops calmed from the days
activity, Mace jumped on top a table. "Attention!" he hollered. Eyes
fixated on him, all movement stopping.
The rusty furred mouse took a deep breath. 'I hate attention like
s' . "You've all have guessed we're taking that compound?"
Nods and murmurs confirmed Mace's suspicions.
"I'm no Stoker." Mace started. "Be damned I'm no warrior either.
But them slimy Plutarkian boot lickers have MY friends, Your Friends, OUR
COMRADES! I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit by and let them rot! I'm going
to fight till my last breath to get them back! I'll Force them invaders
back to the farthest star! I'll Free Mars! WHOSE WITH ME?"
Shouts erupted, fists in air.
"FREEDOM FIGHTERS! TO BATTLE!" Mace raised his fist, jumping down onto
his bike, Mace led the charge.

The Large dust cloud didn't seem to be noticed by the lone guard in
the only look out tower. That is until the battle cries became more clearer.
Watching the dust get closer, his brown eyes widened. "They're insane!"
He laughed radioing down to the compound commander.

Mace popped a wheelie firing his bikes front lasers at the large
enemy strong hold.

Flea, on foot, stayed low as he fired at the bunker. Returning fire
from mounted laser cannons and cowering enemy troops hiding behind sandbags
didn't sway the small mouse from obtaining his objective. Get inside.

Without warning the enemy stopped firing, as if laying open a path to
the Freedom Fighters. The bunkers defenses stopped.

Deep in Mace's gut he knew something was a foot. But he had to get Lucas,
Chaos and James out of there. "THE DEFENSES ARE DOWN! FREEDOM FIGHTERS
Howls of Battle cries followed by laser blasts crossed the battle field
as the mice charged the bunker.

Blue lightning exploded from the bunker, crossing the battle field,
reaching the last bike and fighter, then all went quiet as each bike and
laser weapon became useless.

Suddenly an onslaught of darts flashed over the confused Freedom Fighters.
Slapping his neck as if an irritating bug had just bit him, Mace glared
towards the bunker. He aimed his old heavy rifle and took a shot. Then
everything went black.


Two rats, the same ones who had taken pictures of the look out the previous
night scoured the battle field as the Sand Raiders' dragged off able slaves
and shot the weak and wounded.
"This one!" A rat shouted pointing to the downed Mace.
"That's the one Deeps. Let's get him inside and finish up."
"Take his arms Tanner, I got his legs." Deeps' said grabbing the comatose
mouse's legs.

Two rats, one deep tan with pink eyes and larger ears than most rats,
stood above the rusty furred mouse laying unconscious on the cell floor.
The other rat, holding down the rubber mold over the mouses face grinned.
His grayish brown fur and red eyes only added to his devious personality.

"Lift it off, the impression will last." Tanner said clipping hair and
fur off the mouse. "I think I have this color back at my shop. Give me
three days, and I'll have that disguise done for you."

"Thanks Tanner. Owe you." Deeps grinned stepping over the mouse.

"How do I contact you Deep Shadow?" Tanner asked locking the cell door
behind them.

"You don't. And you will never hear the name Shadow again." Deep informed.

"All right. Three days I'll meet you at the cave we found them in."
Tanner said leaving the other rat alone among the mice.

The War Rages On


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