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Found you

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Frank is found, but by who?

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"Come on, slow coach!" It was the next day, at 11am to be exact. Frank was stood by the door - he'd been waiting for what felt like ages for Gerard to get ready - when Gerard finally came around the corner. He had what seemed like very little to say it was band practice; a notebook full of lyrics and a stick of guy-liner in his pocket.

The previous day, they'd eaten a small dinner that consisted of a light salad and a some spinach and terracotta pasta on the side. It would have had more meat products in it, but Frank had been a very strict vegetarian for quite a few years now. He was glad Gerard wasn't freaked out by it - he was in fact very interested in it. Their chosen topic of conversation revolved around the urges of wanting to eat meat, and which meats were their favourites. Somehow, that then lead to which bands were their favourites and it turned out they had incredibly similar taste in music. The Misfits seemed to be one band they both adored, among many others.

When they'd finished with their meal Frank had insisted he wanted to wash the dishes and Gerard, not wanting to seem too kind, allowed him. With that chore done, they both relaxed on the sofa. It seemed strange at first, but the awkwardness slowly ebbed away as Gerards kisses became snogs became whole make out sessions, until Frank had to stop them again. He didn't understand why he was so nervous about the whole thing, or why everything seemed like it might crumble away from him at any given moment, but the feeling was horribly strong and Frank had no desires to fall from his new found hight. He felt better than he'd ever done, going slow was the only way he could sustain it. It was also the only way he knew Gerard wasn't using him for sex, not that he every doubted his boyfriend in the first place

Gerards attitude had completely changed since their kiss - he wanted nothing more to do with violence and anger and anything else. Being held in Franks inked arms, or captured in those soft, velvet lips seemed just enough for him. Now, if Frank ever said "Stop." he did. He was a new man, almost.

"Frank, don't you have a warmer coat? Oh god, we forgot to buy one yesterday!" Gerard groaned, and Frank laughed at him.

"It's okay, Gee. I'll be fine with this hoodie." From behind Franks back a large, black garment was pulled and held out in front of Gerard.

With a wide grin, Gerard answered "That's mine!" But with no accusing or angered tone. Frank just huffed and put it on, then slipped his hand into his perfect boyfriends and began to go back into his thoughts on last night. It was all in the way they'd gone to sleep, he was sure. Gerard had slept next to him this time. Not holding him, but definitely there. If Frank felt any discomfort, which he did quite often that night after a haunting encounter with his seemingly psychotic ex, he could just look to his side. The dip in the mattress from the weight of the sleeping form next to him was enough to remind him that Gerard was there, and ready to spring if Bert, or Skully or anybody else found their way to him. Gerard was making Frank more and more confident about himself as the days passed, and Frank loved him for it.

That morning had been perfect too. Although he had not fallen asleep in Gerards arms, he'd certainly woken up in them. It was an amazing feeling, knowing that someone loved him. He hadn't felt that way since about a year ago, for obvious reasons. And Frank knew, he thought as they made their way through traffic, that he loved Gerard so much more, back. He was incredibly confident about their relationship, about how they'd been thrust together purely by Franks ability to get himself into trouble and Gerards huge 'protection over the innocent' properties, they seemed quite literally made for each other.

And now, Frank was going to meet his band. His amazing band. His day couldn't possibly get any better.

"You okay, babe?" Gerard asked, looking worriedly at Frank as he stared absent-mindedly out of the window. Frank was snapped clean from his thoughts and turned to face Gerard, who's anxious expression rose into a smile. "You're just nervous about meeting them, aren't you? Well, don't worry. There's two that you need to know, since you already know Mikey and I. One, a curly haired guy with broad shoulders - just a bit taller than me - is called Ray. He'll probably offer his hand out to you, hey! You might even have something in common, since he's our lead guitarist. And the other is Bob, he'll have drumsticks in his hand and he'll likely be a bit shy, but I'm sure you'll get on with him, too. Bob's the strawberry blonde, muscle of the band, but he's a teddy bear, really. Trust me." Said he.

"Sure." Frank smiled, gratefully making notes inside his head. Fortunately they had arrived at the practice rooms before Frank forgot everything again. His mum had always said he had the memory of a goldfish. And who decided they wanted to know what a goldfish remembered anyway? What was the benefit of that experiment?

True to Gerards word, there stood a tall, dark brown, curly haired man having a conversation with Mikey. Rays features seemed somewhat more masculine than that of Bobs, stood not far behind him. With his drumsticks out he tapped a rhythm out on the red, brick wall, Ray occasionally shouting at him for being too noisy. It seemed so friendly to Frank, how they all seemed to fit together like clockwork, and Frank certainly wasn't nervous.

God, was Frank wrong, as the three of them turned around and gave Frank a confused look. Gerard pulled up in a spot facing away from them, leaving Frank to worry about how he was going to introduce himself. "Hey, I'm Gerards boyfriend."? Did they even know he was gay? Or bisexual, anyway. Come to think of it, Frank hadn't asked about Gerards sexuality. Was Gerard bothered?

"Frank, you're stressing. I know it." Gerard reached out and took Franks hand in his own, the sudden contact making Frank jump. But he couldn't deny it - he was stressing out big time!

"Yeah, I am." He finally admitted, after a long silence. "How should I..." Before he could continue, the door had opened on his side. He fought back the urge to jump right onto Gerards lap there and then, and looked up at the person stood there.

"Hey, dude. Mikey told us about Gerards new guy, would you be Frank?" Ray stretched an open hand out and shook it, and Frank felt the anxiety drain away.

"How awkward would it be if I turned around and said 'No, I'm his neighbour.'" Frank laughed, undoing his seatbelt and standing up. Ray laughed at his joke.

"Very, but Mikey told us enough to draw a picture of you."

"Oh, yeah?" Frank looked over at Mikey, who looked down on his shoes. His glasses slipped, causing him to awkwardly jolt and jump around in an attempt to catch them, bob laughing in the background.

"Busted, lil' Way." Frank wondered about this nickname. Mikey was actually quite taller than Gerard, so what did that make Frank? Absolutely stupidly miniature Iero? Most likely.

"Gerard told me about you too. Not loads, but just enough so that I can recognise you. You must be Ray." Frank said, shaking Rays hand. Ray grinned gladly.

"That'd be me. So, are you coming inside?" Rays arms pointed around to a familiar door. Wow, Frank had slept on this very street before, little did he know. To Frank, it was just a familiar place.

The five of them walked through into the practice rooms and picked up their instruments. Gerard found himself a decent microphone and stand, then pointed to an old discarded table in the corner of the room.

"Just sit there." He told Frank, and Frank did exactly that. He propped himself up on the table and watched, eyes wide, as the band pulled themselves together and played their first song. "Okay, Astro zombies, ready? One, two, three:"

Oh, all I want to know
All I want...
With just a touch of my burning hand
I send my astro zombies to rape the land
Prime directive,
Exterminate the whole human race
In your face
And your face just drops in a pile of flesh
And your heart- heart pounds until it pumps in death
Prime directive
Exterminate whatever stands left
And all I wanna say
And all I gotta do
Who'd I do this for, hey me or you...

Frank found himself grinning as he nodded his head uncontrollably to the fast beat of the song. It was so cool, such an amazing song and a perfect cover. Gerard looked over his shoulder, glad to see Frank having a good time. Under Franks breath, Gerard knew Frank was singing along. That's why they'd picked the song - Gerard remembered the conversation about The Misfits just as much as Frank did.

The rest of practice was pretty much the same, until Bob finally peeled himself away from his drum kit at about 3pm.

"Gerard, I'm starving!" He complained. Gerard paused, as did Ray and Mikey, and thought about options for dinner.

"Alright." He finally agreed. "That's the end of practice for today. I'll see you all on Wednesday, okay?

"Great." Bob said. "Nice meeting you, Frank." Then he hurried away, counting the coins in his pocket. Gerard laughed.

"C'mon Frank. We've gotta check up on the comic store, anyway."

"Oh, but I like it here!" Frank protested. "Can't you just play one more song? You're great guys!" Frank grabbed Gerards arm and attempted to pull him back, but failed almost instantly as his grip-less, punkrose trainers slid effortlessly across the laminate floor and he was dragged to the car this way, laughing with Gerard.

What they'd expected to see at the shop was far from the truth. As Gerard pulled up across the street his strangled gasp made Franks heart freeze, and Franks head turned to Gerard. Gerards face was a mixture of expressions, starting with a purely angry glare and ending with a depressing, cold, confusion. Frank looked past him, at the thing Gerard was staring at, and Frank found himself incredibly angry too. That once amazing comic shop that Frank had felt so welcomed and warm in, had been broken into.
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