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Worlds first positive authours note!!

by LolumzGirl 3 reviews

THE worlds first and ONE and ONLY positive authors note, about the changes within the story line from here on.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Warnings: [!] [!!] - Published: 2011-10-29 - Updated: 2011-10-29 - 251 words

Hey, I have good news! Well, good for those of you who like hot story lines. I basically thought that this fanfic felt like it was becoming a french romance movie and i didn't like that feeling. At all. So, as of this halloween party I've just been to, I have an idea. I've introduced some new characters (Bert McCracken - for example) and the story line is getting a bit more spicey and complex. You might find that you're half-way through figuring out some of Franks past then suddenly you get TOTALLY SCREWED OFF and have to start all over again! Hahaha! You also might notice that I've added some new warnings, one of them being the [x] and another being the [R]. Well, it's true. This story is going to hit home hard, I hope. If i do end it sadly, i swear to god I'm making tear jerker! But i dont think it will be... happy or sad ending? Review please! I need popular opinion... oh, or I can make two endings, how about that? Oh, god *-.-

Anyway, there's already some tension bubbling in the story line between Mikey and his bully Bert. DONT review if you've figured it out by now, because if you do and if you give it away to people who haven't then im NOT carrying on. Hows that for a threat? So, just keep an eye on things and keep reviewing my shit - your ideas will help lots. Thanks guys!!!
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