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Coffee and CRASH


Gee is crazy on coffee, and yhen the most effed up thing happens :O

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Gerard grabbed his iPhone, and grabbed some cash and grabbed Mikey.
"Maaaiiikiiieeeee!!" He whined.
"What Gee?"
"I wanna get coffee!!!"
"Fine, Fine."
Mikey escorted Gerard to the door, and grabbed his Starbucks card, and they went to the ccar
"Maaikiiee!! I don't wanna ride in the car!!!"
"Cause I don't wanna!"
"Gerard, you're acting like a kid. Just..get--Just get in teh car."
Gerard glared at his brother, with a 'you'll-regret-this-later' look.
He climbed into the car, and Mikey grabbed the keys. He started the ignition. Gerard jumped.
"Wah! Frankie! That SCARED me!"
Mikey stared at him, "Frankie?!" he quirked an eyebrow.
Gerard gulped, and fidgeted nervously. "M...Mikes...I'm sorry."
"S'OK bro, we all make mistakes." Mikey ruffled his brother's hair. "Now, lets get taht cofee!!"
Gerard grinned, "Yeah!!"
They drove to Starbucks, and Gerard was looking around like a kid in a candy store."
"Gee! Gerard! Calm down!"
Gerard ran to the counter, and looked at the lady working at the counter.
"Hi. What do you want?"
"Iwannafrappachinnoplease!!" Gerard babbled.
"Gah, Gerard! Sorry! He's always like this when he wants coffee!!" Mikey said, grabbing his brother.
"Gerard? You Gerard Way?" she asked in disbelif.
Gerard smiled sheepishly, and nodded.
"Dude! Can I--like--have your AUTOGRAPH?!" She shrieked.
Gerard smiled, and grabbed a napkin. He scribbled his signature on the paper.
"Omigod!! I got Gerard Way's AUTOGRAPH!!" she shrieked.
Gerard laughed, and paid for the frappe.
he was sipping it happily on the drive home when teh worst thing happened.

A screeching of wheels....the crunch of metal...the sound of Mikey screaming.
Gerard looked at his brother's limp form.
"M...Mikey!" he choked out.
Gerard grabbed his iPhone and dialed 911.
This is gonna hurt, he thought before his head spun as he lost conciousness.

When he woke up, his iPhone was lying beside him on a table, and he was lying on a geury.
He tried to speak, but no words would come out. The first thing he could think of was Mieky..
He tried sounding out his brothers name, but all he could do was make wierd sounds.
His eyes darted around teh stark white room. It was a hospital.
He looked over at his iPhone. The screen was cracked, and it looked like it had broken.
but, all he wanted to hear Mikey's voice. He reached for it, and took the battereed phone in his hands.
he touched the screen, which surprisingly worked. He went to his contacts, and diealed Mikey.
"hey, you've reached Mikey Way. I'll call you back when I'm done being awesome."

Gerard sighed, and put down the phone.
He decided he'd try Mikey tomorrow, and get some sleep.
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