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Saturday (Part two)

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Just the rest of Saturday, really (read summary for part one for full details)

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Frank was in the living room when the door began to knock. He was drying his hair, but he put the hair dryer down and went to see who it was anyway. He was shocked to see Mikey, a sweaty, panting mess, gasping for breath on the doorstep.

"Oh my god, Mikey!" Frank gasped, his arms wrapping around the younger boy and pulling him into the house. Frank was only wearing Gerards jeans again, so he closed the door quick before the cold got to him too much, and sat Mikey down on the sofa. Gerard was tucked away in the bedroom, so Frank had to shout him. "Gerard! It's your brother!" He cried. "I think he's hurt!" Gerard burst into the room, throwing Frank a plain white shirt in which Frank put on franticly, while Gerard pushed around him and knelt in front of his brother.

Mikeys torso was convered in blood, and so were his jeans. His trousers were wet up to his knees, since he'd been knelt in the snow. His palms, elbows and knees were bleeding too, after how fast he'd ran and how much he'd fallen on his way here. His head was back on the sofa, he was struggling to catch his breath.

"Mikey! Mikey, look at me!" Gerard cried. "Come on, boy!" Mikey took a breath in, but couldn't reply.

"Geh... Gerard... h... help me..." He gasped, but Gerard jumped up onto the sofa next to him and hushed him.

"Shhhh... don't say a word. Frank! Get some plasters and antiseptic for those grazes!" He commanded, and there it was. Gerards angrier side was back. Just like that.

It probably happened on stress levels, and Frank couldn't say he wouldn't be fuming if his brother had turned up on his doorstep in this state. Frank reached into he cupboards, bulling out plasters and antiseptic cream and got a glass of water for Mikeys surely dry throat, then ran back into the living room.

"I swear to god, I'm going to kill those bullys!" He was shouting. Mikey shook his head, grabbing the water from Franks hand and taking slow, steady mouthfuls. It wasn't two seconds after that tears welled up in Mikeys eyes, and one big, fat, salty drop slid down his cheek. Gerard wiped it away from his cheek with his thumb, then Mikey took in a huge breath, and began talking.

"Worm... you know w- worm?" Gerard nodded. "Skully stabbed him, stabbed him because he wanted to know where you lived. He wants Frank something desperate!" Mikey cried, and Gerard pulled Mikey into him, hushing him again. Frank shook his head.

"Of course he wants me. Out on the street, I was either his punching bag or his play toy. I hate him, hate him with my life. And it all started about 7 months ago!" Frank shouted, sitting down on the other side of Mikey.

"7 months ago..." Where had Gerard heard this before? "7 months ago... 7 months ago... 7 months ago..." Wasn't that when Bert moved in? Were they linked? No, Frank didn't even know Bert. Frank had never had another boyfriend, right? Gerard would have to ask at some point.

"Shhhh Mikey, nobodys going to hurt us..." Gerard whispered into his younger brothers light brown hair, ruffled from his running. To think that only that morning, Frank and Gerard almost had sex in the shower, and now this. It was horrible, why couldn't people just accept that he wanted to be left alone? Frank didn't even know why Skully had started on him all those months ago. Suddenly, Frank felt a horrible feeling that maybe... just maybe... it wasn't because he was just gay or homeless. Maybe it was something else.

While Gerard comforted Mikey, Frank got to work on his cuts. "Mikey, this is going to sting a little bit..." then he swiped an antiseptic wipe over Mikeys knees before Mikey had chance to protest. Frank found it better this way, pain is overcome by shock when you don't expect it.

"Shit, Frank!" Mikey half-screamed. Gerard looked around Mikey and shot Frank a glare that could kill, until he realised Frank was only cleaning the cuts. Then he pulled Mikey slightly closer to him.

"Franks only trying to help, okay? It'll feel better in the long term." As Mikey replied with a shakey 'okay' Gerard winked at Frank and Frank swiped again. Mikey let out a strangled scream, although he was trying not to react. Some of the cuts were quite deep, Frank noticed, so it was probably unimaginable how much pain this was causing Mikey. This went on for quite some time, until Mikey was clever enough to expect the pain and take it. When it was all done, and Mikey had his plasters on, he seemed better - less panicked.

"So... do you want to go shopping?" Mikey asked, finally. Gerard and Frank looked at each other.

"Sure." Gerard smiled. "Frank needs some new clothes, anyway." Mikey smiled, standing up slowly with Frank and Gerards help then getting his things. He was still covered in blood, so Gerard lent him one of his coats and also lent Frank one too - a huge, black hoodie. It completely swamped Frank considering Gerard was a good three inches taller and his body was a lot broader then Franks, but Frank liked it anyway. He wondered if Gerard would let him keep it. Probably - if Frank asked nicely.

An hour later, in their last shop

Frank had a whole wardrobe of clothes in five bags, one of which Gerard was generously carrying. They consisted of shoes and hoodies and belts all the way to trousers and shirts and underwear and finally a new pair of pyjamas. There had been some funny moments...

"Don't watch me when I'm buying underwear!"
"Frank, it's your boyfriend and his brother."
"So? It's my underwear."
"So? I'm going to see it at some point, Mr Sexy..."

... but nothing too hilarious. They trundled out of the last shop, looking up the road. A familiar green jacket had his back to them.

"Gerard. It's Skully." Mikey and Frank said simultaneously, but Gerard looked pretty calm.

"It's okay." He said. "He's not looking. We'll just move across here, put our things in the car, and go. Okay?" Gerard tried to sound like he was sure it would work, but his anxiety had radiated to the two younger boys. Slowly, they began to make their way across the town center. It wasn't very busy today, considering it was quite late, and that meant they had all the more chance of getting seen. Frank was trying hard not to look, but as he heard a familiar voice, he had to.

"Well, look who decided to show their face." Skully sneered, making his way over to them. Gerard slipped the car keys into Mikeys hand.

"Go to the car and get in. I'll be with you in a minute." He whispered, then he began to walk towards Skully. Frank and Mikey did as they were told, putting their bags in the car and getting in. Frank looked out of the window at the scene beside him.

Skully was shouting something at Gerard, but Gerard was trying to act calm. He was being backed slowly towards the car, and Franks heart pounded for him with fear. He could see Skullys hand through the window, twitching in its balled up position. Suddenly it swung out, capturing Gerards face with a thump that could have been heard from the car. On the other end of the street, the boy who Skully had been talking to was staring madly at Frank. His eyes were wide, his hair long and unkepmt. Frank barely recognised him until...

"Bert! What the fuck is Bert doing hanging around with Skully?" It was true! It was him! Bert - the heart in which Frank broke.

Frank turned away - what had happened to him? His hair used to be a neat, short cut. Now it was long, lolling over his shoulders, unkempt and destroyed by the wind. Greasy and horrible, not the way Frank remembered him. His eyes were once chocolate brown and full of love and lust, now they were brown like dried-blood, wide like he'd been smoking something that had filled him with feelings of revenge. He glared at Frank for two more seconds, then shot out of view. The door of the car was flung open and a bloodied Gerard got in. He hadn't even fastened his seatbelt before he drove quickly away down the street, Skully throwing stones at the car behind them.

Franticly, Gerard dropped off Mikey then came back to their flat. Frank crashed in first, diving onto the sofa and curling up in the duvet Gerard had left that morning. Gerard crashed down next to him, throwing his head back. It wasn't until he heard a slight sniffing noise that he looked back up again, and found Frank hidden under the quilt crying softly.

Gerard lay down beside him, waiting for Frank to notice. Slowly, Frank turned to face him, and didn't hesitate to curl up to Gerard completely. Gerard wrapped his arms around Franks shaking frame and hushed him the same way he had hushed his brother earlier that day. Finally, Gerard found words.

"Frank, I have a question..." Gerard asked. "Have you ever had... a previous boyfriend?" Frank thought of how he should answer. He wanted to forget Bert, they both put each other through so much shit. Frank had never known a good relationship until now, that might be why he said what he said.

"No, never."
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