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Sickish and tired


Gerard is sick, again, and its affecting his concussion,

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Gerard woke up with a pounding head, he knew it was a migrane. He closed his eyes.
There was a knock on his door. He looked over and saw Lindsey.
"Lindsey!" He gasped."Hey!"
"Hey, hun. How are you feeling?"
"My head feels like a butterfly being smashed by a semi, but other than that---" he stopped.
"Gee? Whats wrong?"
Gerard looked at her, "Sick."
Then, he puked all over the bedcovers.
"Gee!" She grabbed him, and tried to keep him from puking all over himself.
A nurse came in.
"Whats going on?"
"Gee just was talking to me and then he puked."
The nurse took his temp, and stuff.
"Gerard has a concussion. I advise that he doesn't do any contact sports or stuff that he could get a second impact."
"How, how do you know?"
"Its the nausea and the headache. Common signs of a concussion."
"Gee doesn't really do contact sports though."
"It was the crash, he lost conciousness for a bit, and so did his brother. Mikey is at least up and running. Gerard might take a while to recuporate."
"He hit his medula oblongata."
"His WHAT?"
"Its the part of the brain that decides when he pukes. He hit an area around it, and might take a few days to a week to recuperate."
"What can I do to help?"
"YOu can give him ibproufen, and keep his head iced, to keep the swelling down, We id an MRI earier today, so we'll call if anything happens. We're going to keep him another night, jsut in case."
Gerard looked at Lindsey like a little kid, "I don't want you to go...Its boring here. There are no starbucks."
Lindsey lauhged, "When you get out I will get you starbucks."
Gerard smiled. "Thanks."
The next day Gerard was discharged, and he was at home on the couch.
" stomcach hurts."
"I know hun."
Gerard fell back on the pillows. Then he puked all over his batman pants.

"Aw, man! Those were my favorite!!!? He whined, looking at his stained sleep pants.
Lindsey laughed.
"Screw it, I'm sleeping!"
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