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One week

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Gerard is devastated after his shop is broken into - a tense week passes for the two lovers.

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The door was off of its hinges, lying in shards of wood, glass and torn up comic books on the floor. Whole aisles had been tipped over, the desk was half a dark black colour, indicating someone had tried to burn it. Although thankfully no money had been stolen, Gerard still ached as he walked slowly through the wreckage. His converse trainers make small, crushing noises over the glass, trying to imitate the noises his heart was making as it shattered gradually into millions of tiny little pieces. The comic shop had been his life, and now look at it.

Frank was finding it pretty hard to understand, too. Why hadn't they taken money? Gerard broke out a loud, angry battle cry, which faded to a whimper, and Frank came to him. He was leaning on the wrecked desk, his face hidden in his hands. Frank thought back to how many times he'd been upset like this, and how Gerard had always comforted him. It was almost like he needed to return the favour, and he didn't ignore his urge. Gently, he took Gerards elbows off of the table and away from the thin shards of glass they were resting on, and placed them more comfortably by Gerards sides. By this pint Gerard had turned around - he was trying to be strong, trying not to cry, and somehow this made Frank feel worse for him. Frank stepped closer, and Gerards arms wrapped around his waist, his head flopping onto Franks shoulder.

"Who would do this?" He whispered slowly. Frank thought, Skully? No, Skully was a direct guy. If Skully had a problem he would hurt the man, not his comic shop. This was too cruel, even for him. So who else?

"I- I don't know." Frank eventually decided. They stood there, breathing in the smell of what might possibly be the start of a new fear. Was this homophobia? Had they made an enemy? Were they a target, and if so, when would be the next attack?

Franks stomach lurched as he turned and viewed over the walls and ceiling, and the floor that it had dripped onto. It was all black ink, ruining and staining everything. Frank wanted to wince away, but he could see letters spelt out in the liquid, and was stupid enough to read them. Only two words, but just enough to panic him. "Found you."


The following week was a struggle. So many friendly people had came to help them repair the shop, especially people in the neighbouring shops. There were some regular customers coming in and returning comics so that Gerard could somehow re-grow his stock. They were so grateful for everything, but as happy as Gerard looked when in public, when they turned away, he grew sad. It was getting worse, and his ways of dealing with it weren't exactly the best either. Over these last few days, Gerard had been drinking. Some mornings he couldn't even be bothered to wake up and greet his own life. Frank was scared for him, he'd been trying everything to cheer Gerard up, from taking him places to buying him things, but every evening they'd return to clean up the shop and Gerard would be reminded just how much he hurt.

Ray, Bob and Mikey were making frequent visits to cheer him and Frank up, too. At least they could actually spend money on Gerard - they all had half-decent jobs. Currently, Frank had found himself working for £10 a day, cleaning up in the neighbouring restaurant. His boss was the lady behind the counter who'd kicked him out the day he met Gerard, and as frustrated as he'd get with her, he just couldn't quit. Gerard needed all of the money he could get.

Unfortunately, they were also getting frequent visits from Skully. God, Frank hated that boy. God bless the parents that had to bring him up, if they haven't been murdered by him by now. Skully would walk past, point and jeer and make fun of the shops current state, and if he had the cruelty in him, he might just shout something along the lines of 'Fag!' or 'Gaylord!' at them, and have Gerard almost chase him away.

What was Gerard doing now? Frank didn't know. He was busy chipping chewing gum off from under a table, in the neighbouring cafe. Although, as much work as he had to get done, he couldn't help but imagine Gerard sat in the now melting snow, beer bottle in his hand, waiting for the council to deliver those new, replacement windows for him. He could almost hear Gerards thoughts, asking Gerard why the fuck he even bothered? If those thoughts were people, Frank would chase them away to somewhere dark and desolate then tie them up and leave them there - the exact plans he had for Skully if he showed up again.

Chipping away the last of the hardened substance, he flicked it into a small, plastic ASDA bag and swapped the table back around to its original place. He walked over to behind the counter, looking back at the well swabbed floors, the clean mirrors and windows, the spotless tables, before deciding he deserved his pay. He turned around, dumped the ASDA bag in the bin then took off his black cleaning apron. The dinner lady, now known as Doris, inspected Franks work before silently handing him his money then letting him go. Without hesitation, Frank wandered around to see Gerard doing exactly as he'd predicted, sitting glumly on the doorstep of his shop and looking blankly into the sky. Even distracted by a daydream, pain was still etched into his face.

"Hey." Frank smiled, and Gerard turned to look at him and smiled back.

"Hey." He returned. "The windows are late..."

"I see." Frank slipped in to sit next to Gerard, who rested his head on Franks shoulder and sighed into his heat.

"You're so warm." He smiled, and Frank shifted closer to Gerard, arms going around him.

"Course I am. Doris decided she wanted to boil me inside that stupid cafe of hers." Gerard chuckled at Franks joke, and there was a few more seconds of silence. It felt almost peaceful, until Gerard shivered and Frank realised his teeth were chattering quite violently too. "Do you want some coffee? I'll make it now, and come inside, too! It'll be a lot warmer in there since the heating got fixed yesterday evening."

"I can't go in." Gerard sighed hopelessly. "It's too empty, it's weird."

"I know, and it's going to be for a while. But don't you worry, the shop'll be back in business in a matter of weeks, trust me. And besides, it could be worse." Frank assured him.

"Frankie, how does it get worse than this?" Gerard asked, and Frank let out a long, exasperated sigh.

"You could be on the street." He said, and Gerard noticed the hint of pain in his low, quiet tone.

"You're right, I'm being selfish..." Gerard sighed, standing up. "I'm sorry... can you make me that coffee?" Frank stood up along side him, kissing the tip of his nose.

"Gerard, you're not being selfish at all, you're just not exactly in the right place right now, are you." Gerard nodded slowly in agreement, and Frank noticed a half drank bottle of beer jut propped up against the door. He sighed, unhappy to learn that Gerard had attempted to drink the boredom away, and picked it up. "And I am making you that coffee. It's better than this stuff, anyhow." The two men walked into the shop, and Gerard was right. It was very strange. They'd had to remove almost everything - the aisles, the ink-stained comic books and windows, the burnt counter, even a lot of the things above them were wrecked beyond belief. After seeing the bottom half, they later found that the house above them had been cavorted in this black ink also, and some pictures had been smashed.

They sat together, sipping coffee and watching the council put in the new windows, when Mikey came. He walked into the shop, a flask of hot chocolate in his hand, and came over to Frank and Gerard.

"Hi." He said, but as happy as Gerard was to see him, they had to go. Gerard stood up, and gave Mikey a short hug.

"Mikes, we were just leaving now the council guys are." He explained. Mikey sighed, and asked for a lift which Gerard happily agreed to. And finally, they were back home.

I know this is a pretty shitty, boring chapter, but I have too many good ideas and I'm not sure how to connect them. I promise next chapter will be good, emphasis on the ;) winking face. And by the way, I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while. The thing is, my laptop is down and I'm using my mums. lol. Sorry, but there might be anywhere from a day to a week between updates. I know it makes things a bit awkward, but I do have to remember that this is mums laptop, not mine, and i get what is given to me. I can't just demand it, i tried that last night and it got me nowhere. Sorry, I'll do my best but... y'know.
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