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Saturday (Part one)

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Frank wakes up on Saturday, and Gerard has a few things he wants to do with Frank since he's not working. What happens when Frank bumps into an angry face at the shops?

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Okay, I'm going to have to do this story in Point Of Views, a lot has to happen. Sorry if this is a bit of an inconvenience for you, if you tell me in your reviews then I can attempt to fix it.

Frank woke up the next morning feeling slightly alone. Gerard hadn't said much when he came in, he'd just sat down into his thoughts. Had Mikey said something to him? Well, never mind. He was sure to be okay today. And, to make the 'lonely' matter worse for Frank, Gerard had told him that sleeping in the same bed was moving too fast. He'd set up a bed on the sofa and allowed Frank to sleep in his room, and out of pure friendship, Frank didn't protest. Surely one night on his own couldn't harm anyone, as much as it was stinging Frank to think that Gerard had not wanted to sleep with him. But, maybe Gerard was right. One night, Frank is sleeping next to him, then the next night, Frank is in his pants.

It suddenly struck Frank that he didn't want sex just yet. He didn't know how far his troubles would let him travel before he got scared and backed out. What if Gerard thought he was scared of having sex, not his problems? What if Gerard just thought it was sex in general? Then what was he supposed to do? He couldn't tell Gerard he did like sex, or Gerard would want to carry on. And he didn't want to lie to Gerard by saying he was a virgin, even if it was believable since he was only fifteen. The truth was, he'd had sex with his old boyfriend a hell of a lot. It was usually only oral, but some days they'd tried other things. They just trusted each other so much, and it didn't seem a huge problem. It wasn't until Franks family disaster that they stopped, because Frank hadn't wanted it anymore. Sex became making out, then making out became just snogging, then snogging became just kissing and finally, they fell out and broke up. They'd gone backwards in their relationship though, he should've seen it coming.

Frank whipped away the creamy covers and let the cold in the bedroom meet him. He gave some of the artwork one last look before leaving and heading into the living room, where he'd said "Good morning" to the suburban sleeping beauty on the sofa.

"M'rnin'" Was the reply, since Gerard was still half-asleep, and so Frank continued into the kitchen. He got out the milk bottle and cereal, when something slowly dawned on him. He hadn't had a shower since he came. No wonder Gerard hadn't wanted to sleep with him, Frank thought, he stunk! Giving a little chuckle, Frank put back the milk and cereal and walked back through the living room, into the hallway and finally into the bathroom. It seemed so clean, so spotless. Each gleaming-white tile was making Frank want more and more and more of the house and Frank, rather than getting in the shower, spent ten minutes looking at his reflection in them. By the looks o things, his nose was still slightly swolen, but it wasn't very painful anymore and it definately wasn't off shape, which was good news to Frank because it meant it wasn't broken.

Finally, Frank was staring now at the shower - also clean. He wondered how Gerard had managed to be front man of a band, own a comic shop, look after Frank and keep his apartment tidy without another clone. But then, the little blinking light on the shower brought Frank back out of his daydreams.

The shower seemed pretty simple to figure out. First, it had a big switch that said 'on/off' on it, and then two dials next to it. One looked like it controlled the temperature of the water, the other controlled the intensity of the shower. Frank clicked the on button and then started to undress as the shower began to warm up. He'd hoped the noise hadn't woken up Gerard, but somehow wouldn't have minded if Gerard had walked in to see what was going on. He had to face facts that if the relationship was going to work, Gerard would have to see him naked at some point.

Once Frank was fully undressed, he got in. The warm water that Gerard had had the shower on before was something Frank had missed in a long, long time. He'd spent so long washing in cold lakes and rivers, and not washing at all through the winters, that he'd forgotten what warm water felt like. The sudden relaxation of it made Frank exhale slowly, but it came out as a long, quite loud moan. Suddenly Frank had hoped Gerard hadn't woken up.

Back in the living room, much to Franks dismay, Gerard had. He was sat up on his sofa bed, listening to Frank fumbling around in the shower, when suddenly "ungh...". He felt his mind process the noise, then send messages down to his curious bottom-half. Groggily, he stood up and made his way to the shower. He wasn't going to do anything wrong, he just fancied being a bit... naughty.

He slipped open the door and Frank, in his blissfully pleasant and relaxed state, hadn't noticed Gerard until a finger began to trace the features of the Jack o'lantern on his back. Franks spine tingled with the new contact and when he turned around Gerard was stood behind him, smiling cheekily.

