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Meeting Mikey

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Mikey comes to the door later that day. Is he pleased to see Frank? Is he worried for Gerard, how his brother was dating a homeless man he'd only known for two days?

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The day was perfect. It turned out they'd actually woken up in the early afternoon rather than in the morning, but it didn't bother them. The hardest part of them dating would probably be taking it slow when they're living together. They already knew they couldn't resist one-another, it was just how long they could hold back for that would change whether they belonged. They couldn't be too soon or they might feel threatened, but if they were too late they might loose feelings for each other.

Frank sat in the kitchen, wondering about the perfect timing for... well, what was Gerard like in bed? Would he 'make-love', or just fuck? Would he hurt Frank? Frank shook the thoughts out of his head. Of course Gerard wouldn't hurt him, Gerard had been so different since their kiss. He was much more gentle, much more soft and steady with Frank. If Frank didn't want to say something now, which he couldn't imagine anything he wanted to keep from Gerard, then Gerard would be content with it. Well, there was one thing. Franks previous boyfriend.

That addictive abuse he put Frank through, and how awfully Frank had treated him in those last few weeks of them dating. He remembered his boyfriends hands all over him when they kissed - how, before the incident, Frank loved this. How, after the incident, it made Frank sick. Frank wondered if he would ever see his ex-boyfriend again, but decided not to. That was all in the past, his boyfriend wasn't coming back and Frank was finally at peace with that. He just wished he'd said sorry...

"Is there something on your mind, babe?" Gerard asked, as he walked into the kitchen with a plate of half-eaten food. Frank had just finished eating, and so he wasn't tempted to finish Gerards plate for him.

"Gerard, if you'd done something awful to someone in the past and you never got to say sorry, how would you feel?" Frank asked. Gerard stood up from beding over the bin and walked over to him, a now clean plate in his hand. Frank was perched on the counter top, next to the sink, and Gerard put his plate down in the silver bowl and looked back at Frank.

"I'd forget about it. Unless you think you'll be seeing them again. I'd probably apologise. Why?" He put his hands either side of Frank and leant in slightly. The way he had one leg bent, the other stick-straight, with his butt stuck out slightly with an arch in his back made Frank smile slightly.

"Nothin', babe." He sighed, then Gerard kissed his lips and walked away. Frank kept a good eye on Gerards actions as Gerard swiftly moved back into the living room. He seemed happy, happier than when Frank had first met him. His footsteps were quite wide apart, his hips dipping and swinging as he walked, like he was stepping over one more problem with each foot he put in front of the other. His arms swung low, his shoulders slung back and his hair flowing slightly with the fast pace he was walking at. Gerard was in a good mood. Frank liked it.

"I'm going to take you to see my band, one day." Gerard shouted through the house, to where ever Frank was now. Frank had jumped off of the side and was admiring the clean plates in their cupboards. The glossy, white gleam was making him feel more at home than ever, and his warped reflection on the pots and pans made him grin madly.

"Sounds cool!" Frank shouted back. He really couldn't wait for Gerard to take him to meet his band. He'd heard Gerard singing the odd song around, and played a demo tape too. The song Frank had heard was 'Vampires will never hurt you' and he'd loved it. He was still singing it now, although he didn't let Gerard know. As he hummed under his breath, Gerard shouted more through to him.

"I think after I'll take you somewhere cool, but it's a surprise." He laughed. "I hope you can cope on your own, because I wont be able to come in with you." Frank thought for a second, but couldn't guess, so he had an idea.

"Do you want to play twenty questions?" He shouted through to Gerard. "And I have to guess where exactly you're taking me."

"Sure." Gerard laughed, and he made room for Frank next to him on the sofa. Frank came from the kitchen and sat down next to Gerard, looking him up and down. "Well, go on then." Gerard prompted.

"Okay..." Frank thought. "Is it near the comic shop?"

"Um... It's within walking distance." Gerard answered. Frank tried to think of the many places in town he'd like to visit. Surely, Gerard wasn't going to take him to the joke shop? Frank knew that was somewhere on the other side of town. Or the arcade? No, that closed down little over a week ago. The market? A clothes shop?

