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The world is ugly

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Frank's P.O.V
I watch as Gerard sighs, picks up his piece of paper, and throws it in the bin. I bet it's amazing, just probably not as perfect as he'd like. I stand up and walk over to the bin, and take the piece of paper back out, unfolding it, and smoothing it out.
"Gerard, this is amazing!" I say, watching as he slightly jumps at my voice, he spaces out when he's drawing.
"Frank, really? It's shit dude." He raises his eyebrows, and bites his lip, I stare and get lost in his hazel eyes, before he coughs and goes back to drawing awkwardly.

Gerard's P.O.V
I feel his eyes on my back as I try to keep focused on my drawing. But the way he'd looked at me, I don't know. I heard him sit down on the sofa and laugh. I turn around and stare at him.
"What's so funny?" I say, raising my eyebrows.
"You look so distracted when you're drawing.." I look down, he doesn't know that I'm distracted about him.
"I have to go see Toro, I'll see you later, Gee?" His voice is right behind me, I turn around, his face is right by mine.
"Outside Starbucks in town?" I say, looking down at him, he nods and we walk to the front door together.

Frank's P.O.V
We get to the front door and I wave bye to Gerard's parents, I look at him, and without thinking I throw my arms around him. He laughs and awkwardly places one arm around my back.
"Dude, come on, that's not a hug." I say, laughing and trying to make it less awkward. I didn't even mean to... I just.. I don't know.
He puts both arms around my back and squeezes really hard, laughing.
"Better?!" He says, still chuckling.
"Yeah, bye Gerard!" I say laughing with him.
"Bye Frankie."
I turn around and walk to my car, deciding that Ray's house was not where I was going.
While I'm driving, I keep thinking about how what just happened, the way he hugged me, it wasn't like Gerard. He probably thought nothing of it.
Jeez Frank, stop thinking about it. You'll fucking crash.
I stop the car outside my school.
Mikey's P.O.V
I'm in the library at school, finishing off the homework that was due in tomorrow. It's taking forever, it's science, I'm crap at science.
I hear the door of the library open, it's 4:30 and most people have gone home, there's only one other person, who I think is asleep in the corner.. Should have gone to Starbucks.
"Mikey, can I speak to you?" I hear Frank's voice coming nearer as the door slams shut.
"Hey Frank, and yeah, sure." I say as I turn around.

Frank's P.O.V
I knew he'd be in the library. He's such a geek. But he's a geek that you can tell everything to, and he won't even whisper a word to anybody.
A very trustworthy geek.
"I need to tell you something.. You can't tell anybody, not even Gerard, okay?"
His eyebrows lift, but he doesn't ask why, he just nods, and gives me a look that tells me that I can trust him.
"Well, I was with Gerard just before..." My palms start sweating.. I can't say this, it's only happened once.. I can't be sure if it's not just a phase.
"Mikey, it doesn't matter, I'll tell you another day." He looks at me and smiles, like he knows exactly what's going on.
Maybe he does? Maybe Gerard feels the same, and he's told Mikey what I was just about to tell him? No. That can't be true.
I ask Mikey if he needs a ride home, he said no, he'll get the bus, so I get up, wave and go back to my car. I drive home.

Gerard's P.O.V
I'm sitting at home, waiting for 6:00 when I've to go to meet Frank. My phone buzzes in my pocket, I take it out of my pocket and read the text from Frank..
"Hey Gee, I can't come tonight, something came up with my dad. I'm sorry, I'll speak to you tomorrow? xo"
I sigh and throw my phone down on my bed.
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