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Gerard spent the night, trying to think of Mikey. He wanted to know his brother was ok. He didn't get much sleep, and when a nurse came in to check on him, she noticed he was extremely tired and looked a bit peaked.
"Wake up, hun. You've got a visitor."

"Hey, Gee."
He saw the best thing since his daughter...Mikey.
"[Mikey!! Oh my god!! Dude!!!!]Where have you been? I thought I lost you!!!"
"They said I had a slight concussion, and a I had ot get stitches on my face from the impact but I'm OK."
Gerard looked at his brother, "Mikey, I thought you were dead!"
"I'm alive Gee."
"Aw, shoot. I can't belive we're alive! We gotta call Lindsey and the guys!"
Gerard grabbed his beat up iPhone. He pressed Lindsey's name.
"Gerard? Are you OK?! I havent heard from you! B and I have been so worried!!"
"Lindsey, I'm in the hospital...I was in a wreck wiht Mikey."
[/"What?" Oh, my god!! Is he OK?"/]
"He's fine. He had a concussion and stitches. He was up and about and came to visit me."
"Hey, whats wrong with you?"
"They....havent told me yet. but when I woke up, they had an IV and a bunch of monitors on me."
"They want to do an MRI on me, because I might have gotten a concussion," he said.
"Mr. Way. We need you to go to the MRI room."
"Hey, I've gotta go, tell B I love her. Love ya hun."
"Love you too Gee."
Gerard hung up, and the nurse grabbed a wheelchair and his IV.
"Come on, time for the MRI."
Gerard had no idea waht that was, or what they were going to do.
Gerard arrived, and saw a long tube, with an area where you could lie down in the tube. He noticed that it was very narrow.
"OK, Gerard, im going to have you lie down in this tube, ane I'm gonna take pictures of your brain. I'm going to give you earplugs, becasue wihtout them, you could lose your hearing, becasue of the loud machine. I'm also going to put some dye in your Iv, so I can get better images."
"Ok, how are you going to get the dye in the IV?"
"I'm gonna put a needele in your line, and the dye will drip into your bloodstream."
"Ok, how long is this going to take?"
"About an hour, but I'll be talking to you while you are in the machine. I'll be on the otehr side of this glass if you need me. OK?"
Gerard gave a thumbs up before lying down on the tabe. The nurse gave him earplugs, and told him to lie VERY still.
"OK, Gerard I'm starting the pictures."
Gerard lied there, hearing things that sounded like a drum.
About 20 minutes later, they injected the dye. After that was done, he lied there, waiting for the MRI to finish.
"Gerard> Are you doing OK?"
"Yeah. I'm good."
He slid out of the tube, and sighed, he wanted to get out, so he could see his little girl, his wife, and his friends.
after all that was done, he went back to his room for some much needed sleep, agian.
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