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Chapter Four

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It's WAR! The aftermath of Once Upon a Time on Mars.

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It's War part 4. By: Whipblade

Biker Mice From Mars


It's War

Once upon a
time on Mars
, Aftermath.

/By: Whipblade/

Just because pain was present, didn't mean the war was over. The Freedom
Fighters had a job to do. They still needed a purpose, now more than ever.
The few dozen mice left to pick up the pieces from Mace's betrayal and
Karbunkles experiments did what they could any way they could.

Stoker looked down at the ball of huddled in a corner shaking like a
leaf, arms covering it's head, tail curled tightly around its scruffy pelt.
He hated finding them. Especially now. Harley had always been the one
he pawned children off on, she'd coo and comfort any sort. But now....oh
now... all Stoker could do for the scared rat child was walk away. Leaving
it amidst the broken ruins of a town, a home a grave yard.

Throttle sat slumped on his bike. The battle had been won. But it felt
like a loss. All battles they've won or lost seemed hopelessly endless,
tinged green.
No one spoke it out loud, no one openly blamed him. But he knew
secretly some did. Some who survived Karbunkles lab, some who listened
to the events and knew the beginning, he could feel their eyes upon him,
Spotting Modo off in the ways. He knew, his three trusted brothers,
his girlfriend maybe even Rimfire didn't blame him, they were all caught
up in the charade.

Modo pulled off his helmet. Checking himself and his bike over for battle

Slinging his rifle over his shoulder, Vinnie picked his way over the
town debris. Glass and rubble crunching under foot, he paused only long
enough to assess Modo's bike from a stand still. "She running all right?"
he asked his voice lacking any emotion.

"Purring like a dream." Modo, his lonesome voice replied not bothering
to look at Vinnie.

With a nod the white mouse moved on, looking over the destroyed town
they managed to rip from the Plutarkians grip. He stopped beside
his tan bro. The one who seemed to be mourning for reasons only Throttle
"bro?" fresh pain emerged in Vinnie's soft voice.

Throttle turned his head, pausing only long enough to recognize his
white bro. Through the tinted green field specs, now a permanent fixture
on his face, like Vinnie's silver mask, Modo's arm and Stoker's tail. Things
they couldn't undo, couldn't replace or change. "Yeah?" he weakly replied.

Vinnie rested his hand on Throttle's shoulder. Smiling even though it
hurt, he tried to jest. "Carbine said she got word on some space ships.
I think she's going to send those fish back to space on the sole of her

Throttle only nodded turning away from his bro. "Find any survivors?"
he asked trying not to think about spaceships.

"Yeah" Vinnie sighed with a hard look at the landscape. "Mostly rats."
he spat.

Tail twitching Throttle grumbled darkly. "The mice won't be any good
from here." He started up his bike.

Vinnie stepped back, he knew Throttle's reason, but couldn't bring himself
to blame him. "Keep in contact bro." he said giving Throttle a pat on the
back. The tawny Freedom Fighter only nodded once before shooting out over
the broken landscape.

Stoker stepped around a crumbling wall in time to see Throttle zoom
away. "Can't trust rats, can't trust mice.. who the hell can we trust?"
"The Army." Carbine said as she walked up behind Stoker.
"What's left of it." Scabbard stated. "Got a base of operations left?"
With a sigh, Stoker turned around to face the blond red haired mouse.
"Was just going to ask you the same thing."

Throttle came to a stop on top of a lower mountain range over looking
what was left of Brimstone. From his vantage point he could make out Carbine
breaking up a fight between Stoker and Scabbard with Modo's help, mainly
protecting the ex Army sergeant from Stoker's punches.

The remaining Freedom Fighters and Army troops worked together with
equipment and supplies salvaged from the Monastery, Freedom Fighters base
and what the Army could cart away from the government controlled HQ.

Beyond the city, he could just make out Vincent blowing something up.
Blowing off steam and anger.

"Who ever said Everything if fair in love and war should be dragged
out in the street and shot." Throttle muttered to himself. "Carbine, about
those space ships?" He radioed down to his girlfriend who was now tending
to a wounded Scabbard. "Think they're still capable of Space travel?"

"/Could be/." Carbine's reply came over the radio. "Need to
get in one of them to see."


/Rock and Ride/ bros!!

The War moves along...

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