"Is it a shop?" Frank asked. Gerard nodded, his smile widening. Frank grinned too. This meant he was getting bought something.

"Will I be able to wear what I get bought?" Frank asked. Gerard laughed.

"And you'll never be able to take it off!"

"A TATTOO PARLOR!" Frank shouted, and Gerards face lit up with a spastic grin. "You're taking me to get that sleeve done, aren't you?! Oh my god, when?!" Frank was jumping up and down, Gerard laughing like hell. They both couldn't keep the grin off of their faces, it was a brilliant day.

"Well, our next band practise will be in two days from now, I'll take you then. But I wont be able to come in with you." He warned, and Franks good mood died.

"Why not?" He half moaned, half whined. Gerards grinned at his tone, then answered his question feeling slightly like a fool. He'd had to answer this question hundreds of times before, he was 19 years old after all, but he still felt an idiot for it. It was the most irrational fear probably in existance and he hated to be the one suffering from it.

"I have a ph'ba 'f n'dle..." He trailed off at the end, so quiet Frank had to lean right forward to no prevail.

"What?" Frank asked. "You have a topia for feebles?"

"A phobia 'f need'..."

"A phobia for steeples?"

"A phobia of needles, god damn it!" Gerard was bright red now, his eyes sinking back down to his knees. During their little linguist sharade, Gerard had pulled his knees up to his chin and rested his forehead on them. It didn't help Frank at all with hearing him - it didn't help Gerard at all when Frank laughed. "Frank, shut up!" Gerard hissed, his cheeks burning, and Frank shut up immediately as he realised Gerard had gotten the wrong idea.

"Oh, no! I'm not laughing at you! I just found it funny you telling an arachnophobe that you had an irrational fear!" Frank threw his head back and laughed again and after a few seconds, Gerard found himself laughing too. Extraordinary - another thing they had in common. "C'mere, babe..." Frank smiled, wrapping his arms around Gerards shoulders and pulling him into a kiss. "What on earth made you think I'd ever be ashamed of my boyfriends fear of needles." Gerard smiled softly into Franks hair, but barely had chance to reply before someone knocked on the door in a sort of rhythm. Gerards head bobbed up and he looked over the back of the sofa, Frank looking too.

"Who is it?" Gerard shouted. There was a slight hesitation, like the man at the door was daydreaming, before he replied.

"Gerard, it's Mikey. Who's in there with you? Is it Ray? Or Bob?" A voice shouted back through. Frank was good at identifying voices by now. This kid didn't smoke but likely drank lots on little occasions. Gerard laughed like he knew the man at the door well, then chirped "Come i-in." Back to the man. The door handle went down and the door swung limply open, revealing a young boy in a school uniform and messenger bag staring confused at Frank.

"Gerard, there's a stranger sat on your couch." He joked, before coming in. He closed the door behind him and Frank couldn't help but smile as he noticed how low down the boys glasses had slid. He was literally tilting his head up to see through them, so that people spoke more to the underside of his chin rather than his face. "Is this a new guitarist, because-"

"Mikey, meet my boyfriend, Frank." Gerard interupted. Mikey (probably the boys name) looked astonished. He was stood in front of the sofa, glancing from Gerard, to Frank and back to Gerard. "Frank, meet my brother, Mikey." Frank held out his hand, Mikey hesitating before shaking it.

"H- hi?" He seemed a little uncomfortable, but then again, Frank had just gone from being the stranger on Gerards couch to the new guitarist to Gerards boyfriend in a matter of seconds. And what's more - if Frank had taken the detour to see his brother, once single, now suddenly with a boyfriend, Frank would be a little astonished too. Maybe he was just taken a little bit by surprise. He seemed a nice, nerdy, metalhead sort of a kid, he'd be fine in a few hours surely.

"Hi." Frank tried to sound happy and outgoing, but he was thinking too much. It was putting him off of his attitude. Mikey, much to Franks appreciation, decided it was best to change the subject.

"So, Gerard. These kids- they've been chasing me everywhere. I didn't think they'd dare come down here, y'know? But I'm not sure." He shuddered and looked out of the window, sighing as he saw nobody on the street. Poor kid, Frank thought, getting chased to his older brothers house because some school kids couldn't see that difference meant originality - something they would never have. Frank shook his head, and Mikey noticed. "What?" He asked, both curiously and defensively.

"If kids are gteasing you, you need comebacks fast. If kids are fighting you, you need to fight well. And if kids are chasing you, you need to run fast. You can't let them chase you to your brothers house forever." Frank looked at Mikey seriously, but a smile cracked onto his face. "What're they chasing you for, anyway?"

"Aparently because my brothers gay that gives them legal rights to knock the shit out of me."

"LANGUAGE!" Gerard quipped quickly from the other room, as he'd gone for his car keys, and Frank just laughed.

"Mikes, trust me. Gerards stronger than he looks. If they want a fight they should pick one with him - see what true strength is. Then they'd leave you alone." Frank warned, raising an eyebrow as he said this. Mikey laughed at him.

"No..." He sighed. "Gerard will only fight if he sees the violence. He'll never start it. He's a huge peace keeper." Mikey informed Frank. Slowly the awkwardness was ebbing away, until they were talking ike old friends. Then Gerard came out of the bedroom with his car keys and they walked down to the garage, Frank staying in the flat to wait for Gerard getting back.

"So, what do you think to Frank?" Gerard asked, smiling. Mikey just shrugged.

"He's a cool guy." In the distance a piece of rubbish fluttered over their head, causing Mikey to jump. "Shit, Gerard. I still feel like they're here." He whispered. Gerard paused.

"Who are they, anyway. I'll make sure I'll give their names to mum so she can go into school with you and sort it all out. Oh, but don't mention to mum about Frank - I can do that in my own time." Gerard assured Mikey, and Mikey bit his lip before answering.

"Well, one of the kids... his name is Bert McCracken." Mikey opened up the car door and got in, Gerard getting in beside him and starting the engine.

"Him again." Gerard groaned aloud. "What the fuck is his deal, homophobic bitch. Isn't he that new kid who came, like, about seven months ago? And hey, he's a year younger than you. Don't let him walk all over you like that."

"Gerard, he had stones! I don't give a shit how old he is, he has a hard throw and a damn good aim. And yeah, he is the new student. When he came he looked like he hadn't slept in weeks... or cut his hair. He's a real psychotic caveman, I fucking hate him." Mikey replied, preactically punching the dashboard. Gerard chuckled slightly - his brothers baby tantrums amused him. He couldn't harm a fly, although when it was just him and Gerard, Mikey acted like he'd held up buildings with his bare hands.

"Maybe he has some issues?" Gerard asked, and Mikey nodded in agreement.

"Someone said that once, they opened his planner and scrawled all in the back of it was 'fai, fai, fai, fai, fai' like something he said repeatedly when he prayed. I mean, what the hell does fai even mean? I've heard he's got it all scarred up his wrists, too." Gerard just laughed now, as he pulled up outside Mikeys house.

"Mikey, it's all just stupid rumours, trust me. Like that rumour that went around about this Bert kid dating some bitch with christian parents, okay?" Gerard papped his horn and through the window he saw his mum, Donna, draw back the curtains and smile at an unharmed Mikey - even if he was late home.

Mikey started to hop out of the car, but Gerard grabbed his sleeve and held him for a second. Mikey looked back, raising his eyebrows to let his brother know he was listening. "Three things." Gerard started. "One - Don't listen to those stupid rumours, they're just exaggerating and stressing the truth. Two - tell mum, dad and Grandma Helena I said hi. And three - glasses work so much better when they're over your eyes, not under them." Then he let Mikey go, and Mikey wandered through the door.

"Bye!" He shouted, still laughing at Gerards glasses joke, but Gerard had pulled away down the street. He hadn't even known how important that conversation would be in the future.
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