"Gerard, wh-"

"I need a shower." Gerard said, running his fingers through his greasy hair. "And you know the rules. It doesn't hurt to share." Frank found himself wrapping his arms around Gerards shoulders and shifting around so that they were both under the water. Gerards arms twisted around Franks hips, then one left off and began to wash them both with the shower head. Thankfully, the shower was quite big so they weren't making a mess, but the standing close thing was a new thing entirely. Gerards arm had strongly held the lower part of them together, and Franks arms were keeping their top half reasonably close too.

"Gee, babe. We aren't going to..." But Gerard moved the shower so that the warm water ran down the back of Franks neck and all the way down his spine and the back of his legs. "Mmmmmm..." Frank finished, practically flopping his body into Gerards. Gerard shifted himself slightly again, so that Frank was resting down Gerards side and Gerard was holding him up supportively. By this point both the males bodys were shining, slick with water and sliding on each others bodys, and the sight was turning them both on incredible amounts. Gerards index finger rubbed Franks side slowly, Frank purring into his chest at the feeling. But Frank knew where this would end if he let it, so he didn't.

"Gee, stop..." He whispered, but Gerard pretended to not hear it. He should have, though, because Frank might have whispered it but he'd been loud enough. "Gerard. Stop." Frank said, a little more stern this time. Gerard paused his moving hands, paused washing them with the shower head, and looked at Frank, confused.

"But I thought you liked it?" Gerard asked, pouting slightly. Unfortunately, because of his semi and the fact that he was soaking wet, it didn't do much for his innocent look.

"Gee, I do, hell, I love it... but I just don't wanna go that far yet. I imagine we can do something like this when were ready to, though." Frank sighed as Gerards arms left his body, and the shower head was put back up on its stand, but Gerard wasn't angry. For the first time, he accepted Franks choice.

"Alright then, Franklin the hobo." He smiled, then he kissed Frank, a long, soft kiss, and got out fo the shower, leaving Frank to finish off.

Mikeys POV Earlier that day

Mikey was allready awake, collecting his things and wondering if he should go see his brother. Frank was great, and on his brothers behalf he probably should be friendly with Frank. What had came over him the other night, he didn't know, so he was going to make up for it. He was going to go around, even if it was just half an hour, and talk to them.

He was on his way down the street now, walking past a dark alley, when he heard a voice.

"I heard that Frank went home with the guy who owned the comic shop." A gruff, loud voice said.

"Shut the fuck up, you stupid cunt! Someone'll hear us!" This sounded like Skully. A kid always wearing a fucked up green hoodie, and was caught smoking in the toilet cubicles last year at Mikeys school. He was kicked out after only a few months there - a real badass - but what did he want with Frank and Gerard. "Shout again, and I'll cut you! Where the fuck does Gerard live?"

"Who's Gerard?" Mikey crept down the alley, looking around the corner secretly to where the voice was coming from.

"The fucking comic book guy, you fucking idiot!" Skully lunged out and struck the man with the blade of his knife, and the man let out a quick scream that was covered by Skullys fist flying at his jaw. A horrible crack echoed through the alley and Mikey ientified this man as Gerards best customer, and a close friend of the bands. As much as Mikey wanted to leap in and save the day, it wouldn't help.

"I don't know!" The man cried out. "I don't fucking know! All I know is that Frank is with him! Don't hit me again!" He was crying, and finally, Skully walked away from him.

"Piece of shit." He spat, before making his way down the alley and out of sight. Mikey ran out from his hiding spot and collapsed to his knees in front of the bleeding man. He barely remembered this mans name, but this man knew perfectly who Mikey was.

"Mikey..." He hissed in pain. "Get your brother and his new boyfriend. Tell them to get out of town! Do it!"

Mikey shook his head, getting the ambulance on the phone. As he did, he pulled the man out of the alley and onto the street, a long trail of blood behind them. Even as the man went away in the ambulance, all of the words were still fresh in his mind.

"That Frank went home with the guy who owned the comic shop..."
"Shut the fuck up, stupid cunt! Someone'll hear us!..."
"Get your brother and his new boyfriend..."
"Tell them to get out if town..."
"Out of town... out of town... out of town..."

Mikey ran fast and hard to Gerards, covered in blood and tears falling down his face. What the fuck was going on?!
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