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Morphine makes me loopy


Gee and morphine. Random crap ahead

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After his stitches were cleaned, he was shot with a dose of morphine, much to his dislike. He had new bandages on. 
Later on, he had eaten some toast, and the doctors released him,  after he was given vicoden. 

When they arrived back home, the morphine was still in him. Lindsey and Mikey had to help him. 

He looked at them, "Lynnnzeee? I wunna half pizza hut." 
Gerard was still doped up, when the pizza arrived. Lindsey had to cut it into pieces, so he'd eat it, while still being heavily sedated. 
Needless to say, it was quite a chore. Gerard could barely form coherant sentences. 

"Maaaiikeee! I wunna rub across the yaarrred!" 

"Dude, I have no idea what you just said, and no, you can't do anything. So, just eat your food." 

"Maaiiikkees! Why are yuh sob mean?! All ai wunna doo iz rub in za yaaaadoo!" 
Gerard was sobbing into his dr pepper. 
Lindsey looked at Mikey, "Remind me to tell the doctors NO MORPHINE next time we go for Gee."  

Mikey laughed, "God Gee, calm down!" 
At that time Bandit walked in. 

"Mommy? Why is Daddy crying?" 

"Daddy has a hurt arm hunny," Lindsey said. 

"Hey, Bee!! Wanna go run in the yard?" Gerard grinned. 

"Uh, /no/. You are too loopy to do it!" Mikey said. 

"I'm okay now!" Gerard laughed. 

"Wow, bro. Now you're resorting to quoting your own songs?!" 

"Lalala!! I can't hear you!!" Gerard said, covering his ears. 

He grabbed his iPhone, and popped in the earbuds, smiling, as the Smiths came on.
"Gee? Dude?! Where are you going?!" 

"Gonna get coffee!!" he sang wildly, grinning at his wifes shocked expression.
"Ok! I'm not drunk or anything! It's the pain meds!!!" Gerard clarified. 
"Mikey, go with Gee. I don't want him to end up in a rough spot," Lindsey said, giving Mikey a 20. 
"Come on Gee," Mikey said walking out.
Gerard was laughing wildly, as they walked down the road. 

"Uh, Gee? We are here.." Mikey said. 
Gerard grinned stupidly, "Coffee! Coffee! I drink juice when I'm killing coz it's delicious!" 
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