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This Isn't Right

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Luce realizes something is different about the Ways, and she wants to know what exactly it is.

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Chapter Ten:

My thoughts were tangled about everything Gerard said to me. I hadn’t even noticed we were at his house. I snapped out of my daze, knowing I would let my guard down if my thoughts were twirled around Gerard.

I grabbed my present for Jessie and got out of the car, trying not to slip on the wet grass and embarrass myself. I followed Gerard up the front steps and went inside as he held the door open for me.

"Lucille! Glad you could make it!" Donald said, smiling kindly at me. I tried to return the smile.

"Where are Frankie and Ray?" Gerard asked, his face calm, but I knew him well enough to see the worry deep inside his eyes.

As soon as he asked, they both appeared at the top of the steps. Ray looked strange with his normally frizzy afro being straightened. Frankie's happiness was a no brainer, with his comical grin.

"Frankie, Ray. This is Lucille," Gerard said, the worry more noticeable in his voice now. Ray smiled slightly back at me as Frankie's big grin never faded.

"Hello Lucille," Ray said; he then wrapped me in a tight hug. This seemed to shock Gerard and Frankie, who looked like they were about to faint at any given moment.

"Hey Ray," I replied, my smile less nervous. He returned the smile, shocking Gerard and Frankie even more.

"Mikey and Jessie are here!" Donna said in a hushed voice. Frankie and Gerard snapped out of their shock as best as they could, but it was still clearly seen in their eyes.

Jessie must hate parties, since the moment she stepped inside the house, her face was horrified. I felt bad for her, although it didn't show.

"Happy birthday Jessie!" Donna said, giving her a hug. Jessie hugged back awkwardly, her face never changing.

"Thanks Donna, but you really didn't need to throw me a party," Jessie said, causing me and Ray to hold back a laugh.

"Come on! Open your presents!" Frankie boomed; his comical grin on his face once again.

Jessie opened her present from Donald and Donna, which was a nice bath set. Frankie, Gerard and Ray got her an inexpensive charm bracelet. She opened my present, and feigned appreciation.

Just as she was about to open Mikey's present, my phone started to vibrate.

"Oops, excuse me," I said, grabbing my phone and going outside. I checked my phone and noticed that I had a new text message.

"Lucille, I hope you are well. Your father got promoted. Mom," I read. Jealousy overcame me; this meant he would work even longer. I felt terrible for not being happy for him, but I couldn’t help it.

I heard noises coming from within the house, snapping me out of my ranting. I glanced inside the window where Gerard was getting yelled at by Ray and Mikey. Mikey stepped closer to Gerard, about 3 inches away from his face. They were screaming even louder now.
I could barely hear what they were saying, they were talking so fast. “You can’t do this Gerard! You know you can’t!”
Rage flashed through Gerard’s eyes and he took one step back before charging at Mikey. He pushed Jessie and sent her flying across the room.“I can do what I want. You sure as hell do!” He lifted his fist, about to punch him in the face. Frankie pulled Gerard off of Mikey before he could hurt his brother.

Gerard and Frankie flew out the backdoor; I assumed it was alright to come back in.

"What happened? Where’s Gerard?" I asked, stepping inside the door, I thanked God I was a good liar.

"Oh, you know how boys are; constantly getting into fights, especially brothers." Donald said, his voice sounded worried. Mikey was standing toward the back of the room, Jessie by his side. Mikey was steaming, almost as angry as Gerard had looked.

"Sorry, well looks like the party is over. Do you need a ride?" Jessie asked.

"No, I’ve got my car. Just tell Gerard he knows where to find me if he needs me. Happy birthday, Jessie.”

I got into my car quickly and sped out of the Way's driveway. My mind more confused and tangled than ever before. Millions of questions were running though my head, one speaking louder than the others.